Date Night Dessert Fondue: 5th Wedding Anniversary Special

[Gemma]: Hi Bold Bakers! I’m really excited for this episode! As you can see I’ve got my husband Kevin here. [Kevin]: Hi everybody! [Gemma]: And we are celebrating our fifth
wedding anniversary. [Kevin]: And we’re gonna show you how to
make an incredible date night dessert fondue. [Gemma]: And I’m gonna tell you a story that
I never told you before. I am gonna tell you the story of how myself
and Kevin met. [Kevin]: So you guys know that we created
Bigger Bolder Baking together online, but what you didn’t know is we actually met online,
on [Gemma]: So six years ago I was living in
San Francisco. Dates were thin on the ground for me, guys
weren’t beating down my door, so friends suggested that I try, so I set up a profile,
I went on a few dates, met some nice guys, and then soon after, I met Kevin. [Kevin]: And what Gem didn’t mention is she
actually reached out to me and I’m all the luckier for it. [Gemma]: But why not? I’m a girl that knows what she likes. [Kevin]: So we even found some of our original
messages on back and forth and made this picture out of it as well. [Gemma]: I remember that picture actually,
it was Ireland wasn’t it? [Kevin]: Yeah, absolutely. [Gemma]: So here’s the great news. have offered all of you a seven-day
free trial and I strongly suggest you try it out if you’re dating. All you have to do is go to
and you will get your seven-day free trial. And just so you know, this is worldwide, so
you can use it anywhere. [Kevin]: We’re happy to be a success story
from Match and we think you guys can have a lot of success with it too. [Gemma]: Yeah, so go online, check it out,
I know you won’t be disappointed. [Kevin]: Should we get started on our Fondue? [Gemma]: Yeah, we’re gonna start out by
making our butterscotch sauce. In a heavy bottom saucepan, add in your butter,
brown sugar, and cream. Then turn the heat on and let all these ingredients
melt. Once it comes to a simmer, let it bubble away
for around three to four minutes. So while that’s bubbling away, we have some
lovely, delicious accoutrements to go with our fondue. So here I have some pound cake, and all I’m
gonna do is just slice it nice and thick, gotta make sure there’s nice, big pieces so
they stick on the skewer, and then go ahead and cut it the opposite way into nice, big
chunks. Now Kevin, while I’m doing this, what have
you got going on over there? [Kevin]: Alright so, I have a wide array of
things to dip in our fondue as well. The cool thing is that you can really use
anything that you want, these are some of my favorite things, like fruit, just a wide
variety of just beautiful, colorful fresh, amazing fruit here, we have some marshmallows,
marshmallows are pretty amazing. [Gemma]: Oh, look at these guys! I voted for these. [Kevin]: Remember, no eating the props. [Gemma]: It’s my show! [Kevin]: And then all you do is you take one
of your skewers and again, you can use toothpicks, you can use some of those longer skewers,
and then you put your fruit on them. So you guys get to enjoy Gemma’s recipes through
Bigger Bolder Baking, but I get to actually enjoy them every single day. [Gemma]: Sorry about that. [Kevin]: I know. [Gemma]: So I don’t think it’s gonna be
a shock to anybody out there that I am a feeder. I love to feed people. I love to make them stuff, I love to watch
them eat. I used to carry gingerbread in my handbag
when I first met Kevin and I’d have it in a little Ziploc bag, and everywhere we went,
I used to take out a little Ziploc bag and feed him, until one day he said to me, ‘you
have to stop, you have to stop.’ [Kevin]: Okay so you just want to keep building
your skewers here, again, mix and match, with a variety of your different fruit, again,
just make it as colorful and as beautiful as you can, because, you know, it’s date
night. [Gemma]: Nice, I’m gonna check on the butterscotch
sauce. So this is bubbling away, I’m just gonna whisk
it to bring it together, it’s a lovely golden brown, this is exactly what I want. So into this I’m going to add in a pinch of
salt, and if you have it, a little bit of vanilla extract for extra flavor. And then just whisk it all together. [Kevin]: That smells amazing. [Gemma]: This is gonna be so yummy. Okay, so we have all of our accouterments,
we have our sauce, now let’s bring in our platter and start to build our dessert. [Kevin]: Alright! [Gemma]: So now here is our dish, as you’ll
notice you don’t need a traditional fondue set to make this dessert, you can use any
kind of bowl, or little ramekin, anything you have to put in your sauce. [Kevin]: Make it easy, it’s supposed to
be date night, it’s supposed to be fun. [Gemma]: So what we’re gonna do is just go
ahead and start to bring together our platter. [Kevin]: So Gem, we had a lot of great dates
that first year. [Gemma]: Yeah, we got engaged after our first
