Def Leppard – Hysteria (30th Anniversary) – Unboxing

Hey everybody. For this video I thought I’d
do something a little bit different and have a go at an unboxing video, because I’ve never
done one of those before. But I’ve just got this new box set from Def
Leppard. This is the 30th anniversary of their Hysteria album, which was a classic at the
time, and indeed still is. I’ve never actually owned this album, the
original version. I’ve got their Greatest Hits, I’ve got the most recent album they
released, and I’ve got a live DVD. But I’ve never actually had this album for some reason,
in amongst all the many, many albums that I’ve bought over the years. So this was a
good opportunity to get it, to treat myself for my birthday later this month. So I’ve had a little look through it already,
so I just thought I’d show you what’s in here. This is the front cover of the box. It’s got,
obviously, the Hysteria artwork on the front, with a face roaring through the triangular
shape on the front, with the word Hysteria at the bottom and the Def Leppard logo at
the top. Looks very nice, very colourful. And then it extends round the sides like that.
And then on that side you’ve got the Def Leppard Hysteria logo again. And then on the back, which is the crucial
bit, you’ve got all the contents. So you’ve got the original album on Disc 1. Discs 2
and 3 are all B-sides and remixes, which are gonna be interesting to listen to. And discs
4 and 5 are a live show, called In The Round In Your Face, so that should be pretty good. And then there are 2 DVDs as well. Visual
Hysteria, which is Top Of The Pops performances and promotional videos, so they’ll be fun
to watch. And then the second DVD is the Classic Albums documentary, of which there is also
an audio documentary in fact on the first B-sides and remixes CD, it’s the very last
track down there. So you’ve got a radio documentary there, and then you’ve got the TV documentary
on the DVD. So you’ve got 2 different looks at the album there. And there’s various bits of
bonus material on the Classic Albums DVD as well. So there’s plenty to be digging into. I haven’t
listened to it yet. I’ll either do a first listen review on my blog or even a video maybe,
I might just record myself listening to it. So we’ll see what happens there. The box itself is easy enough to open, just
slides off like that. Now in the lid, there is a bit of text in
the lid, which I only happened to notice when I held it up to the light in the right way.
But it says: Do You Take Sugar? There you go, if you hold it just like that
you can just about see it. Obviously for me, I mean, it’s terrible contrast for me. But
somehow just holding it at the right angle, I was just able to make it out. So that’s
a nice little touch. As for the box itself, there’s all sorts of
stuff in here. What I like is that you’ve got a bit of fabric here, which you can pull up to
release all the books, which is quite a good idea. Just as a quick note, I should have probably
said that the bit of fabric goes under the books and the CDs to help pull them out. As
you can see from this image, it actually stretches quite a long way across the top when you repack
the box correctly. So, yeah, it’s a good way of helping you to get everything out of the
box. I say books, one of these things is actually
a poster. So let’s go through these first. This is The Big Book of Hysteria. This is
a book all about the album. So you’ve got a bit of a Kerrang! article
in there. Shame they haven’t put the whole article there, but that doesn’t really matter,
because you’ve got lots of pages then with text about the album. There’s a newsletter
to the fans there, which came out after Rick Allen’s accident, when he lost his arm. And
indeed that’s covered quite a lot in here, because that happened during the development
of Hysteria. I’ve read through a few of these pages already
during the day, and it’s very, very interesting. As well as Rick Allen’s accident, there’s
also other troubles they had on the way making the album. So it did take a long time to produce,
but well worth it in the end, it certainly paid off. So they’re very happy with it. There’s lots of nice photos in here as well
of the band, posing and live, and some photos of merchandise and things as well. And then, towards the end, you’ve got a track
by track commentary. I haven’t read these yet, I might read them as I listen to the
album for the first time. So yeah, there’s a paragraph or two about each track there. And then you’ve got another picture there.
So there’s a few full page, double page pictures. And then you’ve got basically a detailed list
and credits of the tracks on all the discs in the set, and credits as well at the end. What I like about this book is the fact that
