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(Nutcracker theme music) – Hi guys! Welcome back to – [Family] That YouTube family! – And today is fun Friday! – Today we’re going to
decorate for Christmas! – But since it is the first
day of December, we’re going to open up our advent calendars. So these are my advent
calendar boxes. Let’s go with day one. Oh, it’s a heavy
one. What? It’s really heavy! Let’s see what’s in it. Oooh! What is this? I got a body scrub scented
frosted sugar plum! – [Father] Nice! – [Audrey] It’s my turn! – [Father] Audrey’s turn. – This is what my advent
calendar looks like. – [Father] So yours are the
colored boxes right here? – [Audrey] Mine is slightly
– oh – I just opened it. Well let’s see what I got. (opening box) What is this? A brush cleaning kit! I’ve never seen this before! – [Father] For like a hairbrush? – No, it’s for like your makeup
brushes and it’s from Ulta and I guess you like… – [Jordan] You can like get it wet I guess – Yeah, and you could
like scrub your brushes. That’s cool – handy dandy! – [Father] Nice. Okay Jake which is yours? – [Jake] This one. – [Father] Kay. Yours is
the middle section of boxes. – I got a…what? – [Audrey] Look! Read this side! – Oh! Roblox character! – [Father] Nice. Cool. All
right Tyler, it’s your turn. – [Father] It’s your
set of calendar boxes. (giggling) – [Father] You strugglin’ there, buddy? – Roblox characters! – [Father] You got Roblox
characters as well? – [Audrey] You should open
it and see what you got. – [Jordan] You guys should open it, yeah, – [Sister] they’re mystery boxes. – [Father] So it’s day one
of your advent calendars. – [Father] Why are there boxes
and stuff in the room here? – [Mother] We got some humongous
boxes from Spin Master. – They sent us their cool toys of 2017. I mean, they sent two huge boxes filled.
I think they have more. But we’re going to see
what’s in these boxes. – [Father] All right. – So we wanna thank Spin
Master for sending us all their hottest toys. – [Father] Kay, so you guys see
those big boxes right there? – [Sister] Ooh, who’d you get? – [Tyler] I think it’s
a Guest, I gotta Guest! – [Mother] Guest Roblox, I
don’t know what that means! – [Jordan] It’s like when
you’re a Guest on Roblox and you don’t have an account.
That’s the regular avatar that you get. – [Mother] Awesome. Cool! – Oh you get a little
hat too! What’s this? You get a virtual item! On
Roblox! You get a prize – to go on your Roblex account! – [Mother] Whoa! – That is awesome. Yeah,
don’t forget to keep that. – [Audrey] But you can’t play Roblox until your arm is healed! (laughing) – [Tyler] Wait. Is this on any game? – No, it’s on Roblox. I don’t know. – [Mother] Roblox any game, probably. – It’s a little Roblox character, woo! – [Father] All right guys,
let’s open up the boxes from Spin Master and
see what they sent us. – [Kids] Whoa! – Look at this! We’ve got some Hatchimals! – [Father] Hatchimals, nice. – And we got Soggy Doggy. – [Father] Soggy Doggy? – And we got a drone! – A drone?! – [Tyler] It’s a water drone. – That is so cool! – [Jake] I call the drone! – Look at this! It’s a
little mechanical pony! – [Father] Pony? Nice. – [Father] And Ty, what is this? – It’s a drone! A vacuum drone! – [Father] Air Hogs? That’s cool. – [Tyler] And we got Rusty Rivets. – [Father] ? Rusty Rivets? – [Mother] The Botasaur. – [Father] Nice. – [Mother] That’s super cool.
