David Dobrik on Marrying His Friend’s 70-Something Mom

-You also did one video that’s
gotten like 14 million hits. It’s where you got married. -14 million hits.
-Views. -Views, yeah.
Hits is a good one. -I did. Yeah.
Yeah, I got married. So, basically, I was in the car
with one of my good friends. He’s 45. so he’s a little bit
on the older side. Not, like, super old. -No.
[ Laughter ] -I would say young. -Yeah, super young.
-Yeah. -Super experienced.
-Yeah. I know “Yummy.” -Yeah. -Tickle, tickle. -Tickle, tickle.
[ Laughter ] -We’re good again.
Right? We’re cool. -Yeah, we’re good. I was sitting in the car
with him, and he told me that
I would never find love, and so —
he was just joking. He’s a funny guy. But I think it was
that same night, I booked a flight to Boston,
where his mother lives, and I proposed to her. I surprised her,
and I proposed to her, and she was very confused,
but then when I told her that I want to become
my buddy’s stepdad, She was 100% in, and she thought it was
the greatest thing. -How old is she? -I think she’s 75 or 76. Yeah. So, we flew to Vegas,
and we got married there. Yeah, that’s us getting married. She’s so cute.
[ Cheers and applause ] She’s so cute. -[ Laughs ] -How cool is she to do this,
by the way. -Oh, my God.
She’s the best. -So, now you’re
your buddy’s stepdad. -Yeah. So, after Vegas,
I quickly took her to Hawaii. This was, like, all
within three, four days without my buddy knowing. So, I took her to Hawaii,
and then we came back. -You went on a honeymoon. -Yeah.
We went on a quick honeymoon. [ Laughter ]
-You really commit to the bit. -Yeah, he thought
I was gone for work, and then I came back,
and I showed him all the papers that I’m, like, legally,
now his stepdad, and everyone had a good laugh,
so it was definitely worth it. -Are you still
currently still married. -No, I got a divorce. -Aw. -Yeah,
and that took me like six months to, like, get it annulled. It took, like,
a really long time to go through all that paperwork.
-Oh, my gosh. -Yeah,
with all the lawyers and stuff. It was just a pain in the ass. [ Laughter ]

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  1. He’s been asked about this at every single interview but I still watch the clips to see each host’s reaction

  2. We all know by now that David is the kind of guy who will go the extra mile and actually do shit like that cus it’s funny. I’ll be honest, after he made the joke about marrying Jason’s mom I was not surprised to see him then actually do it lmao

  3. So… I saw the thumbnail and thought it was the Jim Halpert actor for a second

    No I don't know what's wrong with me thank you for asking

  4. Jimmy completely wasted him on this story, the laughs felt a bit planned and he wasn’t like responding to David’s high energy and on the other hand when he told the same story with Kelly it was hilarious! So much energy and laughs!

  5. Fucking dumb shit people do and give these people money to do that dumb shit. While people who work hard with real jobs struggle the irony. How about pay my wife's student loans for laughs and while you're at mines also.

  6. David goes all out and the content he uploads is super entertaining. I can see this dude being a director for movies and shows in the future maybe it’s the all black.

  7. God what a dumb story and what a terrible telling of it. YouTube stars don't really do anything beyond ridiculous things. Ridiculous is funny, but with these shticks it just gets old fast. This story is worth like a breath out your nose

  8. What the fuck. Who could go to such extreme lengths for a prank. 😂😂😂😂😂 You're killing me. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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