Danny & Remco Marriage Proposal – Dance Flashmob

In a few minutes, I’m going to ask Danny to marry me I’ve been preparing for a year and a half It’s going to be a flashmob. Grand, many. There are approximately one hundred people present. Do you have anything to say to him, before… Don’t be shocked too much. [laughs] And don’t cry too hard Come on, you can do this.
– Yes Well. We’ll see you soon.
– See you soon Are you picking him up right now?
– Yes, we’ll pick him up now Have you ever played in a Walibi commercial before? Yes. Two years ago But then I sat in the back of the room as nothing, really.
– Hello! I sat there as Freddy Krueger in the shade at the far left in the back No one saw me With the transformation that we are going to do now, you will be in the picture Yes!
– That’s nice What are you doing? [laughter] What are you doing? [laughter] It doesn’t stop No of course not Look, your colleagues
– Yes Wow Come! One, two, three and four One, two, three, and… We’re going to your mother
– Yes? Yes, come on! Is everything all right?
– Yes
[laughter] Look at everyone watching
– So what? We’re not getting a step further!
– That’s not bad at all! Shall we go on now? Come!
– Bye! Where are you going? It doesn’t end right? They’re all here for you I just have to grab my piece of paper Danny, You mean the world to me The good times, the bad times. We’ve been through them all. And we’ve been dragging each other through it for five years now unconditionally You are there for me. I can trust that. And know that I’ll alwasy be there for you I can no longer imagine a life without you And with this spectacle I want to ask you… if you want to conquer the obstacles with me for the rest of your life Oh! Can’t get it out Almost! It’s so big Will you marry me? Do you want to try it on? Which side should it be on? [audience yelling]
Right! Left! Right! Left! Right side! Trust the women! Congratulations dude Crying! Congratulations How did you get lured here? That I was actually going to make an after movie And I thought I had to transform into my own character And thus the change from person to character And that in the zone. I thought! Very annoying! Very annoying, right?
– absolutely not! Did you expect it?
– No! No, when I was in the Base I thought: Well. Who is present? So, I am going to- A bag was open and I thought: let’s pull out a card and look at the name on it. And there was “M. Willemsen” on the pass and I thought: Marloes? Well, there must be another ‘Willemsen’ here who also starts with an M. Well, how should I know? We arrived at the Ferris Wheel and there were a lot of dancers Yes
– And all girls from Slagharen, where I worked. And Remco’s niece. They were doing their best super hard And then I had to sit on a golf cart and we were actually dragged on. And then I thought: WHAT! What are we going to do!? This is probably not part of the after movie At what point did you realize it? At what point did I realize it? uhm, at the Cock-a-Doodle-Do Yes Yes, that hint was pretty clear Anyway! I saw those people standing there and I thought: Well something is going to happen here It had to be! Do we have to run?
– They’re waiting for us
– Shall we jump in front of them? Three, two, one…

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  1. Such an honor to dance in this flashmob! Love you guys both so much, look at all those people who love you that much 😍

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