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ABC Dance Challenge. So the rules are, we’re going
to pass the bowl around. You’re going to pick a
letter out of the bowl. And you’re going
to have 10 seconds to think of a dance move. I’ll go first. S. PRESSLEY: Ready? ALL: Ten, nine, eight, seven– Split! PRESSLEY: OK, go. OK, now show it. SARRAH: Wow. ALL: Yes. [CLAPPING] HANNAH: I have a good one. LILLY: What is it? HANNAH: Side Aerial. [CLAPPING] Wait, I have a good one. ALL: Shoot. LILLY: Do the Shoot. [COUNTING] I’m not– A. PRESSLEY: Ready? ALL: Ten, nine– Arabesque. HANNAH: That’s what
I was going to say. Well, I was going
to say attitude. You have to turn off
because if you don’t– Miss Abby is going to kill you. Turn, present the foot. [CLAPPING] Wait, I have one. I have Attitude. You can do that one. Oh, Attitude. LILLY: My Attitude
Turn is the best. It goes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Or you can do the
actual Attitude. PRESSLEY: Mine’s is better. SARRAH: Wow. PRESSLEY: Do Attitude Turn. [LAUGHING] GIANINA: Close his eyes. He’s a cheater.
LILLY: Yeah, he’s a cheater. No, I’m not. SARRAH: Yeah, you are. O. ALL: Ten, nine– BRADY: I have one. ALL: Eight, seven, six, Stop! ALL: Five, four,
three, two, one! Ouvert! Oh, duh. So you can do it from any ballet
move, but it’s basically– BRADY: 10! ALL: Eight. OK, OK, OK. BRADY: R. GIANINA: What is it? BRADY: Rond De Jambe. LILLY: That was mine. You could have done
Russia Pas De Jambe. Or Rond De Jambe. LILLY: Or you
could do right leg. Russian Pas De Chat. Ouvert. HANNAH: Or you could do Retire. GIANINA: Or you
can do Right Split. LILLY: Or you can do Right Leg. OK. Hannah Banana’s turn. E! ALL: E! Eleve. GIANINA: Wait, guys. OK, I know one. Put in an elbow stand. ALL: Oh! [LAUGHING] Oh, no. Oh no. Wait, N. It’s an N. ALL: Ten, nine, eight, LILLY: You should
do the Nae Nae. Oh, everyone.
Everyone. PRESSLEY: Ready? [COUNTING] ALL: Now watch me whip. Watch me Nae Nae. Now watch me whip, whip. Watch me Nae Nae. Hey! PRESSLEY: Brady, you
need to redeem yourself. Don’t look. Don’t look. No, no, no, no, LILLY: Brady. I’ll do a Tilt. ALL: Wait, wait, Brady. Your legs are too long. They are going over the side. They’re too long. They tried to put me
on the cover of Vogue, but my legs were too long. ALL: Ten, nine, eight– I have one. Floss. Come on over. ALL: Six, seven, and eight. [COUNTING FAST] Oh my back cracked. Or you could do Floor Needle. GIANINA: This is
Lilly, this gummy worm. She likes stretches. Puts her head behind her leg. [LAUGHING] Now, If she were
only as delicious as gummy worms are. Z. Honestly, I’m just
done with this game. OK? Now you have clean that up. ALL: Nose! Brady! No, I went like the third one. SARRAH: Say it! ALL: It was Brady. He has to clean it up. I’m not cleaning it up. I’m not your maid.

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