D-day 75th anniversary: world leaders pay their tributes

We owe our freedom
to our veterans and whatever it takes,
we will never surrender. And whatever it takes,
we will always stand together. – It’s almost impossible
to grasp the raw courage it must have taken. To our veterans here in
Normandy today, I want to say the only
words we can: thank you. [band plays music] – Here with you, are over
60 veterans who landed on d-day. Our debt to you is everlasting
and we thank you from the bottom of
our hearts. [applause] We know what we owe
to you veterans: our freedom. On behalf of my nation,
I just want to say thank you. – 14,000 canadians stormed
Juno beach that day, standing on guard for the
wounded soldier, the imprisoned brother,
the oppressed sister, the grieving mother,
the deceased father. Standing on guard for
democracy, for liberty, for peace. [singing] ‘I confide in God’s merciful
love these soldiers, as well as the millions of
victims, fought obedient to a system of government
motivated by a deadly ideology.’
– Pope Francis

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