Dave Rubin: Bernie should start his own party, Dems don’t want him

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  1. to be honest… i think joe biden is more of a threat to president trump than bernie sanders… joe biden is more able to suck votes from moderate americans, many of whom would have voted trump.

  2. Socialism: no poverty, everyone shares resources, everyone gets healthcare, everyone get a fair shot at life.
    Americans: 😱😱😱 that's outrageous, we don't want it.

  3. My God so many lies about bernie,he is not a communist at all, he even is a miljonair,he just want a fair system that works for everybody and not only for the 1% superrich people

  4. No one stole anything from Bernie other than the Democrat's primary voter's. Talk about unhinged and not being able to string a sentence together? Apparently you have not been listening to the word salad coming out of trump's mouth for the past few years and he's getting worse!

  5. Bernie is A 80 Year Old Nasty Mouth Pervert Talking about In Bernie Book about How he wants to do Sexually Bad Things Too Young Little girls Under 16 Years old It's Disgusting A Disgrace ..I have a Daughter it made Me sick too think What this 80 Year Old Man Pervert Socialism Communist Nazis Would do if He did Something like That too my daughter .. Horrible Disgrace These Demons LEFTIST of Men Become ..All I can say Is Jeff Epstein Island must Have All these Old Farts 80 Year old Hanging out There Before they Killed off Jeff Epstein ..And I bet Jeff Epstein Black Book was A Real thick one with These Democrat's Demons ..And the Clinton's too

  6. Its about time for working ppl in America to have a real party to fight for them .Democrat Party is just A Moderate Republicanism period!

  7. Don't celebrate just yet. The fact that Bernie and his socialist followers are getting ever closer to the WH and that should scare us. What will happen in 2024? Whould anyone 15 or 20 years ago have even considered that we would be were we are today, thinking a socialist/communist would this close to running our country? Don't know about you but I'm scared.

  8. LONG TIME TRUMP SUPPORTER HERE……. When i foundout he wants to repeal medicaid ive basicly been talking ahit on social media nonstop about him. What a bigit.

  9. NO…Bernie needs to be … "retired"… he is nothing but vocal poison propaganda for the COMMUNIST REGIME…just sayin' 😎🙌💖

  10. Totally agree… They will do everything for take Bernie Down to the point to ruin their OWN political party. They are cynical the pure mediatic circus. 🎭🤮

  11. The Problem with the New Democratic Party is that it is no longer clearly defined.
    Republican, Independent and ALL THE REST

  12. No way does the DNC allow Biden to debate Trump. They know he will be crushed in a debate and they won't risk putting him on that stage.

  13. Well you're going to see a lot more socialist the next few years to come they're being taught in kindergarten through college in our Public School System and higher education that who teach our children

  14. The problem with Bernie supporters is that they think EVERYTHING is a conspiracy that's out to get them. They are still blaming the DNC in 2020 for God knows what when the fact of the matter is the Democratic voting base (African-Americans) voted against Bernie again, and his supporters refuse to acknowledge this.

  15. Then the Democrats vote is split and Trumpty Dumpty wins!!!! Never going to happen!!!! Wake the hell up America!!!! Biden in November 2020!!!!!

  16. For Ben and his Wife it really was a SUPER TUESDAY in the People's Republic of Kalifornia❗😜❗👍

  17. Bernie may end up splitting from the Democrat party and run as an independent socialist. There are enough moronic leftists who would follow him.

  18. Start their own party, yeah that seems like a successful strategy. There's already a communist party or two already active. Just go right over. In fact, just start it right now and run in the general election. 🙂

  19. I've been saying it… why is Bernie a Democrat when he admits he's a Socialist? There's like 5 or 6 Socialist parties, I'm sure one of them would love to have him, if he doesn't start his own Socialist cult that is!! So why don't the Dems boot him out of the DNC?

  20. 🤔 Isn't it sort of sad that Bernie, even if miraculously became President today, will never live long enough to become the socialist/communist dictator that he has always wanted to become..? 😄 Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful thing for the country, and by extension, the world.. but it's still rather sad…

  21. "Dave Rubin: Bernie should start his own party, Dems don't want him"

    He's got one already..The Democratic Socialists of America….if not them then I bet The Green Party would welcome him

  22. I think B/S has something up his sleeve if he keeps losing. Namely, if he doesn't do well, may use the Independent card.

