Decorating Minecraft Birthday Cake / Grass Block ( + Troubleshooting)

hello everyone I hope you’re well and
today I’m gonna do a quick demo on how I did a Minecraft cake for my son the
other week. so these white blemishes on a cake: I had the cake covered with buttercream except for the thin layer of Ganache on outside because its really nice to work with and tastes divine in small amounts … What I’m trying to decide here is
whether to make little squares for this minecraft cake in centimeters or in
inches and I am very very glad that I’ve decided to do it in inches because it
took me about 3 times longer than I thought it would . I was pretty much
messing about and decorating it till the morning! So no take note those people who make novelty cakes commercially: PRICE YOURS WISELY ( the cake is two bakes of Sq 8″ , 3 layers each). Generally I would put my fondant in the
fridge for about 15-20 minutes or briefly in the freezer, to make it easy to cut out and apply the templates, however in this case not only was I in the rush, but also I was going to need to stretch it out and manipulate some of the squares to fit the rest of the geometric pattern… so
fridge wasn’t really an option. And here, I’m using my hands just to make sure
that everything is covered. The brush just wouldn’t do it, wouldn’t fill all evently. …for something like this it’s a very good
idea to have your cake nicely chilled but in general as well, if you work with
chocolate ganache covered cake , chilled always makes your life easier. In this case, I just pulled someone else’s cake from
Pinterest and am copying the grass block more or less exactly how it was on that cake I will
try to copy it and pin it to my Pinterest board so you can have a look
it was a lovely lovely cake and yeah I’m just a shameless copycat if your cake is not square or in case
your cake is not 100% square work your way from the top to the bottom.
That way if you reach the bottom and decide that you only need partial square
then you could kind of cut it down and no one would really notice it I think at
the top um it would be kind of more noticeable and would draw attention to
itself so this is why I kind of work backwards otherwise I would have
probably sucked up the bottom and then filled up from the bottom to the top, that would be
logical ( or you can measure all out of course!) …so here we go if any of you cake masters
out there know a clever way of making this fun and finish smoother at this
point please make sure you leave a note down below in comments for other people
and yeah other than that lovely to see you on my channel again and I will see
you again next week I’ll be back with my usual flower tutorials

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  1. Making all of those little squares would drive me crazy, Chris 😄😄😄 Btw, cool cake 😍

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