David Tennant as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones S1 Ep 8.2 Doomed Dinner and Nosy Neighbor (Highlights)

– How do you people live like this? Day after day, just hoping people are gonna
do what you want. It’s unbearable. No dress? – Purple’s not really my color. So, what exactly are you hoping is going to
happen here? – That you and I will eventually make a go
of it. – Not gonna happen. – Dinner is ready. I’ve had Chef Bouchard
prepare your favorite meal, Pasta Amatriciana. – That’s your favorite meal. Now, it makes me nauseous. I’ll be having a liquid dinner. – You ever think you might drink too much? – It’s the only way I get through my goddamn
days after what you did to me. – You blame me for your drinking problem? – It’s the truth. – Come on, it wasn’t all bad. I mean, certainly it ended roughly. – You call making me murder a woman
“ending roughly”? – Now, now, let’s be clear. I did not tell you to kill Reva. – What? – If you remember, I said, “Take care of her.” Not kill her. You chose to punch her. – You goddamn son of a bitch! I knew you had a safeguard in place. – Aha, testing boundaries, were you? Smart. I didn’t see that coming. They’re in place until we’ve built some trust. – Until I choose you? – You really do have a knack for destroying
the poetry of the heart, don’t you? – I hope everything’s all right. – It isn’t. There’s a bomb in the basement. – You saved my life. You do care for me. – I just can’t handle another death on my conscience. Even if it’s yours. You’d know the feeling if you had a conscience. – I have a conscience. It’s just more selective. I care if you die. The rest are fungible. – Hi, Mrs. DeLuca. – Jessie! It’s been so long. Ooh! Look at you. Such a lovely woman. And returning home with such a handsome husband. – No, we’re not married. – Oh. I’ve known Jessie since she was tiny. Oh, the stories I could tell. – Unfortunately, we don’t have the time. – I’m Elizabeth DeLuca. And you are? – Intrigued. I would love to hear all about my little Jessie. – Well… Oh, she was the strangest tomboy. She wore princess dresses with high-tops. – Really? I can’t get her to wear a dress
for the life of me. – I’ll wear one to your funeral. – There’s that sharp wit. I knew something terrible was gonna happen. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret not
warning you. – Did you really have a sense that that terrible
accident was gonna happen? Tell the truth now. – No, I didn’t. – Then why would you say such a horrible thing? – It makes me feel important. – Isn’t that a shitty thing to do? Say it. – Yes, it is. – Leave. That was just a teensy bit satisfying, don’t
you think? – A little. – You’re welcome. – I told you not to touch me! – For God’s sake.

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