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– Help! Help! (groaning) (screaming) – [Abigail] Somebody! – [Victor] I’ll get
you both of you! ♪ It means love
is like seasons ♪ ♪ He let ’em see him coming ♪ I can be your inspiration
ain’t no need for complication ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it will
be there alright ♪ ♪ Making love until
the daylight ♪ ♪ Why, why, why, why,
now, now how y’all ♪ ♪ Get, get, get,
get so used to me ♪ ♪ Love ain’t free I
can pay you a fee ♪ ♪ Just like you want it girl (cell phone ringing) – Ah. – [Rick] Dude, quit man! – Who do you think it is? – It might be this one girl man. – One girl. Ay, ay, ay, let’s keep
it real now alright? – Look man, why
can’t it be a girl? – Because it’s your phone. ♪ Ain’t no need
for complication ♪ ♪ He let ’em see him coming (phone ringing) – Bitch what’s wrong with you? – [Woman] What’s wrong with you? – What? – [Woman] Are you tripping? – Nevermind. – [Woman] What? – Nothing! – [Woman] I just got a text. – You did? – [Woman] To a killer party. – Should be, so did I. – [Woman] What did yours say? – The same thing. – [Woman] Do you
know who it’s from? – No I don’t. – What should we do? We might not even
know this person. – Think about it whoever sent
it knows you, and they know me anybody who fits
that description’s
gotta be cool, right? – That’s true but, I don’t know. – Yeah, but I know and that’s
all you need to know sister. – It’s just a text. We’ve been invited to a party. – Coolness, (chuckles)
where and what time? I gotta get my popping,
you know what I’m saying? – So you going or what? – Can we ask Kendra? – [Suzanne] That’s
not a thing we do. – [Elena] What do
you have against her? – I ain’t got nothing
against Kendra, I just don’t like that bitch. (dramatic music) ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Yo my dude, y’all
gotta get down here man, this place is off the chain
like it’s, man it’s crazy in here, yo, it’s like some
kind of museum or something! Dog get down here
man, call everybody. Snack, artifacts,
everything’s right. Dude get everybody all
down there like right now. Ah, we in the building
dog it’s crazy. What the fu? Oh shit. Yo, yo, yo, you good dog? You ain’t got nothing to worry
about, I’m a let myself out you stay right there. Yo! Retreat man, let’s
get out of here man! What, what the? The door opened? You ain’t got it man,
did you leave yet? Yeah man, stay right there. Goddangit what
the fuck was that? That ain’t no party. (dramatic music) ♪ One two three ♪ Looking real
good if we say so ♪ (ringing doorbell) (soft party music) ♪ I can make her scream
when I touch her ♪ – I don’t think so. – Come on let’s have some fun. ♪ Flow is breezy ♪ I can do it better than
the that you came with ♪ ♪ Champagne dreams
caviar wishes ♪ (soft party music) ♪ Get it my nizzle ♪ Dunking on these shits
right off the dribble ♪ ♪ Popping it digital
visuals is crystal ♪ ♪ Get with your boys,
see you in the physical ♪ ♪ Girl whoa (soft party music) (banging on door) ♪ Let me just zump in the club
and I’m looking for free ♪ ♪ Drink in me hand but
you don’t give a three ♪ ♪ Looking real good and
the swag’s so high ♪ (dramatic music) (screaming) – Who the hell is that? Are you okay? – Yeah. – [Man] Let’s get out of here. – Man where the hell
is this other party? Weird. What wrong with you? – That’s what I’m talking about. (all talking) If the party doesn’t soon I’m gonna get the
hell out of here. – Alright. – [Bruce] That’s mine. – I got this. – Then you got it late. – Oh tough guy? – Yeah it’s like that. – [Marc] In that case. – [Bruce] Look at this mother. – It’s all yours. – You know I don’t think
that was the smartest thing you coulda did right now. – You know I didn’t really
put a lot of thought into it. – Oh really? – Yeah. – Take that right there,
ah nice, smell that. What do you think about that? – I think we should
take it outside. – I think we should
too, ladies first. (dramatic music) – Something’s happening
over here, come on, come on quick. – Let’s go. – Where are you going? – [Suzanne] There’s a fight. – Yeah you made
this big stink boy. – You hurt this boy
let’s see the picture. – Can’t we just forget
about this guys come on? – Go ahead. – [Suzanne] Come on
they’re not gonna fight. – [Marc] Sissy. – What you scared? – That’s what I thought. – It won’t open. (laughs) Something’s not right. (dramatic music) – Whoa Alexis, save
some for Godzilla. (laughs) – Hey did you hear that
the front door is jammed and that it won’t open? – As in we’ll never get out. (scoffs) – I’m not the one
who is saying that. – Listen if you go around
repeating stupid shit like that you may actually have to
take the credit for it, okay? – All I’m saying is you
know what, nevermind. – Back off Alexis think
about it, I came through it. We just saw a couple
come in through it. Something I want do. – Didn’t he come with her? – What if he did? When are you gonna learn
it’s not who you come to the party with that
counts in this game right? – But she seems really nice. – And he seems even nicer. Oh my God. – Suzanne don’t, wait. – What is her problem? – She always jumps to
conclusions she saw you and. (screaming) (dramatic music) – Shit! (dramatic music) (screaming) Thank you I’ve never screamed
like that before in my life. – I got this, stand aside. Stand aside, I like
to crack things open. (grunting) Come on. (grunting) – [Dean] Count of three. One, two, three. (groaning) Fuck!
