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LEAVE”] Aww. Oh. Is this the one where
she runs off stage? Wow, she actually
got hit by the thing. Wait, look, she
fell out of her turn. Look. Ooh. I think that’s
what threw her off. Like, at the beginning,
knowing that she’d messed up, I think it got her nervous. That was good. Something fell out of her– Her earring. (SINGING) Like tiny rivers. Well, it gave me the– No, she has both in. It must have been like
a rhinestone or something. Mm-hmm. She was off that day. Yeah. That day wasn’t like
a miss day for her. (SINGING) Never
got to say goodbye. We never– Oh, here we go. And forget. [AUDIENCE GASPS] How did she forget
it that quick, though? Like, she just like– No, no, no! She was so nervous. I think that’s the first time
she’s ever forgotten her solo. –having a panic attack. That’s me. That’s the first time
Sarah forgot her solo. And the only time. The guy backstage
was like, calm down. Please! Please! Did she get to do it? I think she got to do it again. –gonna hate me. I’m not surprised that
Maddie forgot her dance. I thought she did? That was weeks later. Melissa and Abby both put way
too much pressure on that kid. And Abby wants Maddie
to be her winner, but she doesn’t care that she’s
going to burn the kid out. Abby’s going to hate me. She is not. Baby, look at me. She’s gonna hate me. I’ve never done this. I’ve never done this. I’m looking at Abby,
and she’s sitting over there crying hysterically. Why is she crying? I don’t know. Nia forgot her solo. Abby didn’t cry. No, because it’s her favorite,
and she ruined her reputation. – Abby didn’t cry.
– No. That’s what she
said when she went back into the dressing room. Abby only cares
about one person, and this is a blatant
display of that. I just feel so bad, because
I know exactly how it feels. We’ve all done it by now. Nobody’s perfect. Dance isn’t that
important, Maddie. Were the old
team jackets pink? Mm-hmm. Really? Yeah. The old studio was pink. Oh. [DOORBELL RINGS] Oh, somebody’s here. Oh, she’s going to
take cake in with– the cake looks really good. Hi, how are you? Leslie! Oh, at least she
brought her a gift. Oh, I did get– It’s probably like– Before we get in an
argument, here’s your present. How many drinks have you had? Leslie probably brought
her like, a piece of poop. It’s probably like
worms or something. A pump. No, it’s a wine glass with
like the poop emoji in it. Listen, I feel
like every time– It’s like mulch. Mulch? There should be
drama everywhere. Here’s your birthday present. Or like centipedes
or something. Ewww. It’s like mulch
with worms in it. Or like moldy bagels. Ewww. We don’t want to
hear about that. It’s like just probably
worms and like caterpillars. I can’t even hear it. You guys are so loud. –caterpillars and
spiders with mulch. Oh, that’s a big bite of cake. Sometimes I just
wish you would. Oofers. Oh! OK, shove it. She like shoved
it in her mouth. How’d she get
that whole thing in? She like inhaled a cupcake. How’d she do– how’d she get– that’s
such a big piece of cake. That’s surprising that– That was like– you like big pieces of cake. She probably–
she has a big mouth, because she talks a lot,
fights a lot, and can fit a lot of cake in her mouth. Yeah. Pretty much. Other things, too. Why Payton belongs. Why we need an exception. Why we need to like her. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I’m bleeding. They all are like, um,
can we leave now, please? OK, bye. –let you know. I can’t tell you how many
people have said that they have seen you at
competitions standing there with your beer bottle– They’re eating cake and
it’s really tempting me to want to eat this food. Oh, I don’t know if I was
pissed that Leslie had been treating us crappy all week. Oh, Priscilla looks pretty. Yeah. I like her outfit. I didn’t want to see
her face any longer. Shoo!
– Oh. Shoo!
Begone. Shoo.
