Danielle’s 15th Birthday Morning SURPRISE

No no, you’re lying, right?
Dada-dada-dada Good morning guys
this wasn’t supposed to be today’s vlog For Danielle’s a 15th birthday she
really really really wants a cat like that’s all she wants.
My best friend Ashley just sent me a thing of how the Humane Society here in the Tampa Bay
area, they’re having a clear the shelters day so I want to go I want to
take Danielle. I might also look at their dogs. I don’t think we’re gonna be
getting a dog but at the same time like let’s look and see. I’m really really
excited for her because she keeps going on and on about how she wants a cat
so let’s go see what she says [knocking] Yeah? God it’s dark in here, are you a vampire?
so there’s somewhere today it’s called ‘clear the shelters’ and it’s where you
get to adopt animals at no fee Wait. Am I getting a cat today?!
Am I getting a cat today?! No. No. No, you’re lying, right? No. Well I don’t know for sure if we’re gonna get a
cat but I kind of looked at the pictures It’s first come first serve so you have to
hurry up and get dressed. In one of the pictures I saw a white fluffy cat Oh my god. I’m getting dressed, I’m getting dressed Penelope I need you to learn these few
simple words Dada Dada Dada da Dada da Dada da Dada
you wanna see a cool trick Penelope? Here it goes Daddy. What you doing?
I tickle her Tickle her with my beard.
You ready to go see animals? You can’t have raisins, you’re too young Guys Liam is officially drinking on the 360 cup There’s nothing in there buddy
but look how good he does with it I’m so proud of him but let’s go get you something
it’s all rainy today. Lots and lots of rain but it’s okay
we’ve got things to do, we’re not gonna let a little rain stop us.
Do you have the keys? Danielle, there’s a lot of kitties Cats? Two cats! 2 cats? There’s more than 2 there Look!
Do you want to see one? There’s the orange one over there [montage music] You have to be soft and gentle, they’ve
never seen you before. That’s where they go the bathroom, that’s their potty Oh you are playful, okay. How many are there? One… 1, 2, THREE! You want a birdie? Is it cute? Yeah you like it? Look that one’s kind of like a ginger rabbit Ginger rabbit? Yeah it has the same color hair Liam High five! Good job So Danielle found her cat We’re just waiting now because a lot of people are here so the wait’s a little
bit long, it’s a little bit noisy in here so I’m sorry guys
Lex had fun, he got to see the bunnies but then it was just too much for him
and he just wasn’t having it. I think it’s just a lot of stimulation, a lot of
changing, and back and forth and we took him to the dogs and then the reptiles
and the bunnies Hi baby. I know, I know it’s scary being in there, huh? That was an
adventure. Now we’re trying to figure out if we’re going to do the Danielle’s
birthday dinner tonight cuz that’s usually what we do is a present or
something like that and then do the dinner Liam is not happy at all
Alright so we are at Dollar Tree just to pick up like a cat food bowl, just small
stuff. We’re of course going to go get nicer things but just for right now. I don’t even think Dollar
Tree has anything but it beats to going all the way to Wal-Mart. Guys they have all
kinds of little cat toys here Yeah you can get her some little treats Danielle got her lots of treats. Let me see what they have in here She’s checking the ingredients [knocking] [cat meows]
What’s wrong? You want out? [cat loudly meows] Noah? Noah come here! She’s already scared?
Hers probably nervous Imagine when I get my dog. You want a dog? I am.
I’m gonna get one on my 12th birthday but that’s not for awh- a really long time.
Two whole weeks I don’t see her. You don’t see? [laughs] She’s all the way back there. Liam, what are you
doing? You trying to change the station? [Liam squeals] I look a mess, I’m gonna have to kind of
clean up a little bit before dinner Ashley’s going to be coming to with all
of her kids and Rylee cuz Danielle really wanted Rylee to come so it’s gonna be a
full house dinner, it’s gonna be 12 people but you know it’s gonna be fun. I
haven’t seen Ashley in a little bit. I mean, like a couple weeks, like two weeks
which to some people isn’t a big deal but like I was seeing her every couple days
so I really just miss my best friend anyway. Tomorrow we will be doing the
cake. This was just kind of Danielle’s wish, she wanted a cat and then she
wanted- she wanted to do the dinner and then make a rainbow cake from scratch
that is what we were going to be doing Liam had an accident so we had to change
his clothes. Where are you going buddy? Where are you going? we’re about ready
Danielle was giving Rylee this shirt because it doesn’t fit her. So it’s like a
45 minute wait before we can eat so we’re all just like chillign in the van
I’m figuring up really cool things that the iPhone has that I didn’t know it
had Danielle and Rylee are talking about their first week at high school and then
the kids are being crazy Lonnie went to Once Upon A Child to go
shopping for Penelope Time to go in
Lonnie got a lot of cute clothes for Penelope. I will try to remember to show
them to you guys later but this mama needs to eat. We’ll just
bring in the car seat like we do. A stroller with the 12 of us is gonna be
too bulky and too much. Are we going in? So Liam’s first word is not going to be
mama it’s not gonna be daddy, it’s gonna be Ashley.
He goes Asley Is that mint chocolate you got there Liam?
Why are you rubbing the chocolate in your hair? It’s not a bath so Ooooh, yum yum that’s not a super impressed face Alright guys so I’m just checking my hair I just straightened on livestream.
Everyone say hi! Man guys I need a trim bad that’s one thing I love about wearing my
hair curly it’s like you can’t see how unhealthy it is but look at those little
baby hairs that pregnancy had brought me so it is really quite in my house right
now and it’s weird but before ending the vlog I wanted to show you guys all of
the clothes that Lonnie got at Once Upon A Child. He said he only spent $40
which was really good. Now I told him to get onesies and sleepers and outfits and
because Nellie has him wrapped around her little finger all he got was cute
outfits but they’re still cute. So I’m gonna show it to you guys, she is in 12
months now, she’s a little chunker she loves eating like whoa. But even though he didn’t get all
the clothes like I wanted I’m just- I’m thankful that I have a hubby that will
go to the store and go shopping for me The first thing we have over here is a
little unicorn outfit with some- with some silver pants. Look at this: mommy’s
superhero, so cute it was only $4.50 and then some star pants
now some of these may be pajamas but they kind of look all like really cute
outfits to me so I don’t know. Then we have best smile ever cause it’s true
some little elephant pants. We love Mickey and Minnie so I’ve got to have
some little Mickey pants, these would be perfect for Animal Kingdom too but it’s
cute and then she has a little bow. This was one of my favorites
and it was just a little ladybug outfit with some cute cute polka dotted pants
and at the bottom of the pants there’s little bows like oh my god. This one looked a little bit too big for her now this looks more like 18 months but
she’ll probably fit into 18 months next month. Stay tuned for that but it’s still
really cute and it’s a kitty cat so like who can’t love that
then these are little things, I guess- I even know what this is it’s supposed to
be a shirt but she doesn’t have pants to go with it
so we have this little cute Gymboree dress and then we have this little dress
super cute this is supposed to be a little shirt I think it’s a little tank
it doesn’t have any pants with it but we’ll just have to make do and then this
little cute thing right here. I was really wanting more short sleeve things
just because we’re in Florida and here in Florida it really doesn’t start
cooling off to where you really need long sleeves until like the beginning of
January but it’s okay, it’s still cute we’re still gonna make it work
Thank you guys for coming along and celebrating Danielle’s birthday with us
tomorrow we will be doing Danielle’s cake also tomorrow Lonnie Jr will be
talking to you guys about how he feels about his first week in middle school
because I realized a lot of the videos I’ve done have been kind of Danielle
centric and you guys haven’t got to hear a lot from Lonnie Jr so I wanted him to
talk to you guys and just kind of talk about how his first week of school went
I cannot believe in 3 days, now two days that she’s going to be 15 like it
is just crazy to me I still think of her as that little toddler running around
with her little cute poof ball pigtails you know she’s growing up, I kind of have
to just get over it and realize that she’s not my little girl anymore
but I’m exhausted guys. If you are new to our channel please feel free to hit that
red subscribe button. We’d love for you to be a part of our YouTube family we
try to have fun over here. Sometimes I ramble, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I
show cool stuff ,sometimes my husband gets on the vlog and he does a lot
better than me. I don’t even know what I’m saying at this point, it’s time for
bed bye guys [outro song]