– Whoa. – I think this one’s open. – Yeah let’s go that way. – Wacko. Ooh man. Ay where you going? – [Rick] It’s time
to get loaded. Oh man what are you doing? – Wine, women, song,
who’s complaining? – [Rick] What are
you talking about? – Rick, Rick come on man
look, there are four types of people in this world. Those who panic in a crisis,
those who analyze a crisis and do nothing, and those
that exploit all the others. – Wait then that’s three man. – You proved my point, you’re
in the second category. – Don’t you wanna get
out of this place? – And turn my back
on a jackpot, what? Women who need security
from a physical threat? Now that’s what I call
some serious ass crack. – You’re not even a little
creeped out, just a little? – Yeah I’m scared I might
leave without a handful of ass. I don’t have to worry
about anything else. (screaming) (dramatic music) (screaming) – Oh my God it’s a
fucking dead man! What the hell? – What kinda crazy
shit is that man? – Why would anyone do that? – [Marc] Bring a dead
man in a fucking house! – Watch your mouth. – Who the hell would
do something like that? – It’s not real right? – [Bruce] Of course it’s not. – What? Man I know what this,
this is one of those murder mystery parties,
you know the, woo wa, ha, ha, ha! – [Marc] Are you
fucking nuts or what? – It’s not real right? – It can’t be it doesn’t
have a smell or anything. (laughing) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) – Guys please, we have
to try and find a signal. (screaming) (laughing) God! Oh my God. – [Dean] What the fuck? – [Brunette Woman]
That’s a good idea, babe where’s your phone? – [Dean] I left it
on the car charger. – Hold on, hold on, wait, wait. (dial tone) Fuck, fuck, fuck! No signal, I can’t get a signal. – Alright eliminate the obvious, like we’re looking
for something lost. – That’s brilliant. – Really, what ideas did
you come up with huh? – Shut up! – Stupid. I hear something. – It sounds like it’s
coming from the bedroom. (bang) (screaming) Wait, wait, wait,
wait, take your time. Come on. – I’m sick of this fucking,
fucking, fucking whole place. I’m getting sick of
this fucking shit. No good goddamn piece of shit! – [Dean] Let’s not give up yet. (dramatic music) (groans) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) – [Woman] You’re
hurting my hand. – [Dean] I’m not
holding your hand. – Alexis? Alexis! Kendra! (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (screaming) (dramatic music) – Try this one? – Yeah. – [Suzanne] This house is crazy. – Okay, don’t listen to
the guy with the glasses. I’ve only tried it
100 times goldilocks. (dramatic music) – [Brunette Woman] What’s
wrong with this house? – I don’t know,
I’ll figure it out. – [Brunette Woman] What’s
wrong with this house Dean? – I promise. (crying) Do you hear me? Do you hear me? I’ll figure it out
if it kills me. – Everyone hurry up
we’re outta here! – Oh thank God. – Let’s go hunny. – Ha ha, just like
I said, the man did what he said he would do. – What a fucking relief. – Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. – I’ll take that
as a compliment. – You take everything
as a compliment. – Your Rick didn’t I
tell you to go get a B out of the kitchen
on the way back? – Are you kidding me? I’m trying to get
the hell out of here. – [Bruce] I have to
do everything damn! – [Kendra] Oh no! – [Dean] Who did that? – What’s wrong? Something isn’t working here. – [Marc] Come on
baby let a man do it, it opened up once. – That’s what she said. – [Marc] Poke my hand
Donna just to get it wet. Abracadabra lickety split. (screaming) – Okay, it’s just make
believe, watch it and see. – Do something with her man! – Dude, be cool man, be cool. – This is some shit! – I can’t get a signal! – Kendra. Kendra!