Begone. Begone. Go away. Doesn’t she throw something? [GLASS BREAKS] What was that? A glass. You got it. No, I think it was
her birthday present. I think we’re a really hard
group to be accepted into. She has a problem
with throwing things. She throws a lot of stuff. Yeah, I think she needs to
go to like a psychologist. –softball player? Did she play baseball
when she was little? [MUSIC – “CHARGE”] Welcome back. Ooh! Oh, I know what this one is. –Expressions
Dance Competitions. This is where Kendall
screams at Ashley. You guys did really well. We did something
that was completely unexpected by the crowd
and by the competition. Oh, that was Todrick. –overall high-scoring
winning group. That’s when Brynn got her
jacket for the first time. I know this episode,
like, perfect. Yeah, I’ve like watched
this like ten times. Let’s talk about our trios. Maddie fell out of
returning her trio. She led her team to victory. You were the highest-scoring
duet trio of the event. I thought you were outstanding. From where I was sitting,
I loved the number. Now, you are a
member of this team. That’s a really weird pyramid. Abby, how do you
really feel about moms who don’t necessarily agree
with the way the results– Tell me how you really feel. Why don’t you just stop? All you want is drama, here. Why don’t we just go
on with the pyramid. OK, I know what you think. I wasn’t talking to you. I was asking Abby. Why are we bringing this up? We’re talking about the trio. I don’t care. You guys never once take
into account that this kid has feelings, too– ever. Because everything out of
your mouth is mean and hurtful. You’re just jealous
that Brynn has had a better season than Kendall. Oofers. T. T-t. Tape. It’s all over social media. It doesn’t– Kendall, don’t listen to her. It’s not all over social media. That was the one time
Jewel wasn’t just that weird. She’s a fool. That’s a lie. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Like, Jewel was so
fashionable, but like. Jewel was always
the one to yell. And then when it
came to like her kid, she always said that
she never yelled. –not conducive to the girls– This is what
it’s come down to. Every frickin’ day,
thanks to that one. You’re not allowed to
speak or look at my child. I wasn’t talking
to either of you. I was talking to Abby. Then don’t speak
when she’s around. You know, it just amazes
me that she– one, you said it was not even a real sport. I’m not dealing with this. I care about her feelings. So much that she has
to tear down every kid to make hers feel good. Ashley is pretty. Ashley is really pretty. You do. Yes, you do. –tears down kids every day. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’ll just have Ashley. –kid all the time. I’m sorry, she doesn’t. You’re not out there,
Kendall, so you don’t know. Excuse me, Abby, I am
not allowing this woman– Why are you so mean? –to talk to my
child like that. I wish they had a
reaction of Ashley’s face after she said that. I know, yeah. Kendall yelled at Ashley. Our kids are becoming
like their mothers. I think, like,
Kendall didn’t see what was actually really happening. But I do think that was
really a little ridiculous. You can’t do that. But I mean, I feel
like I would have done– I wouldn’t have yelled it. But I would have definitely
said the same thing. Because if you’re
going to discuss that, like don’t discuss
in front of me. Like, discuss it just with Abby. Yeah. Bigger, bigger, bigger. This is when
Holly goes, “You’re barking at her like a dog.” Nia’s name is
screamed out constantly. That costume’s
really cool, though. Hips! It’s in a nasty, barking way. It’s really mean. Do it. Kick. See, this is– this stack– Yeah, but she’s
getting frustrated, now. That kick, kick,
touch has been in every one of your dances. So that should be perfect. Like, even like her
shirt, it was like– Look at her face, she’s like– Yeah, but Holly, we’re
right back to the same thing. I don’t– Holly, we’re right
back to the same thing. Holly has to stop– She speaks differently, now. No, her voice
does that sometimes. It’s always this
little underlying dig. Abby sounds nothing
like that anymore. Nia’s not good enough. Nia’s not tall enough. Nia’s not– I feel like Abby had no
patience with Nia ever, especially when she was little. As a teacher, we
give them the tools. [INTERPOSING VOICES] If you ever made one
mistake, she was just like– –to go out in the
world and use them. – I disagree with that.
– If I need to– I can’t hear it. –all the way there. And at one point, Nia was
actually like pretty good. But Abby still didn’t like her. Yeah, I know. I never understood. Because Nia was like
not like that bad. –how hurtful her words are. She wasn’t the best one,
but she was pretty good. – Yeah, I know.
– Wait, ready? When you talk to Maddie and
you’re giving her corrections– Ready? –you’re not barking at her. Barking at her. Barking at her. –time and time again. Barking at her. Barking. Barking at her. Bark, bark, bark, bark. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. She said to me, you’re
just barking orders at her. Barking. You’re just barking at her. Which was like calling me a dog. Which I did not appreciate. Go out there, flex, point, do
what you’re supposed to do, and we’ll see if
the judges love it. Ruff, ruff, ruff. Thank you. And Nia also had a
dog solo at one point. I remember that. And Abby was like, ruff,
ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff!

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  2. I don't really like Ashley she is a blabbermouth and she talks when no one is talking and she starts drama. Leslie no she is like Ashley. Other moms fine leslie and Ashley are a no.

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