!!Daniel’s 2nd Birthday!! Party Time!!

– [Mom] Good morning friends, it is Daniel’s birthday,
and we’re getting ready to, bake a brownie cake and do
all kinds of good things. (upbeat violin music) Getting my coffee ready,
and then we had got a bunch of these cantaloupes
at Aldi the other day, you can see the banana explosion. So for breakfast, we’re gonna do fruit, we’re gonna do cantaloupe,
and probably slice up some banana and keep
it simple, and then, to balance out that fruit, we’re gonna do a big brownie cake and some
pizza, for Daniel’s day. And I have to get, Naomi’s in the shower, but I have to get her Daniel’s presents and wrapping paper, it’s
so lovely to have children who love to wrap, because
I won’t have time. So she’s gonna take all of
his goodies and the paper to her room, and she just
really loves wrapping things up, so we’ll let her do that. So miss Amelia and I, we’re
getting our brownie cake baking going on, aren’t we? (kissing noises) Thank you, thank you. And
yeah, so we’re gonna make a big brownie cake, aren’t we? We’ve got eggs and oil, we’re just using this Duncan Hines mix,
we’ve got a big pan, and we’re going to make a big
construction cake for Daniel, so here we go. Miss Amelia’s doing the mixy
mixy, and Daniel thinks he’s gonna sweep, huh Daniel?
You sweeping birthday boy? Hey Daniel, say happy birthday. – [Amelia] Happy birthday. – [Mom] Happy birthday.
He doesn’t understand it quite yet, but he’ll
get it soon, won’t he? Here Amelia, watch what
you’re doing sweetie. Woo. – [Amelia] (mumbles) cake. – [Mom] No, not yet honey, not yet. So this is all for pouches of this Duncan Hines brownie mix, that
we’re doing in this big pan, I got at Walmart for $3, so I really like this idea for a homemade cake. What about you, are you
riding your broom now? Hey Daniel, say happy birthday. You gonna say happy birthday? Oh, are you stuck? Are you stuck? Now miss Naomi might end up being a professional party decorator, you know people have
those businesses Naomi, where they decorate and plan parties, and actually, it’s called a party planner. – [Naomi] Okay, I need something
to stand on for a second. – [Mom] That’s fine, oh that’s fine, yep, Naomi’s getting
really good at decorating for birthday parties. Oh boy Daniel, we do have a lot of. Are you party decorating too, Daniel? Oh, and Gabriel’s doing the stairs. That’s looking very nice. – Mommy, mine is in a knot. – [Mom] Good. And you can see, I still have three more
pumpkins I need to bake, and a coat hanger in my hand apparently. Pumpkins, yeah we got to bake
those, we baked the rest. That looks very nice. Woo. – But the big and rotten one. – [Mom] These are the
only three that are left, we baked the rest of them.
Look at you, you decorating? You could put them on,
Daniel, you could put them on this chair, look here, you could put them around the legs of the
chair, that would be fun. Or you could run with them, that’ fun too. Now this is cute, Daniel
has been pushing around, go ahead and pull it. He’s
been pushing around his box, and then Naomi tied a
streamer to a balloon for him, your car, your car, give him room guys, so he could pull his balloon box. Excuse me honey. Pull Daniel, pull. Pull. Woo, round and round you go. Round and round. (crying) Oh, did it break again? There you go, pull it. Okay,
give him room guys. Pull! Here we go again, round and round he goes. Oh oh, it’s okay we’ll fix
it. We’ll fix it, hold on. We can fix it, hold on. Okay, so we’re having a
birthday decorating update, oh those are beautiful, Naomi’s done balloon decorations
in the corner and hung happy birthday on the fireplace, and hung up another happy birthday banner. We just, oh I’m sorry, what
were you saying sweetie? – I’m gonna put the tablecloth on the… – [Mom] Yeah, gonna
work on the decorations. I just put Daniel down for a nap, he’s been playing with
these balloons and boxes for at least an hour solid, and he was just so red and so tired, so Grandma is on her way, so we put him down for a little rest,
hopefully he’ll rest a little bit before we get
all the party action going. Now I’m gonna work on getting us a bunch of the, bunch of pizzas done. So with our big brownie cake, you can see the pan almost didn’t fit in
there, it just barely made it. It’s got about four minutes left, and it looks like it’s perfect, I just tested it with a
fork and it came out clean. So, got all my pizza stuff out, these are the little already pre made shells and crusts from Aldi. And I was so glad, we had
some pizza sauce in the pantry ’cause I forgot it when I was shopping. You can see the big brownie
cake turned out wonderful, so we’re going to let it
cool for about 30 minutes, then we’re gonna ice it
and get our trucks on it. And also, see I got this
little decoration up, it’s Joshua 1:9, have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous,
do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever