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  1. You can always cut the sleeves to the length you want and hem them. All those outfits were adorable. Your husband did a great job. He has good taste.

  2. Please please please be so careful about taking Penelope in the car seat into the restaurant. There's something called positional asphyxiation which can happen. The car seat isn't at the same angle on other surfaces as it is when clipped into it's base in the car. This can cause the airways to be put into a compromised position where they infant may stop breathing and eventually die. It's a horrible thing to think about but it's also not particularly well known so if it isn't something you already knew I wanted to make you aware

  3. Cats r great, but they deff have a mind of there own. Hope he or she will have a great home, cant wait for the cats name lol….
    Happy 15th Birthday!

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  7. Adopted my dog Bailey from a no kill shelter this summer. She had been there for so long I was able to adopt her without a fee. Best decision I’ve ever made. ❀️

  8. If u get a cat make sure u get a sratching post and no plastic blows there not good for cats to have also cats love playing with boxes

  9. Just a heads up! It is totally normal for the kitty to stay under the bed pretty much all day for the next week or so. It'll take a little time for her to get used to all the kids and new home! Best of luck, cats ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!❀

  10. Danielle was born a year and two days before me! Also, I’m getting a cat at my Dad’s house next spring! I’m a huge animal person and I’ve only ever had fish.

  11. Watch out for the light laser with animals, my brother in law made his dog obsessed with light by doing that. Cats should be fine but dogs are kinda prone to it.

  12. I have such a big phobia of cats that I used to never be able to see them even on the screen😭 the fact that I can watch this video shows my Improvement and dedication πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    I wish my bestie lived closer! (She's all the way in Cali and I'm in the Carolinas 😭 . It's been nearly a year since we've seen each other now!) And yay for Liam saying "Ashley!". Those toddler pics of Danielle are so cute (we call those "puff balls" in my family. My sister wore them a lot. My hair was too unruly for that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ )

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