year, so it was a little bit of a whirlwind, wasn’t it? [Kevin]: It was, it was. [Gemma]: One trip we did actually a few months
only into dating, myself and Kevin. Kevin took me to Hawaii, to Maui, which was
awesome. That was a lot of fun. [Kevin]: That was actually only after three
months! That was pretty fast wasn’t it? [Gemma]: You must’ve really liked me! [Kevin]: Haha! Sure did. [Gemma]: And then we went to Disneyland, you
took me on a surprise trip to Disneyland. Do you remember that? [Kevin]: Yeah, funny enough, I think that
I made a first year video, of all of our adventures from that year and I think that actually might
have been my first video. [Gemma]: Maybe we’ll show a little bit of
that video, yeah. [Kevin]: Yeah, maybe. [Gemma]: I remember that, that was very sweet. On our one-year anniversary, Kevin proposed
to me. [Kevin]: That’s right. It was in Mill Valley, which is north of San
Francisco, and that’s where we ended up getting married, in Mill Valley. It was pretty fun, we had karaoke, actually,
at the event, so we didn’t just want to do a band, we didn’t want to just do dancing,
so we had karaoke for people to perform. [Gemma]: Myself and Kevin love karaoke, and
we’d never seen anybody or heard anybody do it at a wedding before, but people still
talk about or karaoke wedding. They say it was one of the best they ever
went to. [Kevin]: Exactly and of course, the food was
great too. Gemma originally was going to cater the entire
day, but I’m glad I talked you out of that one. So one of the most common questions we get
asked is how do we have both a successful marriage and a business together. [Gemma]: That’s a great question, and I
think doing what we do, Kevin brings his expertise, I bring mine, and they’re two very different
skill sets, so we make it work really well together. [Kevin]: Alright, this is all laid out, so
let’s bring in the sauce. [Gemma]: This is the star of the show, Kevin. And also, just in case you’re wondering, this
makes awesome ice cream sauce. [Kevin]: Exactly, and it’s way better than
just traditional chocolate fondue. So different. [Gemma]: What’s your accoutrements of choice? [Kevin]: I would say a marshmallow. [Gemma]: I’m gonna go with a donut hole. Haha! [Kevin]: Right on. Go big and bold! [Gemma]: I’m glad you didn’t go with the
fruit first, Kevin. [Kevin]: For sure, cheers! [Gemma]: Cheers! Get a good dunk in there, while it’s still
nice and warm. Oh my gosh. [Kevin]: You can taste the vanilla and the
salt and everything in there. [Gemma]: Oh, a little bit of salt. [Kevin]: That is such a good sauce. [Gemma]: Oh, yummy. Mm. Why don’t you do a happy dance, Kevin? That’s what we do on Bigger Bolder Baking. [Kevin]: I’m gonna leave all the dancing
to you. [Gemma]: So I want you to head over to
and take advantage of your seven day free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose. [Kevin]: And you have the opportunity your
perfect match, like I did with Gem. [Gemma]: Aw, that’s lovely. Yes you did. Thank you so much for watching, head over
to right now, and I’ll see you back here really soon, for more Bigger Bolder
Baking. [Kevin]: Bye guys! [Gemma]: Bye! That was fun Kevin, we should do this more
often. [Kevin]: For sure! We are happy… [Gemma]: We’re happy. [Laughs]

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  1. A very happy anniversary to both of you and many many more harmonious and beautiful years ahead! May God Almighty bless you with the peace, joy and grace found in Lord Jesus Christ.
    "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Jn 8:32

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    And I loved this video 😍😍
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    btw happy anniversary 🙂

  4. You guys are so precious! I met my husband online too lol. I wish you and Kevin many many years of pure happiness, love and health 👐😙😄💜💙🎉

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  7. this is the cutest story aww. And I love that you did karaoke. I didn't even think of that as a thing. Now I want that in my future wedding as well 🙂

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  15. Happy Anniversary! If you are still in SF or the Bay Area, I kind of live near you guys, which is surprising! I feel like no YouTuber ever lives up here

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  17. Happy Anniversary you two! I too met my perfect match a year and a half ago, though not on Match but on a dating site. Funny thing is, we went to the same high school, graduated the same year but never had classes or interacted with each other back then. we have lived less than 10 miles from each other for over 30 years and never bumped in to each other. It took modern technology to give us a clue that we had A LOT in common. Each day is an adventure. friends are predicting an exciting holiday season…..:) Much love to you both!

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