Deaf and Hearing Couple Vlog: Let’s Go To a Deaf Party

Hey! Whatsup! Only half of Sign Duo is here today For today’s vlog Sorry I thought it wasn’t the best thing to do to vlog while driving I decided to pull over at a shopping center so I could explain more clearly okay Anyways, what I was going to say Since Ellen is at work and we didn’t vlog today I decided to go ahead and take you all to my friends birthday party and the majority of them are Deaf or Hard of Hearing so I’ll show you another point of view of what it’s like to go to a Deaf and Hard of Hearing birthday party Maybe that’s interesting for you guys I’ll go drive there, okay I just got here. Let’s go in okay, so I just got to my friends house for her birthday party So I’m going to the door I’m going to text her, because they’re all Deaf okay I texted her. I’ll try to knock, but I don’t think that’ll work waiting I can see them inside, but no one’s answering All ignoring me Deaf problem, you can’t knock because no one will hear you so I don’t know what to do I can see them I guess I’ll try to go in It’s open Jenna: Hi I tried to knock on the door I texted you sorry, you did text me really you did? Sorry, I was busy. Sorry This is Shane say hi hi whats up everyone my name is young king boi Your real name My real name is Jose (sign name) Remember my friend, Bruce? Hi, my name is Kassie (sign name) Hi, my name is Sammy My name is Ivan (sign name) Hi, my name is Lupe (sign name) We’re here enjoying and having fun. The Birthday girl over there is Kassie Hi, my name is Mypham We’re having a lot of fun enjoying her birthday This birthday party is for the girl over there Now we’ll show you how Deaf people play Charades Hi, I know some of you have questions for people who have cochlear implants Well I have a person here who uses a cochlear implant in every day life Let’s ask her some questions okay When did you first get your cochlear? When I was three and a half three and a half How did it feel when you first got it? Do you remember? It’s hard to remember, but over time I’m trying to remember from what my mom told me Of course I was a baby. I can’t remember Seems like I was trying to understand what it feels like and what it was for. As I grew up I started picking it up But understand that I had a cochlear and a hearing aid at the same time both So I started using the hearing aid first because I didn’t like the cochlear. The old fashioned cochlear implants had a long cord. I didn’t like it. It was very bothersome I had to use a belt can you see me I had to wear that belt all day It would hang on a belt I would wear it all day. I didn’t like it. I would walk around and people would stare at me. It was embarrasing I remember that Fast forward a bit Of course new technology made the cochlear implant smaller I liked that so I stopped using the hearing aid I learned how to use the cochlear It helps a lot with my hearing It helps a lot with talking My mom didn’t know how to sign so I had to learn how to communicate through speech She knew a little bit of sign. That’s normal. Okay, that’s another good question to ask you When you get a cochlear implant does that mean you automatically understand how to hear Or do you have to learn? well of course you have to learn like know the meaning of the sounds or…? Some of the things you hear like the voice of a person. You start to understand when you… Like for example Like when he speaks to me. I’m not used to his voice I would have to hear him everyday to get used to his voice Get to know him Do you use a cochlear 24/7? Before I would switch back and forth a lot. I didn’t like it. I had to learn to like it Overtime I realized it’s usefulness and now I use it all the time Don’t think that other Deaf and Hard of Hearing people like it right away no no no Some say when they first got their cochlear when they were born, that they didn’t like it They weren’t happy It really depends on the people’s experiences For my experience I like it and I’m happy with it. My mom decided to get it for me and I like it. I’m thankful to my mom. Some Deaf people prefer 100% Deaf That’s their culture. I understand that I feel that way, but at the same time I feel lucky I think one thing that people would really like to see is to hear your voice If you’re comfortable with that What do you want me to say? Anything, so they can understand you can speak I can talk too there you go Some Deaf people don’t feel comfortable with their voice but I’m comfortable. It depends on the situation yep. That. Thank you for answering some questions you’re welcome Thanks Jenna Nice to meet you all. I hope you all are enjoying their vlogs I’m trying The party is fun, but I’m hungry So let’s go eat In N Out real fast and then come back I want to sign so my friend is driving for me I trust him with my car I know it seems like I eat In N Out a lot Well it’s true. I do eat In N Out a lot It’s cheap and it’s good food It’s always good So that’s why I eat In N Out a lot Do you like In N Out? Yeah, I like In N Out 2…3 Happy Birthday to you She’s going to help me Sign Duo Out Out

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  1. Until you have been in a complex all-Deaf social environment, it is impossible (for a hearing person) to conceptualize carrying on multiple conversations at once around a room, or around a table with 20 people — no one needs to ‘shout’ to be heard, people interrupt each other and cross-talk — it really is as complex as a symphony.