What else? Set them up here on the table. Bring me your – there’s an Etch A Sketch “FreeStyle.” – [Father] Ooh, I wanna try that one. – [Mother] “FreeStyle” Etch
A Sketch. So with this one you could just grab
the pen, and just draw. So you don’t have to – I mean
– they still have the handles but you could draw with ’em. Which is pretty cool. – Whoa, we got Max! – We got Max and a Soggy Doggy game. – [Father] That one’s funny. – [Audrey] I call this one! – [Father] Audrey calls
this one. What is this? – Pottery. – [Father] What is it? – Pottery! – [Father] Pottery? – I don’t know how I get this out. – And then there’s the airbrush
styling studio where you can style the doll’s head and practice all your cool hairstyles! – [Audrey] And you can put
chalk in her hair, too! – That’s super fun. – [Father] That’ll be Jake’s toy. – And you can color her
eyes different colors. – [Audrey] Logan got a toy too. Look! (laughing) – [Father] Logan, what are you doin’? – [Audrey] He’s ripping
the paper from the boxes. – [Father] Logan are you helping? – [Audrey] He’s unwrapping the presents. – And there’s the sea patroller! – [Father] Whoa, that thing’s huge! – Okay, so these are all
the hottest popular toys of the year. I’m sure that
you guys will be seeing these all over the place. ‘Cause this
is on everybody’s wish list. – [Father] This is cool. (Nutcracker theme song) – [Father] Awesome! So there’s
our tree so far, what do you think of it, Audrey? – [Audrey] It looks pretty sad. – [Father] It’s kind of like a shrubbery. – Yeah we need to add
some more leaves on it. – [Father] Add some more? How about these big piles right here? – [Audrey] Yeah. – [Father] You wanna hook ’em up? – Yeah, we should do that. – [Father] We should do that? – Yeah. As in you. – [Father] As in me? Nice. – We went all the way up in
the mountains to get this tree. – [Mother] Uh huh, sure. – [Audrey] Yeah, that’s
why it’s in pieces. – You gotta find the
perfect Christmas tree. So I’m gonna let mom and the
girls finish with the inside getting the decorations for
Christmas. Jake and Ty and I are gonna go outside and
do the outside lights. – Okay, so the first thing
that we’re doin’ is we’re gonna set up these Christmas
tree decorations. And these were made by who? – Grandpa! – Nana and Grandpa. They made
them for us. And so we’re gonna spray paint them
and then we’re gonna put lights on ’em. (Christmas music) – [Jordan] Okay, I’m gonna
leave you guys to painting and I’m gonna go inside and
see what the girls are doin’. – Have fun! – [Mother] All righty, so
Audrey’s makin’ progress. – Christmas lights, check. – [Jordan] Now you needa
fluff up the branches. – [Mother] Kay, go fluff girls. – And we need to string the things. – [Mother] Strings? String the stringers? – Yeah. Not the lights,
but the other things. – Strings. – Yeah. – [Mother] What are
you workin’ on, Audrey? – The stocking holders. – [Mother] So our stocking
holders are all reindeer Santa’s sleigh themed, huh? – Every year. – [Mother] Every year. – [Mother] So which one’s
gonna be the lead today? – A special one. – [Mother] A special one?
Who’s is the “special”? Is it yours? – I’m special. – [Mother] We can move some
of these pictures so you can slide ’em out. We can add other stuff. – [Mother] Logan doesn’t get his hung! – Yes he does! – [Mother] His just goes
under the tree. So do you guys hang your stockings by the fire all through the month of December? Or do you
hang them up, like the day of Christmas Eve? Which do you do? Because we just leave ours hanging up all
the entire month of December. – Look at these trees! – [Mother] Jingle bells, jingle bells! – I say we set them
over here, but I’m not – – [Mother] Okay. There
you go. That looks good. – Can Ty and Logan share one? – [Mother] No! Logan’s is off. No…they’re both the same so I would just put one
up, and take the other and put it away. – Fine, I’ll hang Logan’s up here. – [Mother] That looks
better. No! Logan’s is not going on the tree! – Where is Logan’s going? – [Mother] Nope. – It’s gotta go somewhere! – [Mother] So Jordan is
discovering all sorts of goodies that we forget that we even have! – Yeah, I did not even know
that we have a cookie jar! But apparently we do. – [Mother] So we got our
little cute Santa cookie jar. – Gonna put this in the kitchen. – [Mother] How’s it going out there? – We got a few of ’em done
if you wanna come check. I just found out I got two
different size bulbs. I got these smaller bulbs, and then these
that are a little bigger. – [Mother] So here is the
house. We got the little trees over there with the big
trees there. There’s some other trees with sparkle lights. – [Mother] Okay Ty, Take
the Ty cam with one hand. Okay, so we’re hanging up the bulbs on the
tree. We’re making progress. – [Jordan] Oh, it’s so tall! – [Tyler] You’re putting
it on the top? Wait that’s not the top. The star’s
supposed to go on the top! – We are going to put a
star up there on the top. The star is right here.