the text is white on black, which stands out really, really nicely. So I can hold it close
up, or use a magnifier and read it very easily. So I’m very pleased about that. The only bit that is difficult perhaps is
the newsletter to the fans here that came out, but I was able to use a magnifier to
read that, because that’s very small text. But yeah, otherwise it’s a very nice booklet, nice
shiny pages. So that’s good, that’s the first one. Another quick note that I forgot to mention
in my original recording is that I also found a couple of typos in the booklet. Which is
a bit of a shame, especially as one is the third word on the very first page of text.
Here you’ve got a misspelling of the word “conceived”. And then a little bit further
in the book you’ve got, at the bottom of the page, you’ve got “on the the afternoon”, so
you’ve got a double “the” that doesn’t need to be. So it wasn’t quite proofread fully, which
is a bit of a shame. But I haven’t found any other typos as yet. That’s not to say there
aren’t any there, but yeah, it’s just something I noticed. I guess it’s part of my job to
proofread things, so I’m kind of used to noticing things like that. So yeah, that is a bit of
a drawback, but at the end of the day it is still very interesting to read, so I’m prepared
to overlook it. But it would have been nice if they’d checked it thoroughly and corrected
those little things. Then this is a tour programme. I haven’t actually
had a close look at this just yet. But this is a copy, a facsimile, of the Hysteria tour
programme. As you can see, the triangle on the front of it is actually a window into
the first image inside, which is a nice little touch. And that’s got basically lots of pictures
in it. A little bit of information there – that text is really, really small! Let’s have a
look at that – yeah, that is really tiny. So I’m gonna have to use my magnifier to read
that, definitely. There are some nice pictures there, of the
band performing live. And that bit opens out, you actually get a
nice big picture there. That’s a nice triangular shaped picture there, that’s quite nice. Yeah,
nicely designed that. And again you can open it on that side as well.
Yeah, interesting design. So that’s that. Again, nice smooth paper,
nice glossy paper, they haven’t skimped on that. And then this is Portraits of Hysteria, by
Ross Halfin. This is basically more photos. Again, very well taken, showing
the band at the top of their game. That’s a nice little extra. And then this is the discography. Again the
text in here is really, really small, but it’s not something you really need to look
at really closely, unless you’re a really die-hard fan who needs to know all these things.
But it basically just tells you – the vinyl album releases, for instance, it gives you
the catalogue number, the highest chart position, the release date, the record label. You’ve got CD album releases as well, some
cassette album releases, Japanese releases, all the different releases of the album. Even
cassettes there, remember those kids? Well, kids certainly won’t remember them, but us
slightly older people will. Makes you feel old now when you realise that kids don’t remember
things like cassettes and walkmans and things like that. It’s a shame really, but then again
CDs are better, they’re much easier. And a lot of people argue that vinyl is superior
quality of course, that’s making a comeback. But then you’ve got the singles as well – Pour
Some Sugar On Me, Hysteria, etc. There’s about 7 singles from this album, and there’s only
about 11 or 12 tracks, so the fact they got 7 singles out of it, all of which did very
well, just shows how great the album is. And then you’ve got DVD and Blu-Ray releases as
well, of their Classic Album documentary. A few versions of that around the world by
the look of it. A few in Japan there, and Australia, US and UK. I don’t know what the
difference between all the Japanese ones is. Yeah, so that’s nice. And then you’ve also
got a poster as well. It’s got the Def Leppard logo at the top,
the album image again in the middle, with that screaming face in the middle of a big
triangle, the Hysteria logo. And then at the bottom it says it’s available on LP, MC and
CD. And then the big name tracks at the bottom – Animal, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Hysteria,
Armageddon It and Love Bites. So that’s a nice poster. I can’t fit that
all in the image, but you get the idea. There’s nothing on the back, it’s just blank
on the back. They could have made a double-sided poster out of it I suppose, really, with a
big image of the band performing live or something. But it’s a minor point. Ok, so those are all the books, and the poster.