  2. I love that the signing of "happy birthday" was just as awkward and disjointed as when hearing people sing "happy birthday"…

  3. It's not fair to play charade with deaf people, it's probably like walking for them (a piece of cake) xD.

    This is so eye opening.

  4. I never thought abt the fact that we learn to hear and recognize sounds and what each sounds means. Its obvious we do it but i never really thought abt it. LOVE this vlog

  5. There’s something so rhythmic and mezmerising about the way deaf people speak. They are so expressive with their hands its very interesting to watch.

  6. Thanks, Ryan! I really enjoyed seeing what it was like at your friend's party. And thanks to Jenna for being willing to share her experience with a cochlear implant vs hearing aids and her being willing to use her voice for us too. Your friends are really cool!

  7. Deaf party is not okay at house where hearing people lived there. Deaf girlfriend's parent's home. Practical joke with toy gun to scared drunk friends. My deaf buddy putting a hand gun at my face and I get mad at my buddy going to whack me. I trying to kill him by hand combat like a marine to block the gun off his hand. People loved me because I am the baddest guy in the party. Most friends failed and acted like chicken. Deaf girlfriend's dad was drunk and nice to people then her dad showing off his Colts 45 hand gun. Shot the refrigerator door and people ran away and getting their cars to go home. I was brave and do not give the damn..Detroit is crazy to have a deaf party. Stroh' s beer made in Detroit and deaf people get drunk on that.

  8. Your videos randomly came up on my YouTube feed one day and I have been binging on your videos ever since!!! It is sooo entertaining and I love seeing everything you guys post! I don’t have any deaf friends but I know one friend who learned ASL in high school. I told her I thought that was SOO COOL! I learned how to sign “deer” from you guys 🤣😅 I’m curious to learn more. Keep posting guys!

  9. I dont know why it cracked me up so much as you were walking to the door for the deaf birthday party and music was playing 😂

  10. I know this video is old but I only found this channel yesterday. Stuff like this is really interesting to see! I can hear and so can everyone in my life so I've never been exposed to this kind of thing but it's really opening my eyes, things like not being able to hear knocking really shocked me. Great video!

  11. I really REALLY appreciate our friend with the CI talking and answering questions. My son is deaf and we got him a CI and I always wonder what it might be like. Parenting is hard and I appreciate your videos.

  12. Question! I noticed multiple friends of yourself are Hispanic, do they only know ASL or do they also know sign in spanish? I live in Mexico and I ha friend that is deaf and he and his family sign but it's different. Just wondering if that's something that your friends do or know.
    Also because reading lips is useful for deaf people, it is completely different when you switch languages, so I'd they have family that only speak spanish how do they communicate?
    Loved the video!!!

  13. When Jenna first appeared, she looked like such a sweet and genuine person! Seeing this video made me so happy, you guys were having so much fun. With every video I watch, I’m more and more inspired to keep researching about deaf/HoH culture. Thank you so much for this!

  14. I remember when this video came out 2 years ago my signing was very minimal and I find myself clicking on it every time it pops up because of how beautiful and positive the whole thing was specially meeting Jenna ❤️ I cant believe I don’t have to watch the subtitles anymore ❤️ thank you guys so much.

  15. The most interesting part of this is seeing the personality in everyone's signs. It helps me understand the language of ASL a lot more.

  16. New to your channel. Have watched maybe 5 videos and have really enjoyed seeing your interactions and how often you are eating.

  17. This blog was awesome just gives you such a different perspective on their lives also it looked like they were all throwing gang sings when they started singing Happy birthday 🤣🤣 I love his sense of humor.

  18. I know you think i eat in N out alot well it's true i do eat in N out alot😂😂😂it's cheap and good😂😂😂

  19. My question is, how do you grasp the concept of hearing when you have never heard before? And how do you feel with vibrations/music? Because I imagine that other senses would be enhanced when you don't have one, right?