I don’t think the cord will reach, though. – [Tyler] What happens if the tree falls? – Oh, that’d be grand! – [Tyler] And then Logan tips it. – [Jordan] The star is going on the tree! – [Mother] If we can get it to stay. – [Jordan] Look at that! Now we just have to light it. Okay, let’s decorate the tree! (lighthearted Christmas music) – Last time I broke one of
these, and now there’s only one so I’m gonna put it on. And if I break it… It’s…not too bad! – What’s in the gold box? Let’s find out! – Oh! Look at this ornament! – It’s a reindeer! – It’s a little reindeer that
we made with our fingerprints! Let’s hang it up on the tree! Look at these star ornaments,
they’re really super duper sparkly. I like ’em! – Wait, do we have to
call Gertie and Therma? – Maybe! I have no clue! Up next we have the bird
ornament. Ooh! Let’s put it on the tree. – A bird? What? I’ll take the yellow bird! Look at that! It looks like
it’s on the branch! Wait. I need to move it a little. – [Mother] All right, Ty loves decorating! Should we see if there’s
any other ornaments? Because we have to find
the pickle ornament! – I know! – [Mother] So let’s see if we
can find the pickle ornament. – [Mother] All righty! We got
the Christmas decorations up. – Woo! – [Mother] And it’s clean up here. – [Jordan] It’s so nice, and it’s warm! Oh – there’s a balloon. – [Mother] Jake’s got a balloon. Whoa! That was crazy! – [Mother] Logan droppin’ his toy. So he has loved on that toy that he got from fan mail. – He loves it. He like
goes to sleep with it every single night. It’s funny. – [Mother] But anyway, that’s
our finished results! I think it looks so nice and
Christmas-ey in here now. Which is super fun. All righty, so Audrey and dad went to get dinner. Because we’re starvin’! – We’re so hungry after
setting up all these Christmas decorations
and we need some fuel! – [Mother] We need fuel so we
can do somethin’ fun tonight. – Like play on the computers! – [Mother] Yeah, well Ty
can’t play on the computers. – Oh yeah… – [Mother] What other
ideas should we do tonight? – Scratch Logan’s back. – [Mother] Hm, fun. Chase balloons! That’s going to pop. – I know, I’m like,
“please no, please no.” – [Mother] Give that one
to Logan. Don’t pop that in your mouth, it’ll hurt. – Don’t pop it. – This isn’t the biggest it’s gotten. – [Mother] Okay, I’m warning… – Stop! – Ew you can see it! – [Mother] See your slobber? Ew, gross. (laughing) – [Mother] That was gross!
That got me all over my face! – [Jordan] That got me too! – [Mother] Ew. Jake, that was disgusting. Really? Okay, you…I am gonna prank you!
You are going down this season! (laughing) – [Mother] All right, laugh it up, buddy! – It’s so funny! – [Mother] I’m gonna getcha!
That was gross. His slobber went all over my face! It’s like gettin’ blown raspberrys on me. – I feel like this should
be slime, but it’s not. – Double shot with one go! – [Mother] All righty, I
just heard dad come home with Audrey and the food! – Woo! – [Mother] Are you guys
excited? Are ya starvin’? – I’m so hungry to the
point that I’m tired… – [Mother] Me too, ’cause
it’s like 7 o’clock, 7:15. – It’s probably not that late
to me because normally like I feel like you can eat
from six to eight for dinner so it’s not that late but…yeah. – [Mother] But we’re starving and tired. – We’re all tired ’cause
we woke up early too, so… – [Mother] Now we’re just
waiting for the food to walk in! Walk in, food! Now! – Food’s walkin’ in! – We’re playin’ Fall Out Shelter, yeah! – [Mother] What are you playing? – Fall Our Shelter! – [Mother] Yup, you got Fall
Out Shelter on your phones. – Yes, I just rushed and
got more food in this game! – [Mother] There goes
the garage door down. – There it is! – [Mother] There they
are! Yay! We can eat! – Yeah! – [Mother] They’re home, they got food! – It was like, seriously I kid you not… – You’re welcome, you’re welcome. – Forty people in front
of us at Costa Vida. Burger King, In N Out – it was awesome. – It was stressful for me. – Audrey had to make two
left-hand turns. It was stressful for me! – In the middle of the highway,
kay? Like you had to cut through one side across four lanes! – [Mother] And it’s getting
busy because it’s the holidays. – Yeah, Costa Vida was packed! – [Father] Boys? – [Mother] All right guys, let’s go eat! – Yeah! – All right, thank you
guys so much for watching. This was fun puttin’ up all
our Christmas decorations. Hope you guys enjoyed this
video, make sure you give it a big like. Subscribe and share! – Hit the bell! – And hit the bell! – [Family] Bye! (Christmas music)

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