And then comes the important part of course, the CDs. They come out nice and easily. They’re all
in cardboard sleeves. They’ve all got a bit of text on the side saying what they are. The designs are all very similar as well.
They’re all basically different corners of the album cover if you like. You’ve got the
bottom-left of the triangle on that one, bottom–right there, the side there. So effectively, really,
you could put all these together as a jigsaw to make the original album cover, which is an
interesting way of designing it, that’s quite nice. Obviously with these cardboard cases you’ve
got to be a little bit careful when you’re getting the CD out, so as not to get your
fingerprints all over the underside. That’s the only thing about this. But as long as
you’re careful, that’s alright. They all open like this, with a little flap
like this. You get a picture of the band on one side, and then a related picture from
the album cover on the other side. And then on the back you get the track listing. So this first disc is the original album.
So you’ve got all the tracks on there. If you know the album you know all these tracks
already – Women, Rocket, Animal, Love Bites, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Armageddon It, Gods
Of War, Don’t Shoot Shotgun, Run Riot, Hysteria, Excitable, and Love And Affection. Like I say, I’ve never listened to this album
before. I know it’s incredible, but obviously from their Greatest Hits I know a fair few
of these. So it’ll be interesting to hear all the ones I don’t know. I’ll just show
you the CD properly. All the CDs have got, again, a section of the album artwork on as
well. And a line at the bottom, this one saying “Disc One: Original Album”. Each of these
descriptive bars, if you like, text bars are all a different colour on each disc, so you
can distinguish each one in that way I suppose, if you wanted to. Because they are quite colourful – I mean,
if you’re not good at seeing or differentiating between different colours, then these might
be a little bit confusing for you, because they are quite busy in terms of colour. But,
contrast-wise, yeah, the text on there stands out very well. And then this should be disc 2… yep, B-Sides
& Remixes. Again, the picture of the band’s on the right this time, with the big text
Love Bites on the left hand side. There’s nothing too amazing necessarily about these
insides graphics-wise, but they still look nice. On the back you’ve got, like I say, the B-sides
and remixes. Most of these I don’t know. You’ve got radio edits, which are presumably just
a bit shorter, but we’ll see. Stumpus Maximus And The Good ‘Ol Boys
performance of Release Me. That must be some special live performance
I’m guessing? I don’t know. And then the Classic Album
Hysteria documentary on the end. So I don’t know how long that
is, but judging by the number of other tracks on there, that radio documentary isn’t gonna
be any longer than half an hour. But that’s perfectly adequate. Especially when you’ve
got the TV documentary as well on the DVD, so you don’t need a huge radio documentary
as well. There you go, that’s the CD. And then disc 3, more B-sides and rarities.
Rocket is the track that gets mentioned on the inside graphics, and another nice picture
of the band there. They did look pretty cool, as well as their music being great. So here you’ve got some 12-inch singles. So
you’ve got extended versions of tracks like Rocket and Animal and Pour Some Sugar On Me.
And who can complain about a Def Leppard track being longer? I certainly can’t. And again
some more B-sides as well. Live B-sides in fact. So that should be interesting,
that’s good. And I’ll show you the CD as well before I
forget, may as well do this complete. Nothing too unexpected here, again it’s all
just segments of the album cover effectively. But it is a pretty nice album cover. And then this is disc 4 – In The Round In
Your Face (Live), this is the first part of that show. Armageddon being the name of the
track represented on that artwork inside. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 7 tracks there. This is the
one thing I don’t like, is the fact that you’ve got red text on here. I mean, the track listings
are white on black, that’s great. In fact I should have mentioned that here on the B-sides
& remixes, where you’ve got descriptions of what the remix is, whether it’s extended remix
or whatever. The fact that it’s red on black does make it very hard to read, so I have
to hold it quite close to read it. Yeah, that’s “Live In McNichols Sports Arena,
Denver, 1988”. So that’s my only quibble with the artwork, it’s that red text.
Red on black, never a good idea. Again, nice looking CD. And then disc 5 is the second part of that.
