CSA Group – Celebrating a Century of Higher Standards

100 years amazing innovation can happen in that time life-changing discoveries that bring the future into focus but to make progress someone has to pave the way someone has to ensure that safety accompanies innovation that’s what CSA Group has done since 1919 with the standards developed with our members and the support of our testing inspection and certification team the people that love the work they do they understand its importance they’re committed to it the life expectancy and the health expectancy of people around the world has been greatly enhanced through the introduction of standards we’ve always put people first innovators builders workers and consumers we hear their voices and guard their safety we focus on patients and caregivers by developing standards that support an integrated system of care from healthcare facilities to community paramedicine since the first Canadian Electrical Code in 1927 we’ve been pioneers in Electrical Safety so consumers can be confident where they live and work and in the products they use and when innovation moves forward we update the codes and standards we’ve developed to keep products services and places safe the standards we develop help all of us be better stewards of our planet a commitment that’s more important than ever we focus on enabling cleaner energy to help innovators advance efficient solutions for use everywhere from large urban centers to remote regions of canvass north and to address climate change we’ve led the way in greenhouse gas accounting develop the world’s first carbon capture and storage standards and are updating infrastructure standards to support resiliency we make a lasting impact by supporting public policy addressing new challenges and creating an environment in which innovation can thrive we produce standards to ensure that Canada’s infrastructure continues to innovate and put engineering advancements and new technologies to use we work diligently to create standards worthy of shaping public policies that protect lives across the country and we continue to protect the future of Canada’s natural resources with standards for forestry mining oil and gas and Water Resources we’re proud of all we’ve done the 3,000 standards we develop together with our 10,000 members and the countless lives we’ve saved and improved together it’s a very exciting place to be and I think it’s a very much a function of the people we’ve attracted and the important work that we do you made it happen with your expertise your passion and your tireless work I believe our first century was only the beginning let’s keep looking forward working together and holding the future to a higher standard [Music]

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