  20. Okay PLEASE please don’t get mad at me because I’m ignorant and honest to god don’t know the answer. But there was music playing at the party – can you feel the vibrations of the music?

  21. I am in grad school for speech-language pathology. You are inspiring me to want to learn ASL. I love y’all’s channel! So informative 😊

  22. 1st tht burger 🍔 n 🍟 look so dang good. N 2. This looks cool… the only thing ik how to sign is my name and the song “this land is your land, this land is my land” from elementary school. But I would like to further study this language.

  23. I’m really glad I found yalls vlogs. As a hearing person, I had never really thought about deaf culture until probably around 7 years ago? when I used to work for The UPS Store as a shop assistant. A person who was hard of hearing/deaf came in the store one day and she started signing at me. I remember feeling inadequate because I couldn’t accommodate her. Idk if this is offensive to say, but at the time the first thing that I did to try to communicate with her was write on a post-it, and I remember her face getting irritated/angry at me when I signaled for her to write on the post-it I had tried to give her… she refused to write…Then she just walked out of the store… I started trying to learn ASL on my own since, but I had stopped for years because of personal/family problems (just got really busy). I am now again getting back to learning ASL. I’ve always wanted to immerse myself in learning it, and I am making time for it now. I think ASL accessibility is really important, because that one interaction alone 7 years ago really changed my perspective on things. I felt so bad for not being able to accommodate her, the customer.

    Anyway, thank you for your vlogs! And thank you to your friend for sharing her personal experience with cochlear implants.

    PS: you look like Matt Damon 😂 I know someone probably already said this to you.

  24. One of your best! OMG…all your deaf/HH friends are soooo cool and friendly! We learned so much perspective…and deaf persons ROCK at Charades!!! Thanks for sharing…we missed Ellen, but Ryan you nailed it taking us to this party! Please keep these incredible videos coming! Why has it taken 2 years for me to find this channel??

  25. I know it may seem weird but why did you go out to eat? Usually here partys have a lot of food so nobody needs to go out

  26. Wow this video was super informative! Seeing the diversity in the party and especially hearing Jenna talk and tell us her story was insightful ❤ I have learned do much watching your guys' videos 🙏 thank you for making your videos!!

  27. Jenna your voice is both pleasant and intelligible. Thank you for sharing it with us, as well as your experience.

  28. Neighbours: Why tf are they playing music?!? They're all deaf!
    People at the party (in sign): Oooh that tingles

  29. Is it just me or is rubbing hands together with eyebrows up indicative of, "enticement" in ASL? Weather it be showing how much you like food, competing in a game, solving a math problem, trying something new ect.
    I see my professor doing it when he teases the students.

  30. My dad is deaf so we used to have a doorbell which was connected to all the lights in the house which would turn on and off as you rang the bell. We renovated and now only 1 specific light in the hallway flashes when you ring the bell which isn't as good as you can easily miss it during the day.

  31. I thought it was really funny that you said they’re all deaf or hard of hearing but there is music playing loudly when you walk up haha. I’m sure it’s mentioned in other videos but do you experience any aspect of noise? Like when music is playing loudly?

  32. It is interesting to see them party with much less noise. I am a new subceiber because of sign duo i got to see the deaf people's POVs and i got interested to learn asl to interact and comunicate more with people like them.

  33. Thanks Jenna for answering questions. Until hearing people are exposed to the different aspects of deaf and hoh we won’t know. Now all the people seeing these videos will ask less in real life. 🤭🙃

  34. This is so very interesting! Thank you for sharing a look into your lives. You all seemed to be having such a good time. Jenna could speak very well!

  35. Tell Jenna her voice is very easy to understand! It's a little bit quiet but other than that it's nearly flawless. She should keep using it. 🙂

  36. Love your vlogs!!! Love how you show how your life is. Also, please tell Jenna, she has a great voice!!!

  37. I know there are devises that can connect to door bell when it is pushed it makes a lamp go on and off.

  38. I really enjoyed that, esp the interview. I love seeing your point of view. And they seem like positive, good natured people.
    Jenna has a nice voice, and I appreciate her sharing her perspective with us.
    I had to turn the music down.

  39. Jenna did sooo good I understood her perfectly!! I love it!! And her voice is so nice much love 🤟🏻

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