Cyberbullying – Just A Little Fun

Hey Ethan, nice video. Thanks. Yo Ethan. I retweeted your video. Nice. Hey man. Hey Blaze. Dude our video is blowing up. I know. Isn’t it great? It has like 400 likes on Twitter. Really? Yeah. That part where he’s falling on the ground,
that’s my favorite part. Mine too. Alright, I’ll catch you later man. What a loser. Hey Emily. Did you see the video I posted last night? It already has over 400 likes. We saw the video. And? You’re a jerk. Is that what you wanna hear? I didn’t ask you. And poor Charlie Higgins didn’t ask for you
to humiliate him for the whole world to see either. Woah. Beth, Colleen, calm down. I was just the camera guy. Just the camera guy? Didn’t you edit the video? Yeah and post it? Yeah. What did he ever do to you? Oh let me guess. He sucks at shooting foul shots. He wears glasses. He pulls his socks up too high. And oh, look at me. I’m a big basketball player. I score 25 points a game and you sit on the
bench and look stupid. Do you feel better about yourself now? How insecure to you have to be do something
like this? He’s like the nicest kid ever and you were
dumb enough to post that video for the whole world to see just how dumb you are. Woah. Calm down guys. Emily help me out here? Look Ethan. Charlie is my friend. Wait, really? Yeah. I know you think this whole thing is funny,
but how would you feel if somebody made a video like that about you? We were just having a little fun that’s all
. . . Was Charlie having fun? You don’t understand . . .
Was Charlie having fun? I wouldn’t have taken you to be a guy to do
something like that. There he is. The big film maker. What are you talking about? You didn’t see it last night? We got like a thousand likes on our Twitter
video. Really? Yeah man. That’s crazy! Hey guys. Look who it is. “Hey sorry coach. My mom says I got too much homework tonight. I can’t come to practice.” Hey! Let’s quit standing around and get back to
practice! Let’s go! Hey man. You see our numbers lately? We’re at like 10,000 likes right now. It’s insane! Yeah, I saw. Dude, what’s wrong with you? You’re not starting to feel sorry for him
are you? Look man. What’d he ever do to us? Dude, the kid’s a loser. Look at him. I mean I’ve seen a lot of losers in my lifetime
but that kid takes the cake. Now listen I got another idea for a video. What more do you wanna do to him? He already quit the team because of us. Yo, dude . . . Hey Emily. I’ve been thinking about what you said yesterday. I never intended for things to get this out
of hand. It was just supposed to be a joke, ya know? Let me guess, your joke isn’t so funny anymore? Yeah. It’s about time. I never thought that video was funny to begin
with. Would you two leave me alone already? Umm, probably not. Yeah, not gonna happen. So what do I do now? It’s not like I can just delete the video
and pretend like it never happened. Everyone will think I’m a big chump. What do you care about more? What people think of you or doing the right
thing? Why’d you delete it, huh? Why’d you delete it? Dude chill out! We had 10,000 likes! 10,000! And you just deleted them all. Gone! Just because you started feeling sorry for
him. Look man! We never should’ve treated him like that. He quit the team because of us. What’d you think was gonna happen? I didn’t know what was gonna happen. You just told me to film it. I didn’t tell you to edit it. I didn’t tell you to post it. That was all your idea. Your idea. You’re the one who posted it for the whole
world to see and guess what? I don’t see what the big deal is. Just because a bunch of people liked the video,
doesn’t make it right. Whatever man. Quit being so weak. Can you believe this guy? I don’t know. Charlie. One of your friends is here to see you. Who is it? You can go in. He’s downstairs. Hey Charlie. Ah, Mario Kart. I love this game. What do you want? Look, I’m really sorry about the video. Things just got carried away, you know? I didn’t mean for all of this to happen. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. And I’d like you to consider coming back to
the team. I’d be willing to explain things to coach
if it would help. I’m not coming back. I was never good at basketball anyways. Look. You work harder out there than anyone else
does and believe it or not you make me work harder too. So I think you deserve a spot on the team
and I’d be willing to stand up to against anyone who disagrees with me. So just think about it. Thanks. Thanks for deleting the video. Sure. Blaze! Get in here! Sit down! Alright guys! Get over here! Let’s gather up, come on! Alright, listen. What you guys did on that video was foolish and hurtful and there will be consequences. Do I make myself clear? Yes Coach. I can’t hear you! Yes Coach! Get on the line! Charlie . . . Hey man, there’s no reason for you to run these. I’m a part of this team again, aren’t I? Yeah. Then I’m running too. Okay, go get on the line. Alright guys, get ready. Go! You know Coach. I can’t believe you’re making us do this because
of a stupid video. Alright Blaze! You got another one! Oh, come on Coach. You want another one? This is stupid . . .
You got another another one!

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  1. I'm not saying this to make you feel bad for me. It's just my story of what is happening. This is a non stop thing for me. I hate it. Every time I get bullied, I want to die because it's the only way to get away. I don't talk to anyone because I'm nervous. I cut in places my parents can't see and it makes me feel better. My school is full of bullies. Most is about that stupid Fortnite game. Every day I put up with it and even faked sick so I could relax and not feel any pain. I wanted better. But to this day, it's getting worse. My pain grows and my hope is gone. I don't know what to do. I need help….but no one is going to no matter what I say. I want to end my life but that would hurt my family and I'm not going to hurt others. I want this to be a message to all you bullies out there if your reading this. Please open your eyes and see what you are doing to the person you are hurting. You never know if you could be the reason they end their own life. God bless you all

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