Day 6: Wise Men – A Christ-Centered Christmas Celebration by LDS Living + Don’t Miss This

Hi, everybody! I’m David Butler. I’m Emily Freeman. Welcome. This is day six of a week-long Christ-centered
Christmas celebration we’re doing with LDS Living. We’re so glad that you’re here for your first
time… or you’ve been with us all week. We’re looking at the stories, and the people
in the Nativity. And today we are going to study the Wisemen. All of them. You can’t wait. Glad you’re here. Emily: Okay, welcome back everyone. We are going to start with the Wisemen by
turning to the Bible dictionary. So you’ll want to go there either on your
phone or in your scriptures. I love this description of the wisemen that
we find here. It says this, “Who these men were, we are
not told. But it is certain they were not ordinary men. They were privileged to search out the Son
of God.” I love that thought, that it was a privilege
for them to search out the Son of God. I wonder how often that is true for us… that it becomes a privilege for us to seek
out and search out and come to know who Jesus Christ is. And we’ve talked a lot about this year that
we have had the opportunity because of Come, Follow Me to really have that privilege to
search out who Jesus Christ was. When we learn about the wisemen,
they’re actually not in Luke 2. you’re going to want to turn to Matthew chapter 2, and that’s where we
hear this story of the wisemen. And let’s say this about their story, too — that yesterday we did the story of
the shepherds, and it’s interesting that they’re just doing their
jobs out in the fields at night and all of a sudden they have this
beautiful spiritual experience and on that very night they get to go and meet Jesus. And it’s interesting that a lot
of Bible scholars think it took several years for the wisemen to get there. And isn’t that interesting that sometimes
our journeys to come closer to Christ can happen that fast, and sometimes they take
years of searching. Emily: Oh that’s so good. And it’s cool that it says, “it’s a privilege,”
whether it happens right away or whether it takes a long time, it’s a privilege all in
the same. Okay, so we’re going to start reading about
the Wisemen in verse 8. It says this, “And he sent them to Bethlehem
and said, ‘Go and search diligently for the young child. And when you have found him, bring me word
again,’– this is Herod, –‘that I may come and worship Him also.’ David: Liar. “And when they heard the king they departed,
and lo, the star which they saw in the East went before them until it came and stood over
where the young child was. When they saw the star, they rejoiced with
exceeding great joy, and when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with
Mary, His mother, and fell down and worshipped Him. And when they had opened their treasures they
presented unto Him gifts: gold and frankincense and myhrr. And if you have not seen the video, “The Christ
Child” video, that you can find on, about the nativity story, this is seriously
the best part in there… Emily: It happens clear at the end.
David: …when they present the gifts… Don’t get impatient… …keep watching, because
when they present the gifts… David: It’s such a great scene, so tender and sweet, like ahh! That was a spoiler alert for it, but you have
to go see it. And then it makes this part so much more meaningful
because they have this tender moment which now we can all imagine because we’ve seen
it in the video, and then there is this moment where they have to decide what to do. Remember Herod said, “Come back. As soon as you’ve found the baby, come back.” But I love this in verse 12 it says, “And
being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod,” then, here comes our
favorite lesson of the Wisemen, “they departed into their own country another way.” There’s so many lessons we love about the
wisemen. One is that they were privileged to search
out and seek for the Savior. But, the second lesson is one that we don’t
talk about very often, and it is my favorite one. After they came to know who Jesus Christ was,
after they had that encounter with Jesus Christ, they were led to journey another way. It changed what they were doing in their life,
that encounter with Christ made that big of a difference in their lives. You could even add these words in “that they
searched diligently for Him,” and when they actually find him, it says, “there’s exceeding great joy,” they fall down, and they worship. All of those are just, like, “experience” words
they have when they finally had this encounter with Him. A couple of years ago we got this invitation
from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, about building our faith in God and in the
Savior, and that year…it struck me. There was a line President Nelson said
in the training, and he said, “Let’s give sacrament meeting back to the Savior,” and it triggered
me to think that I want to learn everything I can about Him, and so I did. I studied by myself. I studied with friends.
I studied in groups. And that study took about a year. I studied diligently for the entire year. You have to know this first, I am such a picture
snob that it took me forever to find a picture of Jesus to hang in my house. Emily: and by forever, he means years. Yeah, like, I really didn’t have it
for a long time. I love Jesus. I just didn’t have a picture
of Him in my house. And Jenny gave me coupons every Christmas
and birthday to buy a picture of Jesus, and I never cashed them in because I just couldn’t
find the one that I liked. And at the end of that year I was at Costco,
at the Costco by my house at Christmastime they’ll set up a little temporary display
where they’ll sell pictures of temples or the Savior, or you know, just churchy pictures, and I was done shopping with a cart full of $7000 worth of food and I was going towards
the front and when I got to the display there was a picture of Christ on there, it just
captured me, and I thought, “Where has this picture been? I’ve never seen it before and it is so beautiful. This is the one, I’m buying this picture.” And then I looked down the row, and the next
picture, and the next, and the next all had that same impact on me. And I realized when
I was there in Costco, with my cart full that it wasn’t the picture.
It was me that had changed through that year of studying about Him. And I saw Him differently, and He meant something different for me, you know, in that moment. And it was the journey. That’s what it was. It was that year long study and
journey, learning about Him that He won me over. He won my heart. It was closer to Him than it ever had been before. I love the thought of that. It makes me think to myself, “What will your
journey look like this year?” And what will my journey look like this year? And how will we come to know Christ differently? And then how will that enable us to journey
a different way? When you’re done talking about the Wisemen
and the stories that you read in Matthew, and the lessons that you learn, then you’re
going to want to take your Wiseman figures and you’ll want to add them into your nativity scene. The wisemen exemplify the journey each of
us take as we seek Jesus. They remind us that as we draw closer to Him, we will be led to
continue our journey a different way. So, this is the invitation from the wisemen,
and it is simply to journey closer to Christ. And you can choose to do that
any way you want. As we talk about the tradition, we want you
to think about the gifts that the wisemen brought. I keep in my house a reminder of those three
gifts that I can look at and think about. If we were to think about every one of those
gifts, this is probably what we would learn. The gold that they were given, Mary and Joseph
could have used for anything that they needed. It probably brought them a lot of joy just
to know that they were going to be taken care of for a time. The frankincense would have been an incense
that was used in the temple. It’s what they would have used every time
they said their prayers and they believed that it helped their prayers reach heaven. And myhrr was an incense that everybody had in their house. It was needful, everybody needed that. It was used for cleaning, it was used for
burials, it was just something everybody had on hand and as I think about those three things, it makes me think of three separate words: joyful, meaningful, and needful. As you talk as a family or with the people
that you’re gathered with and you think about your tradition for the wisemen, we want you
to think about how you might journey another way this year. Will it be something joyful? Will it be something meaningful? Will it be something needful? What do you need right now in your life? What’s your heart calling you to? What does the Spirit draw you to? Just take a minute to think about what you
learn from the wisemen and how that might affect your journey as you
move forward this year. And maybe you can add one simple little extra
thing into your life that will help you take that journey to come to know him a little
bit better. Okay, y’all. This was day 6 which means
tomorrow is Christmas eve. That’s so fun. We are at the end of this week long journey
and we are so thrilled to have the last day to be centered on Jesus
the night before we celebrate His birth and we just can’t wait to be with all of y’all tomorrow. So, make sure you come back. We will see you then. See you tomorrow.

