Dance Moms: Cathy Makes Fun of the Group Dance (Season 4 Flashback) | Lifetime

I’m here in Orlando to
train Lucas this week. And after I hear that
ALDC is competing, I want to pop in to see them. Wait until she
gets a load of what I’m going to do at nationals. She’s really going
to be running scared. I couldn’t believe when
I heard Cathy’s voice. Oh, be careful.
There’s an incline there. You might roll down. That annoying whining. Good luck today, everybody. Chloe, fabulous shorts. [wretches] I just
can’t stand that woman. The Abby Lee Dance
Company doesn’t have time for these shenanigans. Cathy’s behavior is
at an all-time low. She’s touching me, poking at me. And nobody acts like that. Who acts like that at
a dance competition? – OK, guys.
– All right, guys. Come here. ABBY: If you want to
dance professionally, you’re going to have to
do musical theater pieces. If the girls are in perfect
sync and they’re not clean, we’re never going to
win this competition. ANNOUNCER: Up next, please
welcome The Seven Dancers. [applause]
– She knows. She’s too sloppy. [MUSIC – ROELAND RUIJSCH,
“CHILD’S PLAY”] [vocalizing] [applause] The kids did the
best that they could do with what they were given. But I’m not feeling
this costume. I’m not feeling this number. So I’m a little anxious. ANNOUNCER: And first place
in the overall small group division, act number
53, “The Seven Dancers.” Congratulations, everybody. Take a bow. Take a bow. Hi, ladies.
Hey, listen. I just wanted to tell
you congratulations. Dumbest routine I’ve ever
seen that you guys did. Cathy comes in, and she
is like a raging lunatic. You know what? Nationals, we have
something enormous planned. WOMAN 1: Of course you do.
– Bigger than you– WOMAN 2: We know you do.
CATHY: –if that’s possible. So look out. ABBY: I have had it with
Cathy’s mouth today. She brings out the absolute
worst in people, including me. (YELLING) Hey! Stop! Oh, stop. Who wants to hear your mouth? (YELLING) Cathy! You’re finished! You’re washed up!
CATHY: Oh, am I? You’re old!
You’re nothing! Oh, really? Get on the broom
and fly away home. I don’t need to get on
the broom and fly away home. Don’t touch other people. I’m not touching you! You sat in the theater
and poked me in the back! I poked you to
shut your mouth! Because all you do– Don’t touch other people! –is talk through
other kids’ dances! You’re a hypocrite. – And you’re a joke!
– I’m a joke? – In the dance community, yes.
– Oh, no, doll. I think– I got news for you.
– Oh, yes, you are. [inaudible]
– You know what? Listen. You know what’s red and
white and black all over? The obituaries! No, honey. And that’s where you belong! You would know an obituary. You would know.

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  1. Cathy tells Abby to shut up,
    Talks during the whole dance
    And calls Abby a hypocrite 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. i just wanted to do this for no reason at all im to bored help me aAAaaAAAAAAAAaaaa i halp u chips cream crocodile

  3. cathy: your annoying abby i can't even clap for that
    Abby cathy YOUR Finshed dumest rountie ive ever see
    i had had uit with cathy mouth today
    Abby get on the broom and fly away

  4. aLl YoU dO iS TaLk ThRoUgH OtHer KiDs DaNceS!

    Says the woman who kept trash talking throughout the ALDC performance

  5. Omg, when Cathy said, “All you do is talk while the kids are dancing” to Abby, it was so funny because she’s the one who was saying, “This is so annoying, one of the worst dances I’ve ever seen, this is bad” while the kids were dancing.

  6. Is she in every episode? Why is she allowed back with the dancers everytime. Why hasnt Abby hired better security?

  7. Love how she told abby to shush when no one was dancing yet when the aldc went on they wouldn’t shut up 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. Are we just going to ignore Abby telling Gia that one of the girls on stage looks sloppy while clapping with her hands in the air at 1:18 ???

  9. When Cathy came in the Aldc dresser room when she said my next dance is bigger than you, did she mean Abby was fat?

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