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  2. These brave heroes would be turning over in their graves if they could see what the Canada they fought and died for has become now.
    Sad. Rest in peace brothers.

  3. Noticed a lack of presence of any Canadian Government representatives, even the ceremony in Ottawa had a lack of Canadian Government representation.
    Shows how little this government thinks of the surviving veterans or the memory of those who gave the ultimate price.

  4. Why did Treudo bring up LGBTQ rights when he made a speech with Macron. What the hell has that got to do with D-Day!

  5. Canada and France, standing shoulder to shoulder! We will never forget you guys. God bless you

  6. It's about the Veterans.
    It is their real life experience.
    Nobody's else's.
    I give my respect to them.
    And all those who lost their lives.
    Thank you all for your sacrifice.

  7. God bless the brave Canadians who sacrificed themselves for global peace. We are truly thankful and will always be in debt to these great men 🇨🇦

  8. I wish d day would have failed to bad Germany didn't mass produce the me262 jet aircraft and wipe the allies out the beautiful swaska would be flying over the world be a great world

  9. American 🇺🇸 here. God bless the greatest generation. This is the first time I’ve heard from Canadian vets of D-Day. Question, who are the two men and one woman around 1 hour 30 minutes who are doing the voice narration in English/French? Thanks in advance for anyone who can answer this.

  10. God bless all these brave men and woman.. both my grandparents served and ive served for the past 30 years… greatest generation

  11. Blessings upon those who served. "For is it not your clear duty to restrain the tyranny of the oppressor, and to deal equitably with your subjects, that your high sense of justice may be fully demonstrated to all mankind?" ~ Baha'i Faith

  12. D-DAY AND THE BATTLE OF NORMANDY 75th Anniversary 1944-2019

  13. Libs only visit Normandy to spit on the graves of the defenders of Freedom, Democracy, & the Rule of Law… Democrats are a disgrace and an insult to the Memory of the Fallen.

  14. Thank you CBC for such a wonderful broadcast of this sincerely moving ceremony. As an American I am moved and thankful for the. heroic sacrifice of our Canadian brethren in arms.

  15. I don't know but I think it would be more solemn if they don't over dramatize the narrations. Just saying… Nevertheless, the stories told are very moving. For the generations after, we can't thank enough those who sacrificed for peace and freedom most of us enjoy now and hopefully for many generations to come. It's heartbreaking to re-discover what those young men and women went through which for many still endure the aftermath of the experience many years after.

  16. A beautiful scene. Honor to all who served.

    Apologies to all that our US President stained the moment . A coward draft Dodger who insulted all POW s should have been banned.

  17. D-Day : If not for the Allied Forces ( USA, UK, Canada ), the entire Europe will be singing the German national anthem. God Bless Us All!

  18. There were alot of lives lost on both sides of the fence both germans and americans . im sure There were alot of innocent german kids to who fought for a lost cause. War is a living HELL only the very bold and strong survive War . DOOMSDAY is a day on history that no american or even german needs ever forget . because if we do world WAr three Will happen from all that . i had a great honour of meeting a survivor of DOOMSDAY in ny city a true american heroe. I told him my dads rank in the u.s. army and told him his service to our country would have been a lost cause had it not been for a true american heroe like him who served on DOOMSDAY. I hope ALMIGHTY GOD. Always has his mighty right hand on mother AMERICA. And GOD BLESS all those who have served and continue to serve our country from the u.s. marines to all the other branches of our milutary services to .

  19. Bless them all.
    Right…..and now Canadians have voted in yet another deep left ideologue Prime minister…..whose PM father was partying in Montreal on June 6th, 1944…while the rest of Canada fought….A disgrace!

  20. “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
    John Stuart Mill, 1867
    Not these men and woman. The gave everything – their sacrifice, their hearts and souls, many sacrificed their mental health and many paid the ultimate price. They left behind the comfort and safety of home and hearth, of loving spouses, young children, concerned parents, jobs and education to cross the ocean and join their Commonwealth cousins in the war against tyranny and evil.
    "At the going down of the Sun, and in the morning, We Will Remember Them." LEST WE FORGET.

  21. Algerians soldiers in 1939-1945 ,france no give him nationality french -i think this french is aparteid country

  22. I don’t think it was right that at least one member of the Royal Family, was not present at the Canadian, Juno Beach D-Day Commemoration on the 06/June/2019, especially with so many aged, D-Day veterans in attendance!! Princess Anne, The Princess Royal; Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex; or even Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, any of which could all have been present, to represent the Queen, but only if they (Buckingham Palace) had previously & properly (formally, in accordance with the correct protocols) been invited to do so by the Canadian Government! There seems to have been perhaps another unfortunate oversight here by the Trudeau Administration?!

  23. A day of sorrow for Europe.The enemy invasion that paved the way for the treacherous european politicians and the third world invaders.

  24. In real history, the war was won and lost in the East" not because this event ! In total, four in five Germans killed were by Russia and China,, Russia lost 25 million people doing so..

  25. Privileged to have been a part of the Canadian delegation alongside my Grandfather who fought on Juno beach and eventually helped liberate the Netherlands. 37 of the last vets in Canada and each and every one has a important story to tell.

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