♫ Hi everyone, I’m Mariely Del Rey’s blog Customizando and today here in the channel I bring to you some ideas on how to decorate a sunflower theme party. A simple party at home with easy and cheap tips. Already clicked on liked, now before watching. And if you are not yet registered in the channel, sign up, clicks the red button and also activates the bell
to receive the notifications. Oh, and there in the blog has more tips for a sunflower-themed party. So, after watching this video, run there on the blog. I’ll leave the link here below and also here on the cards for you to check. So now check out these tips and do it in your home! Let’s go to the first idea. Print several sunflowers on a sheet. I’ll leave those here on the blog for you to copy. Then cut it out. It’s cool for you to print on a quick, on a digital print, on coated paper or photo paper. But if you want, you can also do it at home in the sulphite paper. After all trimmed get these mini disposable spoons and with silicone glue stick a flower on each spoon. ♫ Now get mini disposable cups, those of putting mousse and put some brown candy in. I made a layer of brigadeiro and then filled with banana jam and this combination was very tasty. Then you put the spoon with the sunflower, and look what a grace it is! You can play over cocoa powder or Ovomaltine to mimic earth. I used Ovomaltine but lets do it around the time of the party, because mine eventually melted. But it felt good the same way. A tip if you do not find sunflower artificial flower in your city. Here I had a hard time finding. Get those daisies. and using a brown paint paint their crumbs and let them dry. It will not look so much like the sunflower, but it will get more into the yellow and brown theme. To make a napkin holder take a roll of cardboard, the one here is tape. And also make a circle with cardboard to close and make the base of our roller. You should cover these two parts with jute, which is a rustic material and has everything to do with this theme. After masking, glue one part on the other. To make a better finish you can use a rope or some attachment. And then glue the flowers we paint around the roller. And look, we already have a nice napkin holder! Because we will agree, that a party with mini salgados needs to have napkins always at hand. So it’s interesting that the napkin holder is part of the table decoration. Now let’s use yellow paper cups to create a very cute curtain ornament! It’s important that these paper cups have this flower shape, okay? The first step is to open up various forms. ♫ Then, let’s get the brown paint, I used the True Colors acrylic paint in the coffee color. Put it in a bowl and soak the brush in the paint, you do not need to put too much paint on the brush. Then go beating with the brush in the center of the paper cup, thus creating the kernel of the flower. It’s something very stylized, that you do quickly. It does not have to be anything right, you may have these faults, to give even the impression of the sunflower kernels. ♫ Do this in as many paper cups as you like, remembering that the more flowers you make, the more beautiful your scenario will be. Then we’ll use a rope or a sisal to attach and hang these flowers. I used this mini rope from the New Chic store. Before you paste the flowers, cut several strips of rope and see how many you can do. Then using silicone glue, I always use this one from Luli, go gluing each paper cup in the rope, leaving a very nice space between one and another. If you can measure and do something harmonious, the effect will be much more beautiful. After gluing one side, use stick glue to glue another flower on the other side. So if it turns it will be beautiful on both sides. After you paste all the flowers, it is only you to hang on the rod of your curtain. The effect is very beautiful and delicate! And it will get a really cool background for the photos. Print on A3 paper a message about the sunflower, I’ll leave this art there in the blog Customizando if you want to do the same, Look how beautiful this message is: “Just as the sunflower always chooses to be facing the sun, always choose to focus on the better side, more beautiful, more luminous and vibrant of the things that happen to you. ” Now let’s use a picture frame in the size of our art, which was 30×40 centimeters. Open the picture frame and place the sunflower message inside. And, uh, you already have a poster to help decorate the party. and leave a beautiful message to the guests. Then you can give the birthday girl the picture, and that’s what I did with my sister. Now here the tip is to make a Chocolate Brigadier that looks like a sunflower using simple paper cups, which are usually white on one side and colored on the other. Use the paper cups that have the shape of a flower. Open the paper cup and turn it inside. This way it will have the yellow inside. Put this paper cup on a normal paper cup. If you want you can pass some stick glue to hold each other. But I did not even do it. Prepare a traditional recipe for Chocolate Brigadier. And put these Chocolate brigadiers in the paper cups. And all right, it looks like you have lots of sunflowers! A very cool idea is to use these hard rolls of cardboard to make a vase. Use jute to coat and get a rustic look. Make a background with cardboard circle, also cover with the jute and glue on the roll. Our vase will look like this. Now use raffia to decorate. If it does not, it can be a sisal. It’s going to be really rustic, huh? Done this is just put the sunflowers to decorate. It’s a very interesting arrangement. ♫ Another rustic idea is you cover an ice cream pot all with rope. I already taught this craft here in the channel, I’ll put the link in the video description and also on the cards for you to see all this step by step. To make the cake decoration we will use those larger sunflowers that I made available there on the blog. Cut them all off and then we’ll use skewers. If your toothpick is large, cut it in half. Pass glue on toothpick, side of stick that is not pointed and glue the sunflower on it. Let it dry. And then just stick on the cake to decorate. I ended up also using some smaller flowers that were in the spoons, you can do the same and so stick with two sizes of flowers, the smaller ones you put in front. We chose a cake with chocolate shavings to give that impression of earth. A cake with green frosting would also look interesting imitating grass. And look at that golden candle, super combined with the decoration, is not it? One other thing you can do to complement the decor is to print the birthday girl’s name, cut and paste on the wall with tape. And another thing you can do that always looks beautiful is to use photo frames with the photo of the birthday girl, which leaves the decoration more personalized. So here I used yellow picture frame with sunflower motifs. Oh sure, if you can, use bladders that they help decorate as well. I put it in a corner just to make a charm and stay more different. And from there on the other side I put the name. The tip now is for the tablecloth, not everyone has yellow towel at home. And I confess that I had forgotten to provide the bin. Then I remembered a yellow TNT I won from the Gramp Line, which was a hand in the wheel. So you can use TNT which is very cheap and looks pretty good. I used this TNT Aqua that besides being very beautiful, it has a worked on it, type a texture, And it is waterproof. When liquid falls into it you can dry it, so it remains clean and dry. This is the proof that really happened during our party and saved the towel! But you can also use the common TNT that will look cool too, okay? So now you check the before and after decoration. It was here at home, a simple place and without much space. So you can see that any small space can be used to make an intimate party. The decor was simple but it was from the heart, I did everything practically alone in just two days, it was well done, because besides going to do it I was recording all the steps for you. But it was well worth it, it was a surprise party and my sister liked it a lot. That was the most important thing for me. So you can have a simple party even without having space or money you saw that I used cheap items, some things that I already had at home and it was only adapt. If you liked these ideas, click I liked it helps a lot here on the channel. Comment which of these ideas you like best I love to hear your opinion! ♫ Are you going to have this party? Are you going to use some of these tips? So comment down here, say what you found and share this video with your friends. Well, that’s it. A kiss and until the next video!

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