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get is what you see. I won’t pretend
I’m what you need. There’s no in between. This is day too late. [MUSIC PLAYING] My first impression
of Sarah was that like– I’m nervous. [GIGGLING] I was like, well,
she’s good, but I don’t know if she’ll be able
to pick up the choreography. And then I watched you
pick up the choreography, and I was like,
great, now I have someone to compete up against. [CHUCKLING] The first day of
the audition in LA, you know, you walked
in, and like your mom was stretching you,
and I was like, wow, she’s really flexible. I was like, oh no. I thought you were like
really good at the audition, and that’s all I remember. Thanks. It was the first
day at the audition, and you were wearing
black and white, and that’s like
something I remembered. I don’t know why you
were the only person that I remember seeing
like specifically what you were wearing. I don’t remember exactly how you
had your hair, but you looked– SARAH: High ponytail. GIANINA: You looked young,
like you were super small. BRADY: Yeah, you looked super– GIANINA: But I was
like so confused because I couldn’t figure
out how old you were. Because when the
auditions started me and Lilly were
so close in height. LILLY: Yeah. But I’ve just grown a
lot since then I guess. LILLY: Yeah. You looked really
young, like just like your hairstyle and
everything and your face, but then when I
started to talk to you, you sounded like really
mature and really old, so I was like really confused. But also, I remember you
being like really pretty, and we were all like, Oh
my god, she’s so pretty. SARAH: Awe, thank you.
Thank you. The first time I noticed
you was like the last round when we were doing the dances,
and then we got into the line, and then like she asked
you to step forward. I’m like, oh no,
she might get cut. ABBY: Sarah, step
forward with your mom. SARAH: That was like the
scariest like moment ever. She’s like, Sarah,
where are you from? I’m like, Pittsburgh. Oh, she’s like, OK, well then,
just go back in your line, and I was like, oh, thank god. ABBY: I’m watching
you extra hard. [MUSIC PLAYING] SARAH: When it came to like
first impressions for Lilly, I think we all kind of got
what we expected almost. Like, we all knew
she was really tiny. We all knew she was really good. We all knew Abby loved her. And I think she
actually a lot better than I expected her to
be if I’m being honest. She like grew up.
She grew. SARAH: She grew up. Like she dances more mature
now than she used to. Yeah. SARAH: She doesn’t
do that cute like– LILLY: Well, I also think that
everyone always thought that I could only do acro,
and I could only do cutesy dances, because I was
young when I started the show. Because that’s all I was given,
I could never show anyone. And that’s why, when I came
back and I got like acro dances, I was like not again. I’ve grown up. I’ve done so much more
than just acro dances. When I first met Lilly,
she was like quiet. You were quiet. Like, you were super shy. It’s like so awkward
just walking up to people like, Hi, my name’s Lilly. My first impression
was I was at ALDC one time taking a class
from Michael Dameski, and then all of the
sudden, like, I look over, and there’s this little like– I thought she was like a smurf. [LAUGHTER] She was like, hi, and I
was like, whoa, oh my god. But I was like, oh,
wait, that’s Lilly. I thought you were
like a little baby. It was so cute. [MUSIC PLAYING] So what’s everyone’s
first impression of Hannah? Quiet and like kind of shy. SARAH: Yeah. I didn’t really get
to know you that well, because at the audition we
were in different age groups. So like when you were in
there, I was taking a break, but when I went in, you
were taking a break. So we didn’t really get to
know each other that well. I feel like all
of you guys stuck out to me, especially Hannah,
because I loved her leotard. I just kept saying, wow,
her leotard’s really pretty. Were did she get it from? [GIGGLING] Maybe, like, tonight
I can like order that online. We can be like twins. SARAH: And when I first met
you, your mom came over, and your mom was
like really outgoing, and so I was expecting you
to be like super talkative. And then I started
talking a lot, and you were like, I’m Hannah. [LAUGHTER] When I first met you, I
walked into the audition, and I immediately– my
eye was drawn to you leo, because it was like my
favorite colors ever, and the lace was really pretty. When we went into the
audition together, you were really, really shy. ABBY: What’s your name?
