Culver CityBus 90th Anniversary Celebration

(smooth electronic music) – Today, we’re here to celebrate Culver CityBus’s 90th anniversary. On behalf of the Culver CityBus team, we want to thank our
customers, our past directors, our past and current councilmembers, our elected officials, the
Federal Transit Administration, our regional transit agencies, and our city employees and executives, our Culver City businesses and schools, and our community here in Culver City. And finally, I want to
thank all the employees in Culver City Transportation Department. – You know, Culver City is
in the 30th Senate District that I’ve had the pleasure
of representing since 2013. And so on behalf of the Senate, in commemoration for 90 years,
you don’t look a day over 85, commemoration of 90 years of service of providing public transportation
throughout Culver City, thank you for your commitment
to continuously improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of public transportation to the residents and visitors of Culver City. And on behalf of the entire constituency of the 30th District, I present you all with this mere token
for your 90th birthday, a Senate Certificate. – My name is Jacqueline Hamilton, and I’m with the office of
Congress Member Karen Bass and I’m really proud to
be here representing her on the celebration of nine decades of providing quality, comfortable, safe, affordable transportation to the citizens, not only of Culver City, but
the surrounding region as well. So I have a Certificate of
Congressional Recognition from the Congresswoman
on 90 years of service. – I’m really pleased to be here toady and really celebrate
our own transit system. Our bus system, I’m pleased to say, has grown from less than 12
riders way way back when, to, are you ready, over five
million passengers today. Truly amazing. – We established a wonderful
public transit system that is recognized nationwide. And I want to say
congratulations to all of you. I’m just happy to say I was part of this for a period of time. Thank you. – I’m sure you’ll agree with me that every time you see
this beautiful green bus you say “My gosh, that’s
what buses should look like!” I’ve come here with my little girl Raelynn and she’s going to leave here
today a committed bus rider. (applause) (smooth electronic music)

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