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Hey, how are you doing? My name is Robert
Arrington and I’ve got a YouTube channel
called Deer Meat for Dinner. I was born and raised down
here in South Florida. From a little kid, all I
ever really wanted to do is hang out outside, tear
stuff apart in my dad’s shop, catch lizards or snakes,
hunt with my b.b. gun. It didn’t matter. I mean, just to go for a
ride on the buggy with my dad was amazing. And now as I’ve grown, I’ve
had some amazing opportunities, like down in Guyana flying over
Kaieteur Falls with the windows off of this little
bush plane look at it this unbelievably
majestic waterfall or traveling down remote
river systems in Guyana, catching arapaima and
payara, peacock bass and all these other fish or being
down in Costa Rica running a big sport fishing boat
chasing blue marlins or in the Midwest
chasing a white tail or catching a hog down
here in South Florida. If I’m doing it, chances
are it’s outside. Because that’s what I am. That’s what I’m all about. Life is about the pursuit
of happiness to me. My motto in business and in my
personal life is all men die, few ever really live. I mean, we are
all on this earth. We’re all here. And one day, we’re
all going to die. What do you do with that
time that you’re alive? And my goal is to
enjoy every single day. And if it matters,
make it matter. And if it doesn’t matter,
don’t worry about it. When I was a young
kid, I was riding a motorcycle, a little three
wheeler, ATC 110 Honda. And I only had one rule. And that rule was
don’t cross the road. Well, I broke that rule,
got smashed by a car. Probably should have killed
me, but I made it through. Smashed my left foot, face, hip. I was a wreck. But I learned that rules
are there for a reason and that life is precious and
don’t take one day for granted. So if you ever see
any of my videos, whether it be on Carhartt site
or on YouTube or anywhere else, if you see me using
a product, you know that I believe
in that product. Somebody didn’t
just hand it to me and me run out and
do video acting like I know all about it. I’ve got it time,
I got experience, I got respect for the
products that I use. I got respect for my
name and who I am. But it’s a special day. It’s a special day to be
associated with Carhartt, a brand that I find amazing. Because it stands for integrity. It’s long-lasting. I’ve got Carhartt bibs
that I’ve had forever. The very first picture Sarah
and I ever took together, she was wearing Carhartt
bibs and a Carhartt hat. That’s a name that’s
trusted, respected, and will stand the test of time. I’m not into trends. I’m not into fads. I’m into life, really. I just– I love life. All men die. Few ever really live. And I encourage all of you,
if you’re watching this video, enjoy every day
because you never know when your number
is going to be called and when you don’t
have any more days. So treat today like
it’s your last. Enjoy it. Cherish it. Have fun with it I really
appreciate you guys watching. Very first thing I want
to do, take the bolt out so I can see down the barrel. And I am going to line it up
with that target over there. Now I’m looking
straight down my barrel. I can see the target. And I’m looking
through the scope.

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