Dave & buster’s Birthday Party

Today’s empty birthday and you so excited We’re going to taste Buster. Hey, guys. We got out a big question now Because yesterday we did some doing a Good morning is everybody happy weekend. Today is birthday party Dave and Buster Two more of my birthday celebrate You liked today’s be sure to give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel down below So you don’t miss any of my videos I? See you later Today’s fancy birthday and you saw you cited we’re going to taste Buster but but let’s say is actually in the back because Patricia will But we’re actually going today buster it’s fun But what today is the thunder of one bracelet look? we’re both wearing same but different pers is red and mine is colorful, but Say hi, Alex A lick is four years old. She go to school already. She’s pre-k and now she’s sitting on bolster no more No more car seat Yeah And we and then I hope you subscribe this button down below And give us a thumbs up and subscribe See you see you after day buster of the pictures You Hey guys, we got out a big question now at my house and You know It was best day ever and we’re watching of a proportion contortion is the bass but but we’re actually um at my house because we’re eating dinner, but But you know Every day we always do We go somewhere make videos but Today it wasn’t this it was like not Nancy birthday. It was a Her birthday because we’re celebrating for – yep tomorrow. So I wish you say happy birthday. So when Nancy for thumbs up and subscribe subscribe down below right here and Give me a thumbs up and subscribe See you later. Bye And see you tomorrow See you tomorrow okay, because we’re not being here at night because We’re does absolutely Okay, bye The next day It’s any minute Next It’s already Nancy’s birthday because yesterday we did some doing a sub-sub Celebrate for Nancy’s birthday were in my house They just got here and I just woke up human we are So happy it’s an NZ birthday. All right, and Are you excited or what? and you will see and After after you We want you to subscribe The down below right here and give us a thumbs up and subscribe See you next time. Bye This Is Teddy Teddy says hi. Teddy says oops So that’s why people doing this this is Teddy Teddy says hi Teddy says clap your hands. Oops, Teddy died, but that’s wrong. You’re pulling me doing this. It says this is Teddy Teddy says hi. Teddy says suck your hands. Oops. Teddy died And say bye teddy Hi guys, we’re doing laundry of my laundry, but even though it’s Nancy’s birthday But we’re still doing how to do my laundry. So we’re doing it fast bow Okay, so see you next time Hi guys is finally home Today is so fun. My cousin Today so really raining, Texas Yesterday so fun birthday party Dave & Buster’s Thank for watching guys and I will see you soon

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