Decorate Cupcakes for a Girl’s Birthday | Cupcake Tutorials

So, I’m going to show you how to make cupcakes
for a girl’s birthday. We’re going to have different shades of pink. I already colored a light pink, so I’m going
to show you how to color a darker pink. This is actually red, but I’m going to drop
one or two in there and it’ll make for a nice, dark pink. For our lighter pink, I used a light pink
food coloring, but you can also take your same red and drop one drop in there and it
should make a really nice light pink. So now we have this nice, darker pink. And so with our dark pink, I’m going to fill
a pastry bag with a small, round tip. And with our light pink, I’m going to fill
a pastry bag with a large star tip. And before I start, I like to squeeze out
just a little bit, just to make sure the air pocket up there doesn’t make the buttercream
explode on our cupcake. So, for our first one, I’m going to start
piping from the center, hover a little over the cupcake and squeeze, and go in a circular
motion, and stop when you get to the end of the cupcake. Then, I’m going to take pink sanding sugar
and I’m just going to sprinkle it all over the top. You can put as much as you want. I really like sprinkles, so I’m going to put
a lot. Who knows when? For second cupcake, I’m going to take our
same light pink pastry bag with the star tip, and do the same exact thing. Start from the center. Go around in a circle. Stop when you get to the edge. Then, I’ll take my darker pink with the round
tip, and with this, I’m going to write on our cupcake. So, let’s say this is for a fourth birthday
party. So, I’m going to take my bag, hover a little
over the cupcake, squeeze, and write out the number four. Right in the center. Write really big. Now with these, if you’re going to make a
dozen, make half of each, mix and match, have a lot of fun with it. And that’s how you make cupcakes for a girl’s
birthday party.

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