– I’ve never had – this problem before! – Listen to me, Kendra. (crying) – [Woman] Suzanne, Suzanne. – Did you hear that? – [Woman] Suzanne! (dramatic music) – [Gary] Shit! (dramatic music) (knocking) (knocking) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (screaming) (dramatic music) – Gary what the
hell are you doing? (dramatic music) – [Alexis] What? What’s going on? – What the hell are
you doing in here? – I followed a sound
and I came across this. – I’ll be damned. – What kind of sound? – Who cares? Just get to what happened. – I don’t know I put my
head in there and then something’s
different, the blade. The blade is back where it was. – Why would you put
your head in there? – [Bruce] Have you always
been scared of magic? – You still haven’t
told us what happened. – Bruce don’t! – What? What do you think’s
gonna happen. – That’s the same thing I
did right before I saw that skull. – What skull? – Guys it’s a prop,
it goes way back. Look, it works when the two
blades come down around you. The middle part doesn’t move
so you don’t lose your head. – Look, I don’t care how it
works or how it doesn’t work I just wanna get the
hell out of here. – There’s something
wrong about it. – What are you so excited for? – Just don’t do it! – What do you
think’s gonna happen? – I’m just saying is all. – Move your hands, why
are you so spazzed out? – Just leave him alone man. – I mean what, did it hit him? It’s just a trick
for crying out loud. – I’m warning you don’t. – Just be on the safe side. – You know what? Go ahead let’s see what happens. – How do you know? – Because he doesn’t
have ear wax spread all over the damn floor. You know what man? You guys are straight up punks. This is ridiculous. (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (laughs) (dramatic music) – Okay guys, I for
one have had enough! – Yeah I know, you’re not
used to that much excitement. Oh! What the hell man? Who spilled all this? – What’s that man? That’s freaking
blood on your shirt. – [Alexis] That’s coming
from, please no, no, no! – I can’t, please somebody else. – Don’t look at me. (sucking teeth) (dramatic music) See I knew it, I
knew it, I knew it. Ain’t nothing but some
pet tricks or something. This can’t be real, look. See man I told you
this is probably like animal blood or something. – Whatever it is I’m
not going near it. – What do you think it is? – All I know is
that it’s a mess. Oh shit! Where the hell did
that come from? – [Elena] Please, God,
don’t let her be, don’t! – It can’t be, you’re telling
me someone murdered someone, dragged the body in
here, and then, I mean, there wouldn’t be time. – I didn’t hear anything. – You see this bell, this
dates back to the renaissance when the new teachings
of everlasting life propagated the fear
of being buried alive. And this design was
there to reassure people. – What about Kendra? Where the hell is she? – Wait, wait, wait, the
blood stops over here, and the only other
blood is coming from. – My footsteps? From when I first
came in the room. – Yeah, but when was the first
time you were over there? – Wait, what are you
trying to say to me? – I think you already
know, you could’ve moved over there and
just matched steps. – [Gary] Man don’t even try it. – Matched steps? Isn’t that a
motherfucking bitch? – I’m not accusing
you of anything. – Yeah that’s what they say
until they got you strung up. – Hey man don’t
be ridiculous man. – And then it’s all we
knew who did it all along. – My friend is dead, don’t
you assholes understand that? – Are you guys gonna do
anything about my friend? – Somebody needs
to do something. – Will you help me? – Just don’t try to
make me the fall guy. (chuckles) – There goes the mouth
and here comes the tears, get the hell. (screaming) (dramatic music) (knocking) – Did you hear that? – Of course, we all
heard that man, so what? – He’s not moving. – [Marc] Get the hell out of
here, stop messing around. – He’s really still. – It was an accident, I
wasn’t even aiming at him! – Rick. Rick! (dramatic music) (bell ringing) (screaming) (dramatic music) – What happened? – She is in here, she is here! Help me get her out! (bell ringing) – How do you even
know she’s in there? – Whatever it is we
gotta do something! – Hey look, look guys it’s
a prank I’m telling you. – Kendra! – The kitchen let’s
get something. – We’ve got to hurry. – Don’t panic. – [Alexis] Can you hear me? – [Rick] What about this man? – What am I gonna do with that? Stab the coffin until it opens? – I’m just trying man. – Well then stop
and think for once. – Where are you going? Come back! – I can’t take it anymore,
I can’t do this anymore. – [Elena] Come back,
we need you Alexis. – I can’t do this. – [Elena] Oh God, oh please. – Come on, come on, come on. Everybody back up, back up. Get in it, get in it man! – [Rick] I’m trying man. – [Bruce] Put your back into it. (dramatic music) (groaning) – What’s going on? We came from upstairs,
is everything okay? – What the hell is
this doing here? – [Marc] Like you
really wanna know. – [Elena] Kendra’s missing
she might be in there. – What’s everybody
standing around for? Come on let’s get
this open, come on! – [Marc] She could
be bleeding to death. – [Gary] More,
everybody lift harder. – Fuck it’s heavy. (screaming) Fuck! – Goddamn. – Jesus. – What happened? – It’s not real you idiots. – Somebody please, what is it? (screaming) (dramatic music) – What happened? – I was asleep, I don’t know. – [Bruce] See I told you
