Day 4: Angels – A Christ Centered Christmas Celebration by LDS Living + Don’t Miss This

Hi everybody, I’m David Butler. I’m Emily Freeman. We are so glad that ya’ll are here. If you’re
here for the fourth day in a row, wahoo! If you’re just joining us, we are just as
happy to have you. This is our week-long, Christmas Christ-centered
celebration. And don’t worry, if you’re just starting today
you can totally go back and catch up or just start where we are and go forward with us
until Christmas. We are doing a lesson, and a tradition, and
an invitation from everybody who was there during that first Christmas night. And today
you’re so happy because it is the angels, you can’t wait. Everyone, everyone, everyone, these might be your best verses from Luke
2, it might be the most exciting part of the whole Christmas night. And we love that you said everyone three times
because in scripture if you repeat anything three times it means it’s about to be the
best. I practically speak in scripture. Here they are, Luke 2 starting in 8, “And
there were in that same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their
flocks by night. And, lo, the angel of Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone
round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for,
behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people, . . . And suddenly
there was with the angel, a multitude of the heavenly hosts praising God, and saying, Glory
to God in the highest,” Don’t sing, you want to, “and on earth peace, good will toward
men.” Do you love this? Listen, yesterday we did Mary and her somber
and sacred and silent moments and Joseph and his secret acts, and today is the day of the
angels when they just burst onto those shepherd fields. Almost as if they were uninvited, but not
unwelcomed. The just come and fill the whole night sky
with singing and glory, and just, this is the, I mean this is the praising time. I love the thought of that because I can just
imagine everyone up there, and don’t you think there was probably someone that was like,
“Not yet, not yet, okay now.” And the heavens just open and all of a sudden
these hosts come down and how bright is it? How loud is it? It is like the best part of the whole night. This is the best part. I hope we get to rewatch on re-runs. I had the opportunity to go to Bethlehem unexpectedly
in March of last year. And we had the chance to go and be right at the church
they think Jesus was born, and as we walked out of that place, and we walked into the
courtyard, and you just kind of thought about that, of what it might have been like on that
night. And then the man who was leading the tour
said, “Why don’t you read Luke 2 for us?” And I open up my scriptures, and I started
reading those words that we are so familiar with and as I was reading through that story
I just thought, “Here I am, by some remarkable chance, standing in this place and reading
this story.” And I will never forget that moment and just
the spirit of that moment confirming that Jesus was really born, and because He was
born, my life is different. That is good news. When they come and they say, “These are glad
tidings of great joy.” Glad tidings or good news, that’s what the
word, “gospel,” actually means. They came to proclaim the gospel, the good
news of it. I was also super lucky enough to be able to
go to Bethlehem several years ago, and as part of that trip we went to the fields that
were just right outside of it where maybe the shepherds were watching over their flocks.
And while we were there, our tour guide said, “Okay we just have to, let’s all—” even
though it was the middle of July, “let’s all sing some Christmas songs.” And so we did. And we all sang, people got to pick some of
their favorite ones, and we sang them there. And it was just super meaningful and it’s
Christmas time right now, and teaching institute we start every class with a Christmas hymn
and sacrament starts with one, and don’t you feel like there’s something really special
and magical about the Christmas hymns, like they just bring this really unique spirit
to them. Like all hymns are good, but the Christmas
ones are just golden for some reason. Somebody taught me a couple of years ago this
really cool thought that I’ve never forgotten. And he asked that question also, “What
is it about the Christmas hymns? Why do they have such a special spirit?” And then he said, “Think about this, all
angels have a name and a face. And every angel who comes to this Earth is either someone
who’s already lived here, or someone who is going to come.” And he said, “Maybe the Christmas hymns have
a special spirit about them because we are singing songs and words that we sung once
before. Maybe we were there on the night that Jesus
was born and joined with the celebration and the good news that a Savior was born for all
of us, for all of mankind.” And that just reverberates through time. Echoes all through time, that joy, on that
special night. That makes you love the Christmas carols even
more than you already did. I love this quote from Phillip Brooks, who
was the author of “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” He was talking about his experience he had
on Christmas Eve in 1865 and he said, “I remember especially on Christmas Eve when
I was standing in the old church in Bethlehem, close to the spot where Jesus was born. When the whole church was ringing hour after
hour with splendid hymns of praise to God. How again and again it seemed as if I could
hear voices I knew well telling each other of the wonderful night of the Savior’s birth.” And I just love this thought of voices I know
well telling each other of the thought of the Savior’s birth. And as I think about that
I think, “Isn’t that what happens when we sing those songs before institute or when
we sing those songs before sacrament meeting. Or even if you go caroling from house to house
as neighbors, that we are just telling each other what we know and what we believe, and
what we love about the birth of Jesus Christ. But not only that, you think about “Joy to
the World,” and it still our carols are in anticipation of good things to come. It’s
just exactly what happened on that night and we continue that celebration and that rejoicing
today. After you’re done talking about the lesson
and the story of the angels and that big celebration, you’re going to want to grab an angel, and
you’ll just want to put that figure back into your stable as you continue your celebrations. As you are doing that, you’ll want to remember
what the angel represents. And that is, “The angel embodies the heart
that runneth over with good tidings of great joy in this season. The angels are a reminder of anticipation
of good things to come and it should fill our hearts with warmth overflowing.” So the invitation for the angel is, to fill
your heart and home with the carols. And you can do this in a number of different
ways. We’re going to give you two ideas for traditions
as you prepare to celebrate, but both the traditions are going to have something in
common that has to do with this. Either go caroling with your family— Which I hate. then you go out and you carol all night long. Go to your neighbors’ houses. Surprise them. Bring them the good tidings— I absolutely will not do that. Caroling is the worst idea at Christmas time,
but you can. Okay, and if you’re him, Scrooge— No it’s so awkward. Caroling is way awkward. The Grinch sung. The Grinch sung. Remember all those people? To himself. If you can’t do it then that’s okay, because
you can sit down and turn on Christmas carols in your house and just enjoy all of that beautiful
music, but what both of those things have in common is make yourself some hot cocoa. And do it when you get home with all your
friends after you’re done caroling. Or if you’re him, just make a little hot cocoa,
go and sit down. Do a little Michael Bublé karaoke. Turn on your Christmas lights. It’s going to be great. Sit by the fireplace. Just enjoy the carols of the season, however
you want to. That is our invitation and tradition for you
today. Turn them up to level 10. 22. 35. Okay. I always win. Okay you guys, thank you for being with us
on this really fun and exciting, rejoiceful day of the angels. Stick around tomorrow is day number five. Oh, my favorite. It’s my favorite day everyone. You probably shouldn’t have favorites, but
it’s my favorite day. Okay we’ve said that for each of the days,
this one really is her favorite. It’s the shepherds, when they run, you can’t
wait. It’s so cool. Okay see you then. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Excellent! I like the very brief glimpse of the printable ornament during the intro. It allows those of us who can't build a manger scene to participate.

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  3. I love you two! Thank you so much for sharing your bright happy spirits and your knowledge, understandings, and beautiful testimonies about our precious Savior. Blessings to you and yours for your great service to me and to our brothers and sisters💕

  4. Sweet suggestions. Thanks David for sharing the idea that we might have been part of the angelic host singing praises of Jesus

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