Cronkite Dean Invites Freshmen to Thanksgiving Dinner

Today more than 60% of freshmen classes are
from out of state most can get back home for for the holidays
but some time because of distance Florida tickets are really expensive
don’t Thanksgiving it would have been like seven hundred eight hundred dollars
for me to go home oh just expects giving break is so close to Christmas break
it’s kind of just like an unnecessary expenditure and Ms. Callahan and I
always thought, “how sad is that” to begin you know your residence hall
rule as freshmen you’ve only been away from you know for college for a couple
of a couple of months and to be all alone away from your family so we
figured let’s just open up our house I know it sounds like an acid and stuff
you get bit people but like I wouldn’t be comfortable having like 20-some like
teenagers in my house running around like he’s brave we started this back in
2008 with a much smaller group our first
first Thanksgiving here we had four students from Cronkite, and it’s grown and grown over
the years I honestly hope that he passes this tradition down to his new school. I
think we are going to try to do that and of course we don’t really know the
culture there and I don’t know how many students are around during Thanksgiving
but we liked it it’s been you know it’s been really rewarding for us

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