Critics Bash First Lady Melania Trump’s White House Christmas Decorations

Melania Trump in the Christmas decoration controversy according to some in the media she can’t even decorate the White House for Christmas properly Fox News host Laura Ingraham is ripping into reports attacking the first lady’s taste in her holiday decor online some are comparing nighttime images of the Christmas decorations to a total nightmare some of the means have been harsh and mean-spirited this year’s theme The Nightmare Before Christmas read one from lightness to darkness an American Horror Story read another Vanity Fair magazine snarks Happy Holidays included Halloween you don’t want a real nightmare is it’s the double standard that has become so obvious so routine and apparently so acceptable we’re conservative women are concerned liberal commentator Julie Albin agrees that Melania is taking some unfair people are kind of conflating their hatred of Donald Trump with Melania when really they should be focusing on their problems with Donald Trump so chill out people it’s Christmas and the decorations looked nice [Music] you [Music]

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