DaVinci Robot 1 Year Anniversary

My name is Jorge Florin I’m a general
surgeon at Health Central. Today is the one-year anniversary of the robotic
surgery program here at Health Central. One year later now we have the brand-new
XI but I’ll just say all this again back to the beginning none of this would
be possible without you and your dedication and just your expertise and
knowledge base people really want to come to Health Central for their
services particularly around surgery. The addition of the of the robot, of the
DaVinci robot has been really a great great addition to what we do. As a bariatric surgeon I obviously
operate on overweight individuals and the robot makes certain part of the
procedure fairly easier really but not only from the surgical standpoint what
one of the things that I have seen in a lot of my patient it’s the post-op pain
for example it’s been a big issue and the robot has helped a lot with that.

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