Decoração de Festa Halloween Lanterna de Abobora Tutorial

Luiza, I liked the result! turn off the kitchen light look people, that beautiful it was! I want to see you! looks new videos every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 14:00 UTC hi my loves staff, this is the second Halloween video and we’ll teach you to make a scary lantern, right lu? Yes how is this flashlight? you need? You can buy a common pumpkin or natural, right Mom? that we try this pumpkin here like this which is that orange but we did not find then buy this one which is also beautiful and I think it will become more frightening because it is dark is equal to that pumpkin is the witch it is not? I’m afraid of the witch and you? who is afraid of the witch write in the comments I know: Dudu! Dudu afraid of the witch good is as follows: We’ll make pumpkin or that you have at home if you have a watermelon will serve but it has to be a great thing to make a rostão it in a sail a pen for us to do the eyes of design, good and nose and the knife the knife has to be a mommy or daddy, okay? or else some adult who is there in your home child can not mess with knife come on, Lu? Mom, I want to do … good is as follows: I will choose to forward this part here wait a minute, Mom I have not finished doing the hat basically be like this here you will make both eyes nose, and a mouth very easy eye, just make two large triangles It gives a good space between them but it will be very close we change pen? the LU is so cool Pen exchange with me draw an eye does not seem pen? looks Make a nose is all triangular is easy You can use marker pen if you do not have permanent pen. and now the mouth let’s see if I can make the mouth mouth here he did smile type missing tooth then the smile comes … enters the tooth is missing and keeps going below is equal you come with a smile and makes the missing tooth so here it is only for us to have an idea because time for us we cut that will actually leave the format the two eyes, nose and mouth up here you have to cut a lid that Lu has done look to be able to draw in things Pumpkin filling I did the format What is this here, right Lu? you made the shape to make the filling, was not it? and to leave the fruit or pumpkin you bought, It is not to throw away we’ll make a pumpkin soup and who do with watermelon, you can take and make a juice … not throw away we cut, Lu? you can save up to … one hundred years! one hundred years let’s start? looks we’ll ask Daddy to because it is very hard I’ll be back with her cut now that daddy cut, was so Tcha !!! and in, let me show we cleaned up now we took a candle Lu shows and a matchbox Look, I put the candle in Chi and now I will turn it inside go, Mom! deleted let’s go again It has now been ready Now we’ll turn off the lights to see how you got the kitchen light look at us! that was beautiful I want to see her looks is that if we put the lid will erase? You have to fit right looks Luíza !!! ha ha ha ha it is closed You can not blow in no we’ll make the soup? we’ll make the soup with the leftovers from there look! dad burned staff fall within the Lulu channel leave much thumbs up for her, right love? for her to be very happy and uses to activate notifications here in the channel there near the button “register” has a bell you go there and click this bell then every time we put a new video, will appear to you on notice tchauuu Luiza, which has back here ?? a horse, Luíza !!! behind us a horse! Oh my God!!! sign in the channel

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