So you’re getting the idea now. No track name mentioned on the inside of that one, it’s
just the teeth from the face that looks through the album cover. And a tall portrait picture
of the band, rather than a landscape one that we’ve seen so far. And again, there are 8
tracks on the back of that one to finish off, some classic ones as well there. So that’s good. And the CD. So that’s In The Round In Your Face on 2 CDs,
so you’ve basically got a live album as well as the studio album. And then, I think I’ve got a disc buried in
here, haven’t I, because I seem to be one short, which is typical. Yep, that’s the other
DVD I wanted. So this is DVD disc 1, this has got… This threw me initially, because the text
on all the CDs has been near the middle to the bottom of the cover. This one’s at the
top, and for some reason… I think, because the bar starts green across what is already
a slightly greenish-yellowish background, I kind of missed it to start with. But there it is – DVD 1, Visual Hysteria.
Picture of the band performing live there. You can just about see them under the spotlights.
Nothing to speak of on the other side particularly. And then on the back it tells you what’s on
the disc – Top Of The Pops performances, and a BRITS performance, and various promo videos.
There’s no red text on that one, so it’d be nice if they just used that yellow text instead
when they want to make it stand out. So that’ll be fun to watch. And then the Classic Albums documentary. That
stands out nice and clearly, that text. And you’ve got a few pictures of the band inside
this one, individual shots this time rather than group shots. And then here you’ve got the track listing
on the back. So you’ve got their 5 most popular tracks perhaps that they really want to focus
on – Animal, Hysteria, Rocket, Love Bites and Pour Some Sugar On Me. Must be looking
at the making of each of those tracks, that’s good. And then various bits of bonus material as
well. There’s a couple of acoustic performances, which are intriguing. I’ll have to have a
look at those, they should sound pretty good. A bit about the drumming, a bit about the
guitars, a bit about their producer’s vocals which were included as well, right up until
when the album’s finally released. So it charts the entire development of the album. And that’s it. The inside of the box… the
inside of the lid you had a bit of text, inside the box there isn’t anything amazing to speak of
particularly, but there it is if you want to see it. That’s the other edges that get covered up.
Again it’s just all elements of the album cover basically throughout the whole set,
so it just keeps it all complete. And there’s the lid. On the bottom of the
lid you’ve got the usual copyright stuff, So it says there’s DVDs in there, and it’s exempt
from classification, and there’s compact discs. So yeah, that is it. So, like I say, I’ll
give a review of it as I listen to it, either in video form or blog form. I’ll probably
try the video, see how that goes. If it’s not much to talk about then I will write about
it instead. So yeah, thank you for watching, I hope you
found it interesting. If you’ve got the set, let me know what you think. I think it looks
pretty good. Like I say, it’s pretty easy to read, it’s nice and colourful, the music’s
gonna be great, I’m pretty sure of that. So yeah, thanks for watching, and I’ll see
you for another video soon. Bye!

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  1. I have the cd from like 7 years ago does the sound change or sound better than the fist cd version basically did they remaster the audio

  2. 'Stumpus Maximus' is a moniker for Malvin Mortimer, their tour manager, with 'The Good Ol' Boys' being a moniker for Def Leppard. I forget the background story 100%, but DL stitched him up by getting him to record it unofficially under the pretence of it being something like a 'studio soundcheck', but then the band kept changing the key of the song higher and higher and higher with every verse (which, of course, he had to follow suit) until the veins nearly burst in his head due to the key of the song being so high!

    As an aside, weirdly, that B-side was released as a SINGLE in Greece, whereby it charted at Number 6!!!

    I think the full version of this story (amongst many others, obviously) MAY be in the 'Animal Instinct' book by David Fricke? Worth a look, if you can find it at a decent price.

  3. This is great! Well done. We're huge Leppard fans and especially love the Hysteria album. We actually just released two Leppard videos on our channel where we reviewed both Hysteria and Def Leppard Beers! Just subbed and looking forward to watching more.
    Cheers from Baltimore!

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