Daniela, sinorpresa ang lahat sa kaarawan ni Marga at Cassie | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

For those who are still
on their way, hurry up because the party’s
just about to start! And we’ll be
waiting for you! See you! Julius Caesar once said “Men at some time are
the masters of their fates.” Everything that
happens in our life are the result of
our decisions and the strength to conquer
what lies ahead. I know you are all aware
of the suffering my family and I had
to go through. I’m proud to say that we
overcame all those challenges because of these
two young ladies who are celebrating
their birthdays today. They showed extreme courage… …and determination, so we could live in peace. I proudly introduce to you
all… …my daughters, Cassandra and Margaret
Mondragon. [GUESTS APPLAUDING] But before we start the party, I have a surprise
for both of you. What is that?! Neil? What’s that? What’s that? It’s not part of the program. Hold on. I’ll ask the organizer. Where is she, anyway? – Mom?!
– Marga, wait. – It’s Daniela.
– Mommy! I am so disappointed! Why was I not invited
to this party? Romina. Why does it seem like
you don’t recognize me? I guess I’m only here for… I guess I’m only here for… [SINISTER LAUGHTER] You left me drowning
in the fires of hell. I’m here to let you experience
the same thing. You should have stayed there. I planted a bomb here. At the touch of a button and all your lives
will come to an end! Everyone, get out! Get out ! Bonita! Leave them
out of this, Daniela. It’s me you’re furious with. Stop hurting other people! Neil, Cassie, Marga,
get out! – Let’s go, Cassie and Marga!
– Mom! – Get out!
– There’s a bomb! Hurry! – Let’s go!
– Wait! – Let’s go! Cassie! Marga!
– Mom! – Cassie! Marga!
– Cassie! – Stop it, Mom!
– Marga, let go! – That’s enough!
– No! Stop it, Daniela! Marga! No! Mom! – Get ready to die!
– Mom! [BOMB EXPLODES] Marga… Baby… Somebody help her, please! Help my daughter. Marga?

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