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get is what you see. I won’t pretend
I’m what you need. There’s no in-between. This is [INAUDIBLE] Should we play
who knows us best? Yes! OK, so I’ll pick something
out without looking, and then I’ll say
whatever the question is. You guys will have 10
seconds to write down the answer to the question. And whoever is right– Only 10? Only 10 seconds. And whoever is right,
that means you know– What if you don’t
write that quick? Oh, I’m nervous! The question is who is– Your celebrity doppelganger. What’s that? Like the person who’s,
like, the same as you, like, acts the exact same way.
– Oh! Oh! This is the easy one. OK, 3, 2, 1. We all are going to
write the same person. 3, 2, 1. Did you guys all write JoJo?
– Yeah. Yes. Yay! I love JoJo. A doppelganger is really
like who looks like you. Oh. That’s who acts like you. It’s like your twin. Like, my doppelganger
wouldn’t be like– My would be– –Tom Hanks.
It would be like– Yours would be– –somebody who looks like me. I guess if you could say who
I look like the most of somebody it would be Lady Gaga. [SPROING] Trust me, if you
put side by side– It’s the nose and the eyes. It’s the nose
and the eyebrows. What is it? What’s my favorite show? I know!
I know! – I don’t know the answer!
– Wait, I know! I know! Oh, I know the answer. I know the answer. I don’t.
Wait, wait, I– Lilly knows the answer. I forget what it’s called. I know the answer. I know what it is. OK, ready? 3, 2, 1. “The Loud House”? “The Good Place.” “The Good Place.” Oh, I wrote that! “The Good Place.” I thought it was
“The Loud House.” I knew– Well, I like “The
Good Place” better. I knew it was the
show you did with Lilly. I knew it was
“The Good Place.” But I didn’t–
– I have no clue. I really watch
it all the time. You and Lilly watch
it all the time. Me and Lilly watch
it all the time. – Lilly and I.
– Lilly and I. Mine’s not erasing very well. Put some elbow grease into it. [GIGGLING] Who is my favorite YouTuber? (SQUEALING) Oh, I know! Oh, I know. Oh, I know. – I don’t.
– I actually don’t. – I know.
– I know! I forgot what they’re– oh! OK, ready? 3, 2, 1. I don’t what they’re– Sister Squad? Norris Nuts! I put Norris Nuts. I put James or Jeffrey
or Norris Nuts. I hate Jeffrey. And I don’t like James either. I put Norris Nuts, but I
didn’t know how to spell it. I put Emma Chamberlain. I got it right, but
I spelled it wrong. Yesterday on the bus
you said the Norris Nuts weren’t your favorite anymore. I didn’t– I used to like
Alisha Marie a lot. I still love her, but like– Norris Nuts. This is a fast– This is really fun. If you could live
anywhere, where would it be? Oh, I know. This is easy. I don’t really know
how to spell this. Ready? Wait, no. 3, 2, 1. Bora Bora and LA. Yay! I had LA with Grayson Dolan. [GIGGLING] [MAGICAL MUSIC] Yes, I did it. I think everyone
guessed exactly. Because it’s just– I would live in Bora Bora. But then again, there’s
like, not really, like, dance stuff out there. Yeah. So I’d do both. OK, my turn. Wait, I’m not done! I love this game. We should play
this all the time. What’s my favorite color? I don’t know. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5– Wait, wait for the timer. –4, 3, 2, 1. – Mint green.
– (SQUEALING) Yes, I got it! Mint green and green. Oh, I got it too! I knew that one. [INTERPOSING VOICES] –my favorite color. I thought it was pink. You put pink? [INAUDIBLE] I have the board
that’s mint green. Me too, and mint green
is not my favorite color. What’s one word you
would use to describe him? Oh, I know.
I know! Wait, wait, wait, wait– (SQUEALING) I know too! He’s not going to
write this, but he’s going to want to at the end. Ready? 3, 2, 1. Exotic. Charismatic? [INTERPOSING VOICES] Charismatic? [GIGGLING] Doesn’t that mean, like,
really loud and funny? No. No! I said annoying, and– [INTERPOSING VOICES] I put butt cheek– I said butt cheek/annoying. That’s so mean. [INTERPOSING VOICES] –is a butt cheek. It’s an inside joke. We all say, like, plastic
butt cheek on a stick. You want to be a
butt cheek on a stick, but you do not want to be a
plastic butt cheek on a stick. So he should be
happy that I said butt cheek and not plastic. That’s so mean! No, I was going
to put butt cheek. But then I was like, wait,
he’s going to yell at me. I said they will
probably say farts. [LAUGHTER]

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