Will you accept me as your wife? *crying* So today we’ve got a quite of a different story a woman that I personally believe is possibly insane in every single aspect Will you accept me as your wife? She’s made multiple videos in an attempt to get my attention and deleted most of them but one remains Her channel`s called Katie Triggers Me a lot of you may know her I think Leafy Is Queer made a few videos on her in the past She a eh… She`s quite a weird individual honestly, but now she`s made a video on me and honestly it’s more of a curse than a blessing honestly The video itself is title “Dear Pyro” and fu..fucking wedding ring in the thumbnail So without further a do let’s give this video a watch I hasn’t even started and I can already feel my sanity slipping away but let’s just get it out of the way guys I just wanted to say um… I’m breaking up with Leafy Now you just sitting there and saying your ending the relationship with Leafy the YouTube god one of the uh.. The fastest growing channels on the entire YouTube platform that’s..that’s a really good thing or a really bad thing to some people b.but anyway that aside I’m pretty sure there was no relationship to begin with you know uh.. he would have tweeted about it, probably included it in some videos I’m taking a wild guess there you probably perceived a long distance relationship but eh.. clearly it was a one way relationship you were probably trying to get his attention and at the end of the day he probably didn’t give a shit so eh.. yeah I think the relationship is over well to be honest it probably wasn’t to begin with but eh.. you know just putting my two cents in I’m pretty sure the only interaction outside the video was Leafy’s made on her is probably is getting some restraining order so she can leave Leafy alone `Cause this is probably the kind of girl that cuts her fingernails and sends it in the mail saying you have to eat these with your dinner or I will probably set myself on fire for ten subs. He has completely ignored me in our relationship and that is so abusive Right..right again..Right.SHUT UP! To reiterate you actually metal woman right.. I’m pretty sure there was no relationship to begin with. You probably sent him a love heart Saying I love you very much Leafy.. please marry me smiley emoji, crying emoji al..all the fucking emoji’s you know those kind of kids on twitter They can not finish a single human sentence without using an emoji you know those kind of people this is probably this girl is like *stuttering* I’m kind of deviating what i was talking about a bit but we need to make a new law right When I right eventually get elected leader of the known universe we need to banned emojis or people using them ironically in sentences. The punishment for using emojis honestly instant death just instant death you know you get your hands clamped and then you get your hands chopped off So you cant type anymore and you just get your head chopped off as well you know in case you think of an emoji again It will probably kill you but at least the world will be a lot more safer from you spamming poop emojis in text I did a little researching while i was in my depressive state for a about few hours now um.. I’m switching to Pyro guys OMG So she said that she switching to me she leaving the internet sensation Leafy behind and ditching him for me I honestly don`t know what to say about that eh..I have to thank all my subscribers, thank you to everyone who watches my content and i’m now possibly gonna consider shutting my entire channel down Going into hiding for several years and then resurface as a minecraft let’s player When I started doing YouTube I knew there was going to be a lot of hills to over come a little bit of a metaphor for you there You know a lot of tasks to complete and a lot of things you have to get a thick skin as well dealing with a lot of insults A lot of hate but never in my entire life that I consider a woman who possibly cuts her toenails and sends them to people in the mail is now Leaving a YouTube god for eh.. a lowly YouTube scumbag like me part of me wants to shut down my YouTube channel and another part of me wants to Make a second channel and shut my channel and the other channel as well just so I can definitely stay as far away From the internet as possible Katie if you`re watching this if you genuinely are leaving Leafy for me congratulations but I only I see nothing to do with it You terrify me and if I see you in real life I will get some form of restraining order I will literally cover my entire body my head to my toes In tasers so if you even try to touch me within ten kilometres a taser will go off electrocuting both me and you We’ll both probably die in the process a couple million volts surging though your body but at least I’ll be safe I know before that his voice was really annoying but Again Katie you`re trying to get with someone on the internet here eh.. the first thing you don’t do is insult them You know my voice I sound like I have multiple collapsed lungs I will admit that is totally true but still Insulting someone online probably is not the best way to get together with them you know what I mean Maybe this is why you and Leafy didn’t work out you know you just constantly insulted his voice appearance or something else Well you saying that I have a terrible voice even though I..I do OK I sounds like a forty year old man who smokes cigars All day but still that wasn’t nice of you I..I would like an apology actually next video you better make make an apology to me saying That I sound like I have collapsed lungs even though you didn’t say that I want you to apologise for it I….Sorry had a bit of an orgasm This is one of the many tell tales signs that Katie is appositely mentally insane What the complete fuck!! If you see this girl in public, if you see her if you even smell her down the street you pull out your eh.. fucking I don’t know your pepper spray You pull out your pepper spray you spray it all over her face even if she’s doing nothing wrong she probably about to Commit a crime she will only leave the house commit grand theft auto or some bank robbery this is the individual Were dealing with someone that does zoom ins on the face then saying tha..that they had an orgasm honestly Katie…Katie I am really sure you`re a nice person but you`re clearly insane you`re mentally insane I’m willing to help you I’m willing to be your life coach I could be your therapist we can have long talks about how you want to kill everyone on sight while me spraying pepper spray In your face I truly love you Pyro I’m so sorry for ever doubting your holiness You see guys this girl Katie she`s definately on the right track now she learned error of her ways she now addressing me as “His Holiness” now listen here guys I’m a YouTuber so my ego is incredibly fragile addressing me as “My Holiness” Or dick sucking me in any kinda of way is sure to get you first place in my friend list on Xbox Live.. I honestly gotta judge this girl Way to quickly Katie you were you are definately taking the right career choices you know if you keep brown nosing like that your sure to get yourself Some free Microsoft points so you can buy Minecraft Xbox Edition even though you can not go online there is no server browsers Fucking Shit Game Will you… Will you accept me as your wife? *crying* So she now wants to marry me… She wants to marry the internet sensation Pyrocynical.. Honestly Katie is being so passive aggressive I do again think that she is absolutely insane and she will be thrown in some mental asylum If you were to produce some sort of rap song about me talking about Pyrocynical the internet GOD boost my crippling low self-esteem and ego Then I would have no choice to marry you and we can take long walks on the beach and every single day I’m with you I’ll consider Jumping under a fast moving Ford Fiesta filled with a happy family inside of it Will you be my little husband? idk So that’s pretty much the end of the video she holds up a wedding ring and pronounces her love to me saying she gonna marry me while Simultaneously ending her relationship with Leafy now Katie you are absolutely totally mentally insane and i should Actually call the police after watching this video but like I said I’m willing to make an offer you make some type of rap about me I mean it could even be a diss track if you want do anything like that and I will happily pronounces my love to you And I will marry you and to be fair I probably get a divorce and a restraining order after but Still you know marriage is a marriage so you know I’m down for that.. Thank you so much for sitting though this video guys its was honestly and extremely painful experience For me so for you guys your probably just skeletons in your chair now all your skin fell off you’ve been totally vaporised By the amount of cringe in this video if any of you are still conscious by the end of this video be sure to drop a like 1 like increase the chance of me and Katie getting together by 0.000000000 Honestly I’m serious now Katie if you ever come near me I..I wil..I will taser you I..I will taser you I’ll combine the pepper spray with the taser and that like electric fluid flying across the room and hitting your face and probably kill you it will melt your face and then kill you.. just stay away from me ok…