it was a gag, I told you! – Who put you in there? – Do you remember anything? – The dream. – It’s was magic,
that’s all it was. – What dream, go on? – I remember laying on
the couch when I felt this shadow and so I opened my
eyes and I remember thinking that’s a really strange
thing to do in a dream but, I opened my eyes and I saw
this black man standing there and he was looking
straight at me. But it wasn’t like he
was staring, his eyes just never moved. – [Elena] Was that it? – No. He looked at me with those dead
eyes, that’s what they were. They were open but,
they were not alive. Oh God, and then I saw
him lift his hand and there was something in it,
it was a blade, oh God. It was a gigantic blade,
and he kept hitting me, and hitting me, and
hitting me with it until, I tried to scream I tried,
but I couldn’t make a sound. Nobody could hear
me, nobody came. And that’s when I woke up
and I saw all of you there. (laughing) – You should see you guys face. (laughing) It was priceless. (laughing) Woo, Woo! – His girlfriend’s up there,
why don’t you guys go with him? – What for, nobody’s been hurt. – Not yet. (dramatic music) (screaming) Oh my God! (dramatic music) – How do we get out of here? (dramatic music) (choking) (dramatic music) – Shit. (dramatic music) time. For all time. From all my enemies. (dramatic music) (screaming) (dramatic music) (screaming) (dramatic music) (screaming) (dramatic music) I am going to need a subject. And you will be my subject. (gasping) – What is it, what
happened what? – I did a terrible thing. – What? – I didn’t mean to. I just got carried away. – Has something happened? – No, everything’s alright. (scoffs) – Why’d you frighten me? – I just gave myself a
little scare that’s all. – Where’d you go? – I just left you
for a little while. – Who’s that Suzanne girl? – I promise, I promise never,
never to do that again. – I wanna go. – Okay let’s go downstairs. – No, I mean I wanna leave here. – [Dean] Okay. – [Woman] You mean it? – I swear to you, I
swear to you, and to God, and to whoever else
that is listening. I promise I will do whatever
it takes to get us out of here. Okay let’s get out of here. – [Woman] Wait for me, I’ve
got to go to the bathroom. (somber music) (phone signal lost) – Is everything okay,
what’s going on here? – [Suzanne] What? – We heard fighting. – No one knows what time it is. Everyone thinks it’s
something different. – Look man I’m not
saying I was right. – No you just said I was wrong. – [Rick] No all I’m saying
is if no one can agree then there’s no way to
freaking know man, come on. – [Dean] I got 4:15. – A.m. or p.m.? – [Kendra] Someone has to know. – What time is it? – [Marc] Time for me to
get the hell out of here. – It’s like time
doesn’t exist here. – This is ridiculous
we have not been here more than five hours,
trust me I would know. – Man look at the time. – I don’t care, everybody’s
got something different. I don’t give a damn
if it’s 10 to shit, it doesn’t mean we’ve been
here longer than we have. – But how do you know? – Because it’s a trick. – It could be. – [Bruce] That’s what
I’ve been trying to tell these damn fools. – Hey man don’t call me that. – Shut up twit. – What about my friend? Hey, I’m not going
anywhere without her. (dramatic music) (hammer banging) (screaming) (hammer banging) – Oh fuck! (hammer banging) (screaming) – Shit, goddammit! – What the fuck do
they want from us? – They just wanna fuck with us. – This is getting freaking
crazier and crazier. – No you guys are getting
crazier and crazier! – Look man this isn’t just
a freaking joke alright. I don’t know why but
for some freaking reason someone wants to hurt us. (hammer banging) (screaming) (hammer banging) – I can’t understand why
all of this is happening? – Who says there
has to be a reason? – There’s an explanation
for everything. – There’s a lot of things
that don’t make any sense. – There’s got to
be an explanation. – Like what? – What if there is a
reason for all of this? – Why would anybody
want to do this to us? Why? – Kendra are your ears
ringing, ’cause I don’t recall you covering your ears. – I didn’t? – No you didn’t. – Well everything was so loud,
I don’t remember if I did. – This, this is some crazy shit. – Yeah but how do
we figure it out? Not by arguing like
a bunch of bitches! – What do we do? How can we find out? (heavenly singing) (dramatic music) – Oh shit! – Look at all this stuff. – I see it, looks like junk. – [Gary] It’s all
stuff to do with magic. – Looks like it hasn’t
been used forever. (dramatic music) – Oh God! (screaming) (screaming) (dramatic music) – I told you I’d be back. Now look I wasn’t gonna
tell you this earlier but I didn’t really
wanna say nothing but, I wasn’t actually down
here looking for a brick, I was actually looking for
something that would show us another door would open. Good place to hide
something right? – Yeah, if you have
something to hide at all. – Let me see, we can’t see. Maybe we can find something,
okay I feel like a loose. (dramatic music) (screaming) – [Kendra] Oh my God no! – I was just kidding. – You are a fucking jerk! A real fucking jerk! – Hey but I did find something,
I did find something. – [Alexis] Let me
see the other one. – This says the
deed to this house. And that one looks. – Be careful. – Like a family
tree or something. What does the deed have
to do with this house? – I don’t know. – Maybe it has an
inheritance or something? (dramatic music) – Maybe we shouldn’t
be doing this. This is all private stuff. – [Dean] It seems like
