Dancing Line – The Video Game [OFFICIAL]

Dancing Line – The Video Game [OFFICIAL] by Tuan Nguyen

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  1. More to come
    Dancing Line – The 3rd Anniversary: https://youtu.be/F48uzY3wrVw
    Rolling Sky – Kepler's Dream Level 48 [OFFICIAL] https://youtu.be/VRAyqVOMzHM

  2. Pay-to-Play or Event obviously. By the way, if this level is Pay-to-Play, i'm gonna tell Dancing Line team to "Step Up their Game and let the free trial with ad and no trial percent or I'll hack this game".

    TUAN NGUYEN : vedio game
    me: another fanmade lol
    also Tuan Nguyen : official
    me: OpEn ThAt V i D e O n A W

  4. Wow 2 levels in once?!?! This is the best day ever?!?! And I love they do the console evolutions, and I love the music too

  5. 5th EDM To Come. Or It Was 6th?
    Trivia: This Level Teaches A Evolution Of Video Game Console At The End.

  6. This level would be better if there didn’t have the 1:20 part
    Yea… the design of that part look bad
    But after all, the gameplay and music is good

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