– Hannah. ABBY: Hannah. But then, when you were
around just our group, you weren’t shy. It made me feel so happy,
because I was really, really nervous, and so when you
came out of your shell and started to be like really
silly, it made me feel good. When I walked in,
you were already there. HANNAH: Uh huh. BRADY: So like, I felt like
you would be on the team, like, you would have been
like one of the people who had gotten on the team just
because you were like so good and your leotard
was really pretty. [CHUCKLING] And I think we got to
know each other really like well at the
audition, because we were in the same group. At the audition, you were
one of those people that– you would sit back, and you
would really listen and take in everything that
everybody was saying before you would say something. Like I don’t know
how to explain in, but you were a
really good listener. For some reason, like, I
felt like she was so smart. Yeah, like a listener,
and you’re very intelligent. I am very smart. [MUSIC PLAYING] What were your first
impressions of me? OK, so my first impression
was crazy, outgoing, and cat. [CHUCKLING] Because you had
those cat ears on. ABBY: You with the cat ears. BRADY: And you had
lots of colors on. You had like an orange–
– Orange leo. An orange leo and
like pink rainbow pants. When I first saw
you, I was like– you walked in, and I was
like, I think I know you, like I’ve seen you before. And like, it turns
out that we’ve like– Fun fact. We actually did like– HANNAH: We did like 17
different auditions and things with other studios at
the same exact times exact time with each
other just not knowing it for the past five years. My first impression
of you when we got there was
kind of confused, to be honest, I didn’t know
you as like a technical dancer, because I used to see
you all the time in New York and Pressley in New York. So this is kind of my first
impression of both of you. I kind of was like, are
they technical dancers? Because I’ve only
ever seen you do hip hop auditions in New York. And so I was excited to see
you dance, because I wasn’t expecting you to be
as good as you were, because I thought you were
like hardcore hip hoppers. LILLY: Yeah, there’s
a bunch of people that like just do hip hop. But I didn’t really know
that you were actually as good as you were, because she
only showed me hip hop videos. And then I watched you
dance, and I was like, wow. Yeah, so me and
Lilly basically had like the same exact impression. Yeah, but I knew that you
very outgoing, and like fun. BRADY: My impression of you– Am I outgoing or am I shy? Yes. Yeah, you’re very outgoing. It’s just like a ball
of energy over there. I was like whoa. HANNAH: You were like
hi, and I’m like, OK, hi. I knew you
before, so it wasn’t really like a first impression. But we were in class the night
before, and you were like, oh, are you going to
class on Saturday? I was like, um– Um, no. I have something to do. I don’t really– We hid this from each
other the whole time. And I was like, I
don’t really know if I’m going to be able to make it. And you were like– I’ll tell you why. Pressley sent me a
Snapchat of her face, and she had makeup
on just like I did, her hair was done in
her special braid, and she had a leo on her, she
had her five dance wear jacket on or something like that. And I remember I walked
into the audition room, and I saw you, and I was
like, what are you doing here? Yeah, and that’s
what you said. We just hid it from
each other, and then it ended up being
like, we didn’t need to hide it from each other,
but like, I don’t know, it was a coinkydink. [MUSIC PLAYING] For Pressley, I almost felt
like when I met her, like, I knew her. I don’t know why I felt like
I knew you, because I didn’t. But like, when I met
you, I was like, hey. On the first day
I met Pressley, I was immediately
like, I like her. I was like–
– You do? I walked in, and she
like scanned the whole– [LAUGHTER] I scanned the whole
room and I was like, Bingo, that’s my friend. [LAUGHTER] And then I ran
over like a puppy. I was literally like a puppy
dog that saw like peanut butter, and I was like,
(BOING) I like her. I like her.
She’s nice. And then I started
to know you, and I was like, this is the
girl that I know is going to be best friends, and– PRESSLEY: Yeah. I’m just glad that we
love the same things, and we have classes
all together. I didn’t really know you. I didn’t actually–
– I didn’t even like know you. –have a first
impression of you. I don’t remember it. No, I don’t Remember I just remember
seeing you in class, and you kind of look like– I remember seeing– –an avocado. Yep, pretty much. Because she had
a green leotard on, and then her hair
was like a crown. I just remember crown avocado. [MUSIC PLAYING] My first impression of
Brady was weird, because I don’t remember, no offense. But then I’m remember
the first day we got here, we were
in Target, and like, we bumped into each other. And I was like, hi. Hey. And we were looking for
like bedsheets or something, and you were like, I want to
go look at the kid bedsheets, and I want to go look for
like Avengers or something. [CHUCKLING] And I was like, I’m just
going to get these pineapple bedsheets and just go. When I saw Brady, I was
like, oh, that’s Brady. He’s really good,
and I know he is, but he doesn’t know who I am. So let’s make sure I don’t
go before or after him, because I don’t want to be cut. My mom walked up
to Tisha, your mom, and they like knew
each other off of Instagram for some reason. And then they like
brought us like to sit next to each
other and play Fortnite, and I was like, um, OK. OK. I remember when
we were doing barre, and we all started
to lift our legs, and Brady’s leg was like 10 feet
higher than everybody else’s. We were like– PRESSLEY: Because
you’re legs are so long. SARAH: I was hoping
Brady could make it, because I knew we could all
do a bunch of cool lifts if a boy was on the team. Yeah. ABBY: Brady, do you think you
can lift any of these girls? Yes. ABBY: You do. [MUSIC PLAYING] I remember when you
were dancing, I was like, he’s really good, and I
was really intimidated. And then like Ms. Abby made
you do like the whole thing on the left, and I was
like, I really hope she doesn’t make me do that. ABBY: Brady, do you want to
do it the way it was taught, or do you want to
do it on the left? BRADY: I can do it to the left. We went out to like
dinner after the audition, and Abby was like,
Brady’s really good. And I was like, yeah, I know. And then she’s
like, is he a lefty? And I was like, yeah. And she was like, oh, darn it. All I remember
is playing Tarzan, and that’s like all we did
while we waited the whole time. OK, wait, everyone
get around the table. OK, ready? [MUSIC PLAYING] Five, six, seven, eight. ALL: Tarzan the monkey man,
swinging from a rubber band. He slipped down, and broke his
crown, what color was his butt? Pink. ALL: P-I-N. [DRAMATIC DRUM] [LAUGHTER]

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    Like if you did!

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