Curved Caterpillar Birthday Cake | Parents

This Caterpillar Crawl cake will delight kids
and adults alike. And creating the S- shaped caterpillar is easier than you might think.
All you need is a Bundt pan. Start with a standard size Bundt cake of any flavor. Be
sure the cake is fully cooled before you begin decorating it. Cut the cake in half and arrange
the 2 halves end to end on a rectangular or oval platter so they form an S- shape. We
baked the cake with Funfetti. Using a serrated knife, trim one end of the S into a more rounded
shape. This will be the caterpillar’s head. Smooth the midpoint in the body where the
pieces joined. Now spoon 3 quarters of a 16 ounce can of vanilla frosting into a medium
bowl. Add green food coloring. Mix it well, adding more food coloring if needed to get
the shade of green you prefer. Remove 1 heaping spoonful of green frosting to a smaller bowl.
Add a few drops of green food coloring and blend it to get a darker shade of green. Put
the remaining white frosting in another small bowl and add yellow food coloring and blend
it well. Cover the entire cake with a lighter green frosting using a small spatula to spread
it evenly. Now add the yellow frosting to a pastry bag or a resealable plastic bag and
pipe wide yellow stripes across its back. Next, pipe narrower stripes of dark green
frosting across the caterpillar’s back. Now we’ll cut 2 1 / 2- inch rounds from a regular
size marshmallow. Put a dab of frosting on each and adhere a blue coated candy to the
frosting. Place these on the caterpillar’s head as eyes. To make the antenna, push 2
pair of lime cream- filled rolled wafers into the caterpillar’s head just above the eyes.
Use a dab of frosting to stick a green coated candy on the top of each antenna. Now line
the base of the cake with green coated candies. You’ll need about a third of the cup.

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  1. Made this cake 2 days before birthday. One recommendation is to wait until right before the party to add antennas. The cookie material gets soft and they fall over if left in the cake too long.

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