somebody was a collector, or really into magic. (dramatic music) – I don’t want to do
this anymore Theo. – You have to do this, we’ve
already committed to it, it’s happening. – [Abigail] No,
I’m scared of him. You should be scared of him too. – [Theo] He can’t hurt us. – [Abigail] Yes he
can, you have no idea what he’s capable of. – You put me up to this. (dramatic music) (clapping) (laughing) (laughing) (clapping) (dramatic music) (laughing) – [Marc] Man white people
collect the weirdest shit. – Marc, you’re white. (clanking) – Sorry. – Magic storage,
put your shit in, and watch your money disappear. – Well it looks like
this place once belonged to a magician and his wife, until the magician met
with a bizarre demise. – That poor woman,
how do you go on after such a thing like that? (screaming) – Oh my God, help me please! Get it off of me,
get it off of me! – Stop and I will help you. – [Gary] This explains a lot. – It doesn’t explain what
the fuck I’m doing here. – [Gary] What about that demise? – I don’t know I haven’t
read that far yet. – I think I might’ve
figured it out. – [Marc] Now he leaves
the door open for doubt. – You’re an asshole. (screaming) Shit! (dramatic music) What is it? – Alexis, oh no Alexis
please, say you’re okay! – [Bruce] Jesus. – What the fuck happened here? – Jesus don’t look. (crying) – Oh my God, that’s somebody,
that’s somebody’s legs. – No it’s not. – Then what are they then? – What side are you on? – What do you mean what side? – I thought you were
the level headed one out of this dumb
out bunch in here. – That’s a goddamn leg man. – [Bruce] It’s not. – [Marc] It is. – No I’m telling you. – What the fuck does
it look like to you? – I don’t give a fuck
what it looks like, it’s not what it fucking is. – Bullshit! – Fuck that, don’t tell
me, I know what I see. – Are you blind man, open
your eyes, don’t you get it? – I know a bitch
leg when I see one. – God would you
just shut up man. God I’ve never been around
such dick heads in my life. And how are you supposed to
be taking care of anyone? – You better shut the fuck up. – It’s not real,
none of this is real? – How do you know? – Are any of us dead? – She might still be alive. – And who legs could they be? – All I know, is
someone’s walking around with nothing working underneath. – That sounds smart idiot. – You know what? Prove it. You’re so fucking
smart, prove it. – Yeah you know what? Put your game to the test. – Listen man, it’s make believe. None of this shit is real. – Prove it. – Yeah prove it, if
you think they’re fake then pick them up. – Okay then, would I do this. – Oh God, no. – It’s heavy. – Take a bite out of it. – Okay. – [Woman] Oh God no! – I told you man. – That doesn’t prove anything. – This is not happening. – It’s not happening. – I’m convinced. – Yeah and I’m convinced
you’re still suckers. – Shut up, shut up for once
in your freaking life man! – I’m gonna forget
that you said that. – Don’t forget it. – What? – Just look around you man,
face the freaking facts! Admit it! – You wil’in out right now. – Look man all I’m saying
is the sooner we realize what’s going on here, the
sooner we’re gonna deal with it, alright? – You know what man? I’m not supposed to deal with
all you dumb ass dickheads. – No, you’re the
freaking dickhead man. – [Dean] Come on man. – Alright get off me. – There is no sense in
sticking around here. – Why don’t we all go somewhere and try and make some
sense of this thing? (dramatic music) – Let’s just take a break man. Let’s just take a
break and try to think. – We can’t stay here. – I will bring her. – It may not be safe. – [Alexis] Nothing
in here is safe. (thunder) – If I fall asleep
don’t go anywhere okay? – [Rick] I promise. (soft music) – I’m scared. I’m really scared. (dramatic music) – Take a look at this. (soft music) (laughs) (soft music) – You can lay down
if you want too. – Are you sure that’s
gonna be alright? (dramatic music) – I like you Rick. – You know that’s the
nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. – Are you a virgin? – Kind of. – Let me, will
you get the light? (thunder) (dramatic music) – I don’t have anything. – It’ll be alright. (dramatic music) (knocking) – Dude come on, that’s
not gonna help anything. – You do it your way and
I’ll do it the right way. – Man we gotta put our
heads together and think. – [Bruce] But
leave me out of it. – Whether you like it or
not we’re in this together. – I’m in nothing with you. – What is your problem? – You guys tried to gang up on
me, I don’t have the problem. You guys try to kick my
ass because I speak out, I’m the bad guy? – I give up. – Yeah it’s in your blood. – Seems like this
magician lived here and he got in some
kind of accident. – Yeah, nevermind him though,
who’s lived here since? – Why would anybody move in
here and keep all his shit! – Maybe they were related? His wife probably,
and after her, family. – Okay, but where
does that get us? Who the hell are they? – Back before the screams,
back before we left the attic, you said something. – [Dean] That’s right,
you said you might have it all figured out. (dramatic music) – Couldn’t you feel
safer with the others? You don’t wanna stay here. – It doesn’t matter
where we go, it’s over. – Come on what are
you talking about? Tomorrow morning, all of
us, we will be out of here. – I knew it, I feel it. This time I’m sure. – Come on you
don’t believe that. – I meant Dean,
here, take a look. – Oh boy. Oh God. Oh no. (crying) – Why wouldn’t you wanna
