Crazy M&S Wedding anniversary challenge | LIVE YOUR TRUTH (Inspirational Message)

so where are we going love, what are we going
to get? we are going to get a couple of bottles of red from Longbridge in our wedding attire.
that’s what it’s about you know, ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will open.
I guess the most striking thing about all of this is witnessing the response you get
when you do something as simple as live your truth. well, what is the truth I hear you
say. Truth for me is listening to your heart, the most intelligent organ in the human body
is your heart, it has knowledge that the mind can not comprehend. probably the the adversary
is fear, so, what fear does is it parralises you and stops you from doing those things
that your heart is saying this is what you need to do. I suppose you have your senses
you have your sense of taste, sense of smell, sight, your.. ears to hear but then there
is another sense, a sixth sense. this is the way love communicates, its that voice that
tells you to go and speak to that person that you saw in the supermarket or the library.
you don’t know where that is going to lead too. it’s also that voice that gives you that
business idea late at night and it says why don’t you give this a try. I just want to
encourage you to give things a try, give it a go. you never know where it’s going to lead.
What’s the worst that can happen? we stepped out in faith and found a litte blessing. so
i hope this encourages you in your day. try and reach out to someone today and stand out.
so this one is vegan friendly?

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  1. 👑👑💜This is so dope beautiful and FREE👌🏾💜🍾🥂what a royal family should look like. You are both an inspiration for the now and future generations. I love you all,
    X-amount of blessings on you 1 year of many wedding anniversarys.

  2. First of all what a beautiful family, full of love and laughter. Secondly someone's cutting bare onions, lol. Shout out to black love, this is beautiful. Loving that you're from the UK too. Happy anniversary, there will be MANY more to come. Also, what a great way to get another wear out of your dress xxx

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