you go. This is actually a mousepad, from company
called Logos Trading Post, who is currently
sponsoring a giveaway over on theencouraginghomeschoomom.com, I think it’s so beautiful, it’s woven, and it’s made in Turkey. So I’m actually using it as a decoration, I would love to get,
you know how you can get those magnet stickers, I’d
love to get a magnet sticker, put it on the back, and just
use it as a giant magnet, beautiful, on the refrigerator. But anyway, so I have a
giveaway with them currently up, and there’s only like one or
two days left on it though, so when you’re done with this video, hop over there and go enter that giveaway, because you can win, I
think they’re giving away a mousepad, and some beautiful coasters, and some jewelry, and
different Christian products. So here’s an update on
how the food is going. I just took the first two pizzas out, we ran out of pepperoni, so
we’ll have a cheese one also. And, all the other, these big
party decorators, hey Liam, we’ve been watching this
documentary on Netflix about these cameras that go
out to watch the penguins, right Gabriel? – [Naomi] And some of
them look very funny. Some cameras that look like a penguin, but they’re not really that interesting. And a penguin would start
pecking the cameras, like what are you? – [Mom] That’s right, so
we’re on part three now, we’re kind of taking a break,
we’ve been working hard, right Amelia? Hold on real quick sweetie. And then here’s an update on how the fantastic party room turned out, Naomi did a great job. Here’s Gabriel having his
turn working on the icing, good job Gaby, – Had to cover up all these (mumbles) – [Mom] Oh yeah, are you getting a lick of that icing, Amelia? – Uh huh, just a little bit more. – [Mom] Oh, just a little bit, yes. Good job. – It’s kind of hard doing it. – [Mom] It is, you’re
getting it though, good job. Okay, good job Gabriel. Yep, okay. – And one of these gates. – [Mom] Okay, and then save
the rest for Liam, okay? Okay Liam. And then you can
also put the happy birthday. (kids chattering in background) Oh, that’s looking so good. Okay, and then Liam, this says happy birthday,
so you stick it, now wait, slow down just, you’re
moving so fast for mama. That’s fine, lay it down. So there’s a picture of construction cake. And his little number two broke, but I used icing, and kind
of rigged it up there. Daniel, let me see you, let
me see you do your blower. Daniel. Well, he was doing
it, can you do it, woo. There you go, do it Amelia, good job Liam. Happy birthday, woo. And there’s all his presents, now Naomi have a fun story with the tape, we couldn’t find any tape, so she was creative and she used packing tape, and she used address
labels, and then of course once they were all wrapped,
and she did a great job, then we found where I had hidden the tape. (laughs) – Yeah, right when we. – [Mom] When we were done, so. So they’re creatively wrapped. Daniel, you’ve got your birthday hat on. Yes birthday hat, yes! So we’re doing this a little backwards, since Daniel’s got a big
chocolate cake and ice cream, we’re actually gonna do presents first, and then ice cream party, okay? You want presents? Okay, presents first, okay. – See there, open it from there. – [Mom] There you go. – [Naomi] Get in there, that is from me. That was a part of his present too. – [Mom] Okay yeah, that
goes with his truck. – That goes with the truck,
but it fell off the truck. – [Mom] Okay, okay. Look Dan, you got to rip the paper. You got to. – Yay! – [Mom] Woo, big truck. Whoa Daniel, big truck, look at that. That’s
a present from Naomi, woo. – [Naomi] I got him two, What is it, you need some help buddy? Here, let me help you. – [Mom] There’s a big truck. – Naomi got you a little vroom vroom. It’s a little car, it’s a little car. – [Mom] Go big truck. (toddler talk) – [Mom] Okay these are your trucks honey, but you’ve got, look. – Whoa Daniel. – Oh, it’s a truck. – [Mom] Daniel, what’s this? – My big truck. – [Mom] Your big truck, wow! Here, that’s from Grandma. – Grandma got you something, here, I’ll just take it out to
make it easier for him. – [Mom] Daniel, Daniel. Daniel, what is it? What could it be? Whoa, Daniel. (toddler talk) (background chatter) Wow Daniel. – With these, you can
change the top of them, you can change it. – [Man] Daniel, cheese. – [Mom] We’re working on
getting his cake ready. Daniel, you like your
cake? It’s a big truck. You got cookie ice cream,
right here, right here. You don’t need more yet, you need to finish what
you have. Look at that. – [Naomi] You’ve got a
whole bunch of it, Daniel. – [Mom] Wow, there you go. If not, I can cut it for you
more. Yum, is that good? Does it taste like two?
Taste like a happy birthday? Hey Daniel, say thanks
for watching my birthday. – Beep, beep, beep. – [Mom] Beep beep, say bye friends. Bye friends, woo and
he’s off. Bye friends. Bye friends, vroom vroom. (peaceful music)

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