Crosswalk Celebration – Baltimore Greenway Trails Coalition

The Druid Hill market has become the new town center for the neighborhoods around the park. Unfortunately, the Druid Hill Farmers Market is a drive-to market, and that’s because of this super highway across the street. It’s four lines, five, and you’ve got to run, actually run. For years we’ve had difficulty crossing the street and trying to get our daycares from the community to get over to the park. When you have to cross a highway to get to a park it doesn’t feel like your neighborhood park even though you live 50 feet from it. With this demonstration project, we’re showing how through an increased visibility of the crosswalk we can make this safer for people to cross the street. When you have communities that are connected to each other, you have a healthy, vibrant city. We’re really trying to build capacity throughout the City of Baltimore to get people really excited about the trail loop that can connect every neighborhood.

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