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  1. I wouldn't fuck that … I mean I would fuck pyro while he's wearing his makeup but … not that.

    I'm not into attention trolls … pyro is an exception tho…

  2. Even funnier is that I have no idea how old Katie is and Pyro was practically a minor this video. Katie is either 13 or 30, and it’s kind of weird to thirst over any aged voice.

  3. Dude, who would not want to fuk Pyrocynical, only straight guys do not want to fuk the youtube sensation Pyrocynical

  4. WOW kid you just got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!! 😂😂👀 "Wooosh" means you didn't get the joke, as in the sound made when the joke "woooshes" over your head. I bet you're too stupid to get it, IDIOT!! 😤😤😂 My joke was so thoughtfully crafted and took me a total of 3 minutes, you SHOULD be laughing. 🤬 What's that? My joke is bad? I think that's just because you're too stupid to understand it completely, moron! I outsmarted you, nitwit.🤭 In conclusion, I am posting this to the community known as "R/Wooooosh" to claim my internet points in your embarrassment 😏. Imbecile.

  5. Hewo uwu notices bulge owo wats dis 😏 pounces on u uwu u so warm 😘😘-licks face-ÙwÚ want to go upstairs? 😏😏😏

    Please forgive my sins god

  6. How did you get the whitewoods music without getting copyright striked. Or did you bye it and then say it's made be Whitewood.

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