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  1. Yanks are constantly SCREAMING!!! Thank goodness for Southerners, spent 4 months working in Virginia. LOVED it. Nice Southern accents, no SCREAMING, polite, Southern hospitality. Back in cold England now…which sucks!

  2. I don't like the title of this video… he never said it was terrible to be with kristen… they have struggles.. whatevs.. one of the many reasons I have struggled with liking this show. there are some good interviews and such which is why I am subscribed. but alot I just dont get or agree with. idk.

  3. And… I have no idea who this guy or his wife are. That's what happens when you have kids. You've been warned… ๐Ÿ˜

  4. It's because Domino's doesn't have safe gluten-free pizza for people who can't eat it. It's literally for the attention seekers, hence the comparison to Papa John's.
    And, yes, it is super annoying if people claim to not be able to eat something and then do it. I can't even trust people to cook for me anymore because they go, "Well, like a slice of bread is fine for so-and-so so you can have this."

  5. YT commenters also are all up in arms about Gluten intolerance. What business of theirs is it? Until this past May I had no opinion either way. Then one Thurs night….it felt as tho my intestines were being twisted. 3 hours of excruciating pain. I could absolutely trace it back to the bread I was eating for daily toast and sanwiches. Wasn't the bread brand. It was not eating bread (except occasionally in a restaurant) to a whole week of daily consumption. (Stress eating over an upcoming trip).
    Anyone who "are hating"….fair warning…. Gluten intolerance in the USA is the newest epidemic. Corn will follow. It's what theyve done to our food supply that is causing problems in our guts.
    Post note: my trip to Peru went great! No GF issues with THEIR bread products. Gotta love US food quality..It sucks.

  6. Getting mad about what people eat is really dumb. People do the same thing if you're a vegetarian or a vegan too.

  7. People who don't eat gluten aren't real people…๐Ÿ˜

    Just kidding. Why would a sane person care what other people choose to eat.๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I have psoriasis and I would most likely benefit from a gluten free o low gluten diet but honestly I need to be in a better emotional state to tackle that one becuase there are not alternatives in my country so I will have to cut all the things that make my life bareble

  9. Hate how misleading the title of this video is! They're such a great couple and this titles like are just clickbaity.

  10. I want nothing more than to despise this man for marrying Kristen, but Dear God who couldn't love him.

  11. looks like they're a great couple, but man is this guy so loud and obnoxious. Can't stand him. Kristen is awesome though.

  12. This couple is the one that gives me hope about the world. Love them and so appreciative of their work

  13. notice how jimmy kimmels illumanati ass was trying to cut it short after he mentioned being glutten free. Jimmy cant let anyone in public talk about is big pharma brothers. lol

  14. Nothing he said implied she's terrible, Krybaby Kimmel fix your title. Probably jealous their relationship is better than yours

  15. I never realized how much I love Dax Shepard as just himself until I watched a bunch of interviews heโ€™s done, especially the ones on Ellen. I saw the movie they are talking about ages ago and very much enjoyed it. I guess my vision had originally been clouded by some of his earlier works, but Iโ€™m loving him now!

  16. He is so funny and absolutely right about gluten making your arthritis worse. It's the whole reason I stay away from it myself. I can do a little here and there but if I can avoid it then the arthritis in my spine doesn't hurt so much.

  17. This must be right when he had work on his face, because you can see changes already. But if you see him in an interview today(2019) his face is so different; the eyes, cheeks, and smile are all SO different. But he denies it. Oh well, what do you guys think?

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