  23. LOL. The communist party members LITERALLY moved into the Demon_RAT party many years ago. KILLERY Clinton was LITERALLY a card-carrying member of the commie party.
    So, Bernie DOES belong in the Demon-RAT party.

  24. Yes, start your own party, Breadline Bernie, and party all of the time and sponge off of lots of young people and… wait, how would that be any different from now? 🤣🔥😜 KAG 2020: God bless America and President Trump! 🇺🇸

  25. Personally, I don't know why the Democrats let him run on their ticket.
    Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat and he never has been.
    Bernie Sanders is a Communist….. PERIOD.

  26. Yeah. If your democracy would be consequent, then he would. but with your stupid electoral college, you'll only ever get two monolithic parties that are controlled by politicians that are nothing more but the less bad choice of two.

  27. He's not even a democrat, he's an independent He has his own party already. However, ,too few people vote for it. He's like Ross Perot, but smart enough to run with a major party.

  28. It is a Very small step from Being a Democrat to being a communist . If you deny this , tell me the difference between what a totalitarian regime does and what the Democratic House tried to do to reverse the results of the 2016 election , and tell me the difference the liberal media and Pravda.

  29. Democratic socialism is a political philosophy supporting political democracy with a socially owned economy. Angola and Bangladesh are Democratic Socialists. How are they doing?

  30. Laughable, DNC wants all those leftists votes they would never want Bernie to leave because they are heading in the same direction as Bernie just not as fast supposedly. Which would mean less brainwashed zombies voters for the DNC. The real problem is like Rush has preached for 20+ years is you can't go right you can only go more left. You have reached the end of the left now. Bernie just beat you too it. And most importantly President Trump has taken the center so 2/3 beats 1/3 Trump 2016 . Now it is more like 4/5 chushes 1/5 in a landslide Trump 2020.

  31. Dave Rubin?!

    Foxnews really reaching to the bottom of the barrel to bring in conservative voices

  32. Dave Rubin?!

    Foxnews really reaching to the bottom of the barrel to bring in conservative voices

  33. Alot of them are getting upset at Trump but not once they're getting upset about the DNC and Joe Biden. Alot of them dont like Joe Biden….

  34. Sadly, Bernie will not receive this message until it is too late. It's a shame, he could have been independent party equivalent to Ross Perot

  35. If bernie were to do that. Trump wins. bernie becomes a 3rd party and splits the liberal vote.
    TRUMP 2020!!!!!! All 50 states RED. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!

  36. I'm not fan of Bernie's policies or solutions however it does show that we do have some issues. I don't think the "Bernie Bros" should be cast aside as deplorable either.

  37. The only thing that I want to see more then corrupt trump lose, is watching the democrats have to suffer with more years of trump corruption

  38. thats a great idea call it the labor socialist democrat LSD for short and take ocasio cortez and ilan omar and the rest of the turds with you

  39. Larry King takes a call from his grand kid live on rubin show!!! Rubin is stupid and Larry wouldnt answer his phone live on this morons show, if rubin was interesting lol! Find the clip of Larry King taking a cell call live on Rubin’s show….im dead 😂😂😂 Larry is King!!! Lmao Love you Larry! So savage and hilarious!

  40. Doesn't matter who the DEMOCRATS NOMINEE is. They are not worth voting for.
    TRUMP will Crash or TOAST Joe Biden on a DEBATE. I wonder why the DNC are desperate to choose Joe Biden, he's almost on a Dementia mode and he's a Crook who made Billions out of China, Iran and Ukraine QUID PRO QUO. I wonder if HRC, Jerry Kerry, and some DNC had DIVIDED the missing 5.3 Billions Ukraine AID during the Obama Admin among themselves, that's why they RALLY behind Joe Biden.!!

    REPUBLICANS all the way 2020.
    Let's go out and RE-ELECT TRUMP 2020 and REPUBLICANS on November 3,2020 and make HISTORY of a big LANDSLIDE❤️💜❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️💜❤️.

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