Crocs Have to be Sharp if They Want Bird for Dinner

NARRATOR: The Luangwa
River has more crocodiles than any other in Africa. They bask on every bend. The largest crocs are dominant,
but they tolerate each other, safe in the knowledge
that they will all get a meal sooner or later. [MUSIC PLAYING] All kinds of prey comes to
drink at the shrunken river. These tiny birds are quelea. Like most animals here, they’re
drawn to the last source of water in the valley. As the dry season
progresses, they coalesce into massive flocks. [BIRDS CALLING] [MUSIC PLAYING] By November, they gather
in staggering numbers. These super colonies can
hold several million birds. [MUSIC PLAYING] Each one weighs
less than an ounce, but together, a giant flock can
tip the scales at over 50 tons. A mouthful of that
is worth having. Crocs ambush the drinking
throng from the shallows. But the birds’ reactions
are lightning fast. In a split second, each responds
to its neighbors’ movements, and the whole mega
flock swerves as one. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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