David Received Birthday Gifts from Random Fans

welcome back to the david adventure uses it for the david packard children’s
usually by going to do the packing dot com click the black amazon better bookmark it and in the future anything
you buy them is on dot com use that bookmark we actually have uh…
overthrow several thousand items this month already louis purchased or amazon
link and it’s a great way to redirect some of
that big corporate money from amazon to support independent media is that how
we justify it i think it’s pretty fair justification
yet uh… also you can go to donate your
account dot com slash david packard show if you have a twitter account if you
have a facebook account and just uh… donate your account it’s
very straight forward our friend kyle shank developer tool that’s really his
name to us i yeah pretty cool name uh… also i started getting i guess in
a few people figured out that it’s my birthday by next week and i got a couple of birthday gifts and
to the show email address error rather the show mailing address and so i think everybody that really
please don’t send me any gifts especially since it’s a pretty small
p_o_ box that we have so you know if you send me a new guitar for louis or
something like that is just going to snap my fit why somebody would send ny a
guitar for you on my birthday i guess that doesn’t really make sense
uh… i mean i wouldn’t have a problem with that right william pretty particularly a very nice
gesture you have a uh… but please do call two one nine
two david p leave your birthday related voicemails i’ve already started getting
them will play a bunch of them next week and really the best thing you can do if
you want to um… uh… support what we’re doing here is to become a member
david pacman dot com slash membership

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