tell us what you said? – It’s a matter of free
speech, ever heard of it? – Then speak freely. – That’s what we’re
talking about man, freedom. – Come on man, just tell
us what you were gonna say. – And what are you
gonna do if I don’t? – Who said anybody’s gonna? – I did. – Think you better wait for him. – Nobody’s waiting. (chuckles) – You know what? One minute you guys
wanna kick my ass because I won’t shut up. And now you guys
wanna kick my ass because I won’t spill my guts? (laughs) This indecision is killing me. – I’m getting out of here
whether you’re coming or not. (dramatic music) – I made it up, I
don’t know anything. (dramatic music) – He’s lying, he’s
got something. – Come off it man, what you got? – I don’t have to tell you shit, bitch. – He’s got a deed to the house or some kind of
family tree thing. – [Marc] I’ve had
enough of this. – Oh what are you gonna
do now mister big. – Now Marc. (dramatic music) – You ain’t got the balls. – You can leave with us,
or we can leave you behind. – I know he has it,
it’s in his pocket. Make him fucking give it to you! – So it’s like that? Fuck! – [Suzanne] Get back there! – I can’t! – Dean, get that fucking deed! (gunshot goes off) (dramatic music) – You shot me man! (groans) I’m bleeding, man,
somebody help me man! – I just wanted to scare him. He forced the trigger. – Shit man. Oh my God, it hurts man. (groaning) I’m getting cold. Guys please. (dramatic music) – What if he was right? And you guys just killed a man. – Wait, hold on wait a second. – You’re as much a part
of this as we were! – Not a chance pal! – [Suzanne] Oh yes you were. – I won’t testify to that,
no, way, that’ll stick. – It was a fucking minute ago,
you were right behind me man! – It’ll stick like Krazy Glue
shot from a fucking crazy gun! – He’s the one who killed him. – [Gary] No he didn’t. – Like hell! – No he couldn’t of,
I took the bullets! – What? – [Gary] All you
had were blanks. – You did what? Have you fucking lost your mind? – I knew sooner or
later you’d take it out. – Whoa, whoa, whoa,
don’t you ever – You didn’t kill him! – fucking ever do
that shit again! – Don’t you get it
you didn’t do it! (dramatic music) – What happened? – [Dean] It was an accident. – [Dean’s Girlfriend] Oh my God. – I’ll testify to it,
I saw the whole thing. – Dude grabbed the gun, but
it was filled with blanks. – Now what’s really happening? – No it’s complicated. – It’s the same isn’t it? What’s wrong with this house? – It makes no sense. – What are you doing? – Same as you if
you had any sense. – He’s not even cold yet. I can’t believe you! – Don’t you get it? Get this straight! I am getting out of here
no matter what it takes. – I don’t understand why
you didn’t use that thing on that gentlemen creature. – I’m not a goddamn killer. – Well maybe we could’ve
figured something out. How can anybody be so dumb. – Maybe it wasn’t
the best decision but there are worse things. – Colossal dumb,
so fucking dumb! – You’re throwing that
word around a lot, don’t get too comfy
with that word. – What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me? – [Marc] I didn’t kill anybody. Did you already forget that? – Somebody’s gotta say
something to his friend. – Yeah, what’s his
name, Rick, where is he? – He musta heard the shot. (heavenly singing) – Rick, Rick, wake up man, Rick! – What? – We got bad news. There’s been an
accident, Bruce is dead. – What? – Nobody meant for it to happen. It just happened. – How man? – [Marc] Everybody will tell
you the same thing man okay? – The thing for us to do
now is to stick together and to make it out of
this fucking house. – Kendra, Kendra you better hear this too. Kendra! – Her fucking legs are gone man. Oh fuck. (crying) – Oh fuck I’ve gotta
get out of this house! I’ve gotta get out! – [Alexis] What
did you do to her? What did you do to her? – I didn’t do anything,
I didn’t do anything. We were just. – [Alexis] Fuck! – Nobody’s saying
you did anything man, but you must’ve heard
something, did you see anybody? How can you sleep through that? – No I didn’t do anything! – Rick, lock it up man! (dramatic music) – [Suzanne] No! – [Alexis] You’re
gonna kill him no. – [Gary] Guys, guys. – [Suzanne] Dean! – [Gary] Dean get off him stop! – [Alexis] Oh my God
you’re gonna kill him no. – Cut it out now, come on man. – [Alexis] Stop it! (dramatic music) Please. – Hey, hey, hey, hey. – [Rick] You didn’t have
to do that you know? – No I didn’t. (yelling) (screaming) (dramatic music) (crying) – Okay. Alright. (heavenly singing) (dramatic music) – Oh that’s her leg. Hey man, she’s not coming back. – [Dean] We got to
figure this out. – [Marc] What’s
there to figure out? There’s a murdering, crazy,
motherfucker on the loose. – Look calm down,
let’s be rational. – Rational? We gotta have a
bitch in the bathtub. – She’s not dead, I just
cannot believe she is dead. – Nevermind what you
believe, alright? We all gotta think. – [Marc] I can’t even think. – He’s right, I mean
what’s the alternative? – Look, let’s all sit
down and have a look at this family tree,
everybody, that includes you! Look everybody take
a look at this thing and see if anything
stands out to you. Look at it! – Why would anyone cross
out a name on a family tree? – I was thinking the same thing. – [Dean] So was I. And look at the first name,
Mesmer, and he’s crossed out and he’s been replaced. – Yeah him and Abigail
were married right? But it seems like they kept
it a secret for some reason. – But you said there
was some kinda deed. – Yeah there was a deed,
