Decorating for a 40th Birthday Celebration

Hi, I’m Barbara Kelley, and this is how to
make 40th birthday centerpieces. Remember these over-the-hill black and white balloons
for 40th birthdays? Well we’re going to forget that because that is just way too negative.
However, we’re going to stick with the classic black and white theme for this 40th birthday
centerpiece. For my table, I’ve chosen a fun black and white polka dot fabric. Then I’ve
added white hydrangeas to carry out the black and white theme and since lime is my favorite
color, I’ve chosen some lime green flowers to accent. Here’s a flashy soft table scarf
that you can also use to pop that color. You can also use white plates which I like to
do because they go with everything but you can also buy paper products in any color you
want for easy clean up or to again, add that color. There’s lots of colors that play with
black and white, blue, orange, pink and yellow, anything you want. And the real star of your
centerpiece are the black and white photos of the birthday girl. Here we have pictures
of Debbie from birth to now and they’re all in black and white and then attach them to
your ribbon with some binder clips and the black and white theme is again carried out.
We’ve carried out the black and white theme with the pops of lime green and for our centerpiece
we have the flowers, the black and white, the lime green and part of that is the star
of the show, our birthday girl, Debbie, in black and white photos. So happy 40th birthday

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