Dancing Line – The 3rd Anniversary [OFFICIAL]

Dancing Line – The 3rd Anniversary [OFFICIAL] by Tuan Nguyen

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  1. It’s just the beginning
    Dancing Line – The Video Game: https://youtu.be/B1MjsZWEX9Y
    Rolling Sky – Kepler's Dream Level 48 [OFFICIAL] https://youtu.be/VRAyqVOMzHM

  2. References in level:
    1st part: Through the Fog’s (very beginning game of DL) 2nd level
    2nd part: The Piano
    3rd part: The Storm or Through the Fog’s 4th level
    4th part: The Beginning
    5th part: The Earth (with The Piano and The Time parts)
    6th part: The Mountains (or i don’t know)
    7th part: Dream of Sky (also The Earth’s, The Time’s, The Piano’s and Dream Of Sky’s level menu icons + all 2017-2019 levels' references at the very end)

  3. Good Job Tuan Nguyen I Like it but sadly i need pay divine dancer to get music the third anniversary part 1 and part 6 anyway try you edition making computer window 10 try you making dancing line Take It Easy MBB / No Copyright

  4. damn.. this level is so amazing!! i really like how they referenced through the fog ! the music is good but not one of my favorites. probably my 11th or 12th favorite level. 8/10
    edit: i forgot to mention, i like the references of some of the levels! i personally don’t like the mountains part though [the music].. but the rest are great!

  5. 2:00 I don’t feel like The Mountains was a good choice to put in that part of the song, but other than that, everything was amazing! 😍

  6. The level is amazing.
    If I want to play this level for free, does it mean I have to play the last 2 events? Which mean I have to wait for about 1 week? Because the only way to play it now is by purchasing it

  7. Idea level dl 2020 level :
    1st Third Anniversary
    2nd Video Game
    3rd New Year
    4th Valentines Day
    5th Summer Vacation
    6th Space Parallel
    7th The April Fools
    8th Beach Day
    9th The School
    10th The FIFA Soccer
    11th Halloween Day
    12th The Thankgiving
    13th The Christmas Night

  8. The game we truly love and play for three years! Happy Birthday Dancing Line and thank you very much Tuan Nguyen for Showing us this amazing level.

  9. Most Beautiful level with matching the piano,the storm,the clock,the Earth,the mountain??. Thats it. Again Happy Anniversary Dancing line.

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