just like the tree. But, he’s been replaced. – And who was the second name? – The person who took his place. – The wife stayed the same, somebody pushed out
the first husband. – Okay. – It was the
magician’s assistant. – Ladies and gentlemen,
for the first time on any stage anywhere, this
side of heaven or hell, I give you the never
before witnessed, the most awe inspiring
death defying spectacle in the history of time. Mesmer the Magnificent presents, Escape from the Fires of Hell! (dramatic music) (heavenly singing) Ladies and gentlemen notice
the wrought iron handcuffs. Courtesy of Lynchburg
police department. (heavenly singing) Observe the metal
link chain bondage. The strongest produced
by Bethlehem Steel. (heavenly singing) See for yourself the
absurdity of getting past even more impossible obstacles. And recognize what can
only be described as his insane ambition. (heavenly singing) (gasping) – An accident! (dramatic music) – [Elena] No, no,
no, no, no, no, no! (dramatic music) – [Dean] Elena is that you? – [Elena] No, no,
please, no don’t hurt me. – [Dean] He’s kinda old for you. Hold on, wait a second,
how did you get in here? – [Elena] That monster thing. – They’re gonna be so
happy you’re alive. Be careful. Alright, hold on. Let’s get you out of here. (dramatic music) – Wait a minute, isn’t
this the same stuff from the bedroom upstairs? – Alexis, come on. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, maybe his death
wasn’t an accident! – [Marc] Gary you
said something about a snap bar, what is that? – It’s a door with a false bar. – [Dean] Look at
this, that’s my name, that’s my fucking name! Jeez. – They killed him. – [Dean] Wait, everyone
look close at these names. – [Suzanne] Why? – [Marc] That’s my
fucking mom’s maiden name. – Is there anyone here
who doesn’t recognize a name from their
family on this sheet? – [Gary] So what if we’re all
related, what’s that mean? – [Dean’s Girlfriend]
We’re the descendants. – The reason for the killings is to make us all pay. – Pay for what Dean? Pay for what? – For who? – Maybe some kind
of serial killer. – It’s worse. He’s dead himself. (dramatic music) – They say that the
undead stick around in no man’s land you know? Just waiting for revenge. (laughing) (dramatic music) (applause) (dramatic music) (applause) (dramatic music) (applause) – Help, help! Hit it, hit that
door, hit it now! – [Man] Somebody do something. Quick the water, come on,
come on get the water! Get the fucking come on! Do something. (screaming) Hurry somebody. (screaming) Hurry, you’re all
just standing there. – No you have to save him! – [Man] Get the water. – Save him! (screaming) Oh my God he’s dying. (dramatic music) Somebody. – I’ll get you both of you. I know what you’ve done! – We’re sorry, I’m sorry! But we didn’t do it so
please, please, please, please spare us! (crying) (spirits talking) – [Marc] Maybe he’s
in here already? Does anybody see anything? – [Suzanne] No, no, no! No! No! – Robin? Robin. Robin! Robin? Holy shit she’s bleeding. – He killed me,
he killed us both. He bound us both in
chairs, and sat us across from one another. We were naked with only
a gun in our hands. – What happened to your clothes? – And he sat rats on us so
that we’d either have to get eaten alive, or kill one
another before they got to us. – [Woman] Suzanne is that you? – [Marc] She sounds different. – Suzanne? – We thought he was dead, we
thought he couldn’t get to us. Suzanne what are you saying? – But he got to us anyways,
his reach is too powerful. It can come up
from out of, grave. – Tell her not to
talk like that. – [Marc] Suzanne are you okay? – He’s not gonna
let you get away. He’s coming for you next. – [Alexis] That’s not Suzanne. – He’s not going to get tired. He’ll never forgive you. – [Alexis] Suzanne what
has she done to you? – Dean make her stop. – [Suzanne] His
hate is unstoppable, and it never takes rest. – Shut up, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Saying things you
don’t even know. – You’re a liar. (dramatic music) (screaming) It’s him, he’s the one
right there, that’s him, he’s the one, he’s the
one coming for you. – Give me the gun before
somebody gets hurt. ‘Cause you’re the one
that has to be stopped. You’re freaking
scaring everybody. – For Christ sakes people,
watch out for your lies. – [Elena] That’s not Rick. – He’s not who you think
he is, the one the coming for you, he’s the one. – I just want to use the door, you’re the one with the gun. – [Suzanne] It’s a trick,
it’s a trick, it’s a trick! – [Marc] Maybe he wants to
come in, he wants someone to open the door. – I’m with you guys, I’m
not just gonna stand here and let him come in here and
kill me or something, come on! – [Suzanne] You wanna
get a head start? Touch that fucking door. (chuckles) – Bitch please. – [Marc] Rick don’t. (screaming) – You crazy ass bitch! – What just happened? – You just killed Rick! – [Suzanne] Don’t, stop. – [Marc] He’s dead,
don’t you see that? – [Alexis] Give us the gun. – No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no wait! – [Marc] I guess you
killed him for nothing. – I didn’t kill anyone. – [Robin] Let’s just
go out the door. – No, no, no, wait. There might be a
killer out there. – There’s a killer in here! – The door is open,
no one’s coming in. – Somebody needs to close it. – I’ll close it, I’ll
close the door okay? Just give me the gun. – No, no, no, no,
I’ll close it myself. (dramatic music) – No, no! Now what? – Now at least we’ll know
