Cyber Village CNY Dinner 2020 Video Competition (CIMB Team)

Cyber Village is the pioneering and leading E-Business consulting firm in the Asia Pacific region. We specialise in building and implementing leading edge e-business applications with latest web-based technologies which helps to streamline and enhance operational efficiencies for MNCs and SMEs. Our solutions connect people, partners and communities worldwide. Our coverage platform complied of various of services for every customer segment which includes banking, finance, insurance and securities. At Cyber Village, we honour and take pride in our people. It all starts with a TEAM that CARES. A workplace we call HOME. A team of dedicated individuals who go the EXTRA MILE. Cyber Village is a great platform in empowering the young talents who are unsure of their potential. We are committed to developing diverse and engaging leaders to champion a culture of innovation and collaboration. Hi, we at Cyber Village are always looking for passionate talents to join us and we always offer coaching to our people to reveal your true potential. Here, we encourage you to explore not only where you may fit in today but also where you might be in the future. We offer accelerated growth and progression with focus on continuous learning experience. We strive towards a high-performance culture that empowers you to deliver your true potential. We reward competitively appreciating and valuing performance. We promote employee engagement and we are committed to grow stronger with you on board. Join us and together we will create lasting impression with the people we serve. Together we progress. Together we will make great happen. Join us by submitting your application today!

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