Deadwood Celebration – Electrical

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! Hahaha! Band of the house! (witty remark) Let’s get this show on the road! Tonight, these wise men will help us through this crisis A warm welcome to you, colonel Razz Revenge To his right, professor Jeppeth Strong And finally, reverend Peter Craig Colonel, are we under attack from some foreign power? And if yes, how should we react? Yes we are. I say push the button! I believe you’re wrong. Science is the only answer! Guns and math won’t help you. The Lord is at work here! I don’t care who is at work. I’ll shoot him in the face! Blasphemy! I won’t hear of it! What the hell are you thinking?! Please… this is a family friendly show I’ll shoot you in the face! I’d like to see you try! Hippie! Ahemm… tonight… lightning… everywhere… …subzero temperatures… Run if you can… Get your hands off me! Shut your mouth! My pipe! Dont touch me! Kneel before god! …ill f#%cking tear you a new…(inaudible) (tumultuous noise) Please… settle down! I’m gonna f#%ck you up!! Your mom! …aaaaaaarrrh! Please… aaaarrrrrghh!

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