wherever he has to come in from. That’ll give us time to
figure something out. – Something like what? – Something, I don’t
know, something Dean. (screaming) – Stop screaming like that! – [Elena] But I can’t help
it, it’s the magician. – There’s nobody else in here. – I know what I saw. – [Dean] You didn’t
see anything, no one
else saw anything, there was nothing to see! – [Elena] Don’t you tell me. – There might be. – [Elena] I’m telling you
he was standing right here. – You’re eyes must be tired. – I saw what I saw, I’m
telling you he’s here! – I’m not sticking around
here, I’m not gonna let him get me, uh uh no way. – What do you mean? – Just what I said! – What the hell are you doing? You know that door’s locked. – [Dean] What the fuck? – No, no, no! – [Marc] Fuck, Suzanne! Fuck. – She’s only looking out
for herself and to hell with everyone else! – Fuck! – Just when I was
beginning to trust her. And to be worried about her. – Worried, for what? – Marc, what if
she’s a reincarnation of that magician’s wife? – She did kill Rick. – She brought out that
business with Bruce too, don’t forget. – Oh so that’s perfect. – Oh yeah look what
she did to you! – [Dean] What? Suzanne! Suzanne open up! – You’re the magician’s
wife, you can’t fuck with us! – [Marc] Say something! (crying) (knocking) – Oh shit! (crying) – [Elena] Shit. – Maybe we should see about her. – Why? She didn’t give a
damn about any of us! (dramatic music) – That was close. – What the hell happened? – Why are you guys all
looking at me like that? – We thought you were dead! – I saw that guy Jomo again. – Jomo? – What was he doing? – What did he saY? – He wondered what
took us so long. – What? – So long for what? – To find the way. – What? – That’s what I said. – That’s gotta be a joke. – Or some kinda trick. – No, find out for yourselves. He said we were so
close so many times. We were there and we
didn’t even know it. – Think it was some kinda game? – I’m going. – Me too, I gotta find out. – You’re not leaving me here. – Stay. – What are you talking about? – [Dean] Listen to me, what
if it’s some kind of trap? What if we need your help? – What can I do? – That’s ridiculous. – Get us out in case. – [Robin] In case what? – In case, just in case. You stop trusting you. – Don’t! – Haven’t I promised you,
haven’t I always said that I was gonna get you out? – We can’t trust him. – Not that. – I’m not blind
to this situation and I know you’re not either. I’m telling you now, look at me. – I came back to get you guys, but I’m not gonna wait all day. – There’s something
I need to tell you. Say it. – No let me go. – [Dean] Please. – Let me go, let go
of me, I’m pregnant. (soft music) (crying) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) – What are you doing? – Follow me. (dramatic music) – This way. (dramatic music) – Why didn’t you tell
us about this before? What’s the catch? – This way. (dramatic music) (dramatic music) – Oh look. Oh my God! Oh my God! (all yelling) – [Dean] It’s not gonna
work do you hear me? It’s not gonna fucking work! (yelling) (talking) (dramatic music) – [Gary] Dean come over here! I hope that’s not
what I think it is. Oh please, not that, not that! – Tell me what? – [Dean] Don’t do
that to him you dick. – I can’t help it
I’m too scared. – Somebody tell me what! What are you talking about? – [Elena] I can’t, I
won’t, I don’t wanna look. – It’s not what I
think, it’s what I know! – Shut up, shut up, don’t say
nothing I swear to God don’t! We’re gonna keep calm,
wait and find out, okay? (dramatic music) (screaming) – I knew it! – It can’t be no, God please. – No, you don’t know anything! Shut your fucking hole! (dramatic music) No! No! Open it! (dramatic music) (crying) (dramatic music) (laughing) (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Bruce
Powell, Marc Pierce’s matrilateral second
cousin once removed, was removed from the
house’s living room. No gun shot wound detected. The pulverized body of
Dean Tisdale, grand nephew of Theo Igner was pulled from
beneath the elevator door. – The remains of Marc
Pierce were found riddled with hundreds of
rusty coffin nails. The family of Alexis
Cruz continues to block from publication any details
surrounding her demise. The charred body of Elena
Sanchez parallel cousin of Alexis Cruz was
taken from the floor of the guest room shower. The body of Kendra Miller
patrilateral cross cousin to Suzanne was removed
from the upstairs bedroom. Her severed legs from
the master bathroom. Every bone of the body of
Suzanne Pratt granddaughter of Abigail Mesmer and Theo Igner was found to have been broken. – No, no, please no. No, no, no, no , no,
no, please no, God no. No! No! No! (dramatic music) (growling) (clapping) (dramatic music) ♪ Dark indy of the night ♪ Dressed like someone caught
in hot summer’s fancy fly ♪ ♪ You walk fast or slow ♪ Awe girl so you
don’t feel the bite ♪ ♪ Of a cold winter’s night ♪ Sista love, sista love ♪ You’ve got the soul
of a gentle dove ♪ ♪ Sista love, sista love ♪ How many pieces of your
soul are you gonna give up ♪ ♪ He walked right up to you ♪ Awe girl when you
needed someone who
was strong and true ♪ ♪ He told his story to
you and you believed it ♪ ♪ I guess you really needed to ♪ You believed all
the lies he told you ♪ ♪ All the things that
you thought you know ♪ ♪ Girl and all the dreams
that you thought you’d show ♪ ♪ Baby everything got it
all and all to resurrect ♪ ♪ Ow ♪ Ow ♪ Sista love, sista love

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