Crockett National Blue Ribbon Celebration

We won the Blue Ribbon Award. Oh sweet! We’re doing this because the blue we won the Blue Ribbon Award and we wanted to just
celebrate it with all our with our whole grade and whole classes our whole school. Today was a celebration at Crockett Elementary. We were celebrating the award of the National Blue Ribbon School for 2019. Only six in Tennessee did win it. I
don’t really know that much about it. I just knew that um we won it for for
having the best staffs and the best teachers. Our student performance it’s
based on how our teachers are able to help students succeed and it’s based
on the support of our community. Well we invited people our community members and people from the district office to come and celebrate with us so several were
able to come out and speak to our students and to be able to share in the
excitement with us and the celebration. So congratulations to you, congratulations to all of you who were involved. We are so proud of you. There is
a hula hoop contest and the dancing contest and there are mummy wrapping
your teacher contest so there’s a bunch of competitions. My favorite part was
probably the dancing stuff. It was fun to watch. I won the dance-a-thon or like the dance competition and I’m in fifth grade so I was like it’s my last dance competition so I was glad to win. We were particularly excited to have Gnash lead us in some Crockett cheers today and he
really helped us with our dance contest. Go CES, Crockett is the best. It was just great. It was like so fun for
the great time. It’s exciting and fun. You’re happy and like oh man I won this
reward. I think it’s an awesome school.

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