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  1. I want to say thank you for these messages. Today I had a friend/co-worker tell me about the videos and I have listened to all up to Day 6 tonight. These messages are so beautiful!!

  2. Yes these are special. So Emily a real question not meant to be snarky but how do you do it all like this? It is easy to feel discouraged if we cant implement all these ideas like we are letting down our kids.

  3. Inspiring and motivating messages, after following you for a short time, One morning after offering a prayer of gratitude, I wrote these words.

    Bless me Father wherever I go
    Thy love to others through me will flow
    That they might see and come to know
    For themselves thy love to show

  4. I have enjoyed watching each video. Thank you for the beautiful messages. I am looking forward to tomorrow and celebrating Christ’s birth with our family on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas 🎄🌟❤️

  5. Thank you for this series 🙏 I gave a talk on Come and See Sunday and based it around your series (by that time you have only covered Joseph, Mary and the Hosts of Angels).. again thank you, I personally felt the Christmas 🎄 spirit because of the lessons you’ve shared 😇

  6. I don't remember if it was you or from somewhere else I heard gold =King's crown=King of Jews-Christ anointed one=kings anointed when they received their crowns. Christ Divine King. Frankincense for Priesthood role and offers self as sacrifice for sin. and Myrrh for embalming Jesus so foreshadows His death which was essential for all humanity as was the resurrection so as you say needful. Thank you both, Emily and David you have done so well.

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