Cute & Creative DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas 🎁

– [Mako] Hey guys. In today’s video, I’m going
to show you cute and fun ways how you can wrap and package gifts for Valentines Day, birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion. They are all easy ways and you can customize everything however you like. (upbeat instrumental music) For the first idea, we are going to make an origami candy box. Take a sheet of paper in the color of your choice that has equal sides. Here I’m using 20 by 20 centimeters. Next, fold the paper in half. Now you want to fold those two sides next to the fold as well. Start at one side and fold
it to the middle fold. Turn the paper around and do
the same with the other sides. Now the paper should be
divided into four equal sides. What you want to do now is
we want to divide those sides in half again so we have eight
equal sections in the end. Begin by folding one side
to the upper first fold. Turn the paper around and do
the same with the other side. Now, what’s left to do is folding the lower part of the paper in half, by folding it to the first
fold right next to the edge. And you should get something like this. Once you have divide the
paper into eight equal parts, fold the paper in just four equal parts the same way as we did in the beginning. Fold the paper in half first and then fold the sides
to the middle fold. Okay, now we have eight vertical lines and four horizontal lines. Close the paper with the two flaps like so and then fold one side towards the edge. Now while this part is still folded, fold the edge towards the fold above. And you should get something like this. It’s kind of difficult
to explain every step, so I hope the video helps
you a little bit as well. And now here comes the a bit tricky part. While the right side of the
paper is folded like that, you want to fold the sides
into a diagonal line. You basically want to fold
each square that you created by folding the paper in the beginning. Slightly pinch the paper
and fold the corners at each side so you get a
clean edge and then fold the middle part once
you get a proper line. And now repeat this with
the rest of the squares. It’s okay if the left side of the paper gets a little bit wrinkly. Just try to focus on the right side. Pinch the corners to
fold them a little bit and then fold the middle part. Once you finished with the step, close the sides of the paper, like that, and then slide each side of the paper inside each other by using these pockets. Be sure that the folded sides of the paper are inside when you do that. Slide them in by one square or by two. I will show you the difference later. Now we can start folding the
diagonal folds we prepared. Fold one fold and move the fold below while holding the paper. You basically want to
fold every fold together so the sides looks kind of twisted. It’s a little bit tricky,
but once you try it out you understand what’s going on. Push the paper from inside in case you wrinkle or fold it accidentally. Once you’ve folded each diagonal fold, push the paper a little bit
down to secure everything. Straighten out the folds and you should get something like this. If you slide the paper
inside by two squares, as I mentioned in the beginning, the box get a bit smaller but
also a little bit more stable. I decided to make it bigger
so I can fit more inside. Create two of this parts and then you can place
anything you want inside, candy, a note, maybe a small gift. And then side one side of the box into another to close the box. And to receive the gift you just need to pull on the candy to open it. I found this is such a
cute and creative way to package small gifts and you can use any design for the
paper, and decide how big you want to make the box as well. Another cute way to package small gifts is to use plastic ornaments. For the strawberry version, I’m using these heart-shaped Christmas ornament you can get online or in craft stores. Begin by adding small yellow lines to the inside of each heart,
using yellow colored paint to create the seeds of the strawberry. Make them not too close to each other. This way it looks cuter in the end. Let the paint dry and then,
with red colored paint, paint the complete inside of the heart. This is how it looks so far. Now while this is drying we can
move on to the green leaves. Let’s start with a template. Take a white sheet of
paper with equal sides and fold it in half, like
that, to create a triangle. Next, fold one side of the triangle to the left and then do the same again. This is similar to
creating paper snowflakes. Now draw a v-shaped line
like so and cut it out. Next, trace the template
onto a green colored piece of paper and cut it out. When the inside of the
heart is dry you can place small gifts and candy
inside and close the heart. Now all you need to do is
tape the leaves on top. You can either use double sided tape or roll the tape into a tube like so and attached it to both sides. If you want to add a stem
to the strawberry as well, you can use a small piece of
green colored pipe cleaner. You can get them at any craft store. Make a hole above the strawberry
using something pointy and then pull through the pipe cleaner. Cut off any excess if it’s too long, bend it a little bit and you’re done. And you get a cute strawberry packet. You can get these hearts in any size, so you can make the
strawberry smaller or bigger. If you can’t find any
heart-shaped ornaments, you can just use simple,
round, plastic ornaments. With them you can create cute emoji faces using a permanent marker
and a colored paint. Draw any emoji you like
inside the ornament. Be sure to draw them mirrored if you create anything
that is not symmetrical. Here, I am just creating the
heart eyed and the kissy emoji and paint the heart
using red colored paint. Once the paint has dried, paint the rest with the yellow colored paint. You can make just once face
on one side if you want. Here, I create two different faces in one. Once the paint has dried you can place the gift inside and close the ornament. I think using plastic
ornaments for small gifts is a very cute idea,
because you can really personalize them and make them unique. But if you have a big
package you want to wrap, you can make the package
look like a cute animal. Depending on the animal you want to make, wrap the package in the
color of your choice. Here I’m making a cute, white cat. Wrap the package as you
would wrap it normally, but this time make the folds
on the sides that are longer. Also, don’t use paper that
is too thick or you will have difficulties wrapping
it neatly as I have here. To create ears, fold a
piece of paper in half and draw one ear of your
animal and cut it out. Since these cat ears turn out to look more like mouse ears, I’ll
cut them a little bit to make it a bit pointier and smaller. Now, all you need to do is
draw any details onto the ears. You can either draw them or
cut them out of papers as well. Glue them to the corner and
now it’s time to draw the face. Here I’m drawing a simple cartoon-looking cat face using Crayola pens. Once you’re happy with the results you can add a tail as well. You can make a tail out of paper, or use a pipe cleaner and tape
it to the backside like so. And you’re done. Basically, you can make
any animal of your choice. You can also make them stand
up just by turning the box. You can get very creative with
that, this is just an idea. I hope you enjoy these ideas
and found them helpful. If so, don’t forget to give
this video a thumbs up. And if you’re new to this
channel be sure to subscribe to see more funny, easy
DIYs in the feature. Thank you so much for watching guys. Have a wonderful day
and I will see you soon. Bye.

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