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When’s the last time you played Sly 2: Band
of Thieves for the PS2? Huh? Hmm? Hmm? All right, actually I’m not expecting you to play
that exact game except for I do really like it. What I do want to talk about in this video,
really quickly to be honest, is that you should be having fun. Seriously, you should be having
real fun. In this video I want to emphasize a specific type of fun that I like to call
high-density fun. Here’s the common problem I hear a lot about.
Let me know if you’re having the same problem, because I hear it a lot from friends. Basically,
they will say, “I want to play this new game,” or “I want to see this new movie that’s come
out,” or “I want to do this fun thing, fun thing X or fun thing Y. Fun thing X or fun
thing Y takes a little bit of investment, like a moderate amount of time to step away
from your work. Since they’re busy and have a lot of homework and all that kind of stuff
they just go, “Man, I just don’t have time to do that thing.”
Now I would be inclined to believe them, but the only problem is that the very next minute
I see them scrolling through Facebook or checking reddit or spacing off or just something that
isn’t actually work. Here’s the problem that they’re facing. They are filling too much
of their day with low-density fun, fun that they think is still part of work–you could
call it just distractions–and fun that takes away your ability to have high-density fun,
fun that actually is fun. Here’s the problem with this low-density fun,
it’s not actually fun. It’s just a distraction from whatever work you’re trying to get done
in the moment. It doesn’t reduce stress, it doesn’t give you any fond memories, it just
sort of takes your attention away from something that you don’t want to do for the moment.
Unfortunately, it also drastically extends the time you feel like you’re working and
takes away what little time you have for actual relaxation at night.
Instead of succumbing to this curse of low-density fun, distraction, whatever you want to call
it, my suggestion for you is to actually be deliberate about having high-density fun,
which means scheduling it, meaning that you need to actually be serious about having your
high-density fun during the day. This can be something as simple as say, “Yes,
at 8:00 I’m going to play Sly 2: Band of Thieves for the PS2. I’m not going to work at all
for the rest of the night once I start.” It could be something that requires an actual
commitment. Maybe you tell your friends that you’re going to go bowling with them, and
you actually have to show up. Doing this is good for a few reasons. Number
one, it puts a little bit of time pressure on you. You’re actually going to be more efficient
during your working hours because you know that they are limited.
Number two, high-density fun reduces stress. I will talk about this in a later video, but
essentially you can think of your stress as a bucket with a faucet pouring stress into
it constantly and a hole at the bottom pouring some out. Fun widens the hole and keeps the
bucket from overflowing or, in other words, making you go absolutely crazy.
Number three, scrolling through Facebook is stupid. Stop it!
That’s it for this week’s video. A real simple message, but seriously, schedule some high-density
fun into your life. Use it to make yourself more efficient. Stay away from the low-density
fun. It’s really not that useful at all. Hey there, and thanks for watching my quick
and simple video about high-density fun. Now if you want to find more videos on how to
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If you missed last week’s video, it’s over an hour long lecture called Study Less, Study
Smart that I distilled down to six minutes, so click the thumbnail to watch it. Lastly,
if you want to suggest topics for new videos or just connect with me, I’m on Twitter @TomFrankly
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do that.

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  1. Honestly this is the best youtube channel for students of all ages. Thank you so much, I try to use as many of your tips as I can and I think it makes a huge difference!

  2. Hi, @thomas frank you have talked about a website that blocks websites like facebook/twitter etc. Whats it called i have looked though almost all of your videos and have not found it again. Thankyou

  3. Totally agreed man. I remember back during our exams this movie came out and no one wanted to go to watch it "cos they had to study". I mean yeah I get it but that would've taken like 4 hours max which would have been way better that spending 7 hours doing nothing in particular during free time which they did. God I love your videos. Keep 'em coming! ~from India

  4. Sly 2 Band of Thieves was everythingggggg. The first game I completed on my PS2. Thanks for reminding me….

  5. You saved my life!
    I LOVE YOU!!
    You just made me realise why i don't actually do 'fun stuff' yet don't get so much work done!!
    I was cursed! you saved me!
    And your videos are so helpful!!

  6. you saved my life man.
    i always dont have time, i just keep scrolling over fb and insta. i distance myself from studying
    at the end of the day i regret it..
    thank youu ❤❤i will try the hight density fun

  7. I think you're pointing out the real problem here, and that's a shame no one ever covered this subject.
    It's not like I don't want to study (for.ex I book my weekend for that) but then because I have this big period of time to study I allow myself to space out a lot, have a lot of low intensity fun because I won't allow myself to have actual fun at all. This is probably the main cause of my inefficiency. I'm gonna give it a try, plan actual fun at the end of the day and see how I do today. Let's grow some trees, fucking finals coming up

  8. I really like this. I always have a habit of scrolling social media and losing so much time. Any suggestions for high density fun? 🙂

  9. i do this! i include some little personal tasks in my schedule. like watching movies, reading 3 chapters of a manga or webtoon and doing my watercolor lettering. sometimes I do these as little rewards when I accomplished a really hard task. 😀

  10. its great to hear that somebody else thinks the same way about it as i do.
    the way i see it, is that you have usefull, relaxing and fun activities. everything else is a waste of time. stuf like Facebook triggers the brain so its not relaxing, but it doesnt actually stimulatie the brain so it is no actual fun or high density fun as you describe it.

  11. So true! It's really important to still have fun. It feels so good to sit down and play your favourite games after having stuff done. Really helpful advice.

  12. shame that I discover your channel until a few days ago. I would have saved a lot of time. Your vids hit the nail on the head!

  13. I LOVED SLY 2 BAND OF THIEVES :D!!!! I don't remember much about it, except that I always got stuck on some sort of swampy level with piranhas in it maybe.

  14. How much time should I allocate to this, though? I get home at ~4 and go to bed at 9, and I need to study for at least 4 hours.

  15. this video perfectly explains my life right now! I've been really wanting to try this method. I think one of my main worries is going out and then trying to find motivation to get to work again? (example – going out to see a movie and enjoying myself to the point that I may not study again cause I'd rather go out or needing to wind down) what's your thoughts on this?

  16. Definitely gonna start pointing people in your direction. These videos are just too good not to share.

  17. OMG! You're so right! I spend so much time on "low-density" fun like scrolling on Facebook, insta and snapchat. It just doesn't feel as bad as playing Xbox or watching a movie or a TV show but still it's wasting so much of my time, I might as well just do the real thing and have "real" fun 😉

  18. Scrolling through facebook? It's stupid. Stop it.
    Lol damn it these words came about 8 years and 2 weeks late for me. I just deactivated my facebook a couple weeks ago because it just became maddening that I couldn't stop wasting so much time on it. I recommend this to everyone! I have become much more productive in the last 2 weeks (I say as I comment on a youtube video lol!)

  19. I absolutely agree with you! I've spend HOURS in the evening watching endless let's plays (which is nice but so unproductive) when I could have played the game myself without getting upset about the "mistakes" the let's player made. ;D

  20. I love your channel so much. I will definitely apply everything i learned here for my next/last school year and just to my life in general 🙂

  21. Question, what defines high-density fun activities?

    I would use to answer my own question with "something you want to do", but something I want to do doesn't necessarily mean it is super pleasurable.

    The first time I played a certain video game, I might get the initial high of that pleasurable feeling. The next day, after a long day of study and work, my brain tells me to obtain the pleasurable feeling again by playing that same video game again because it was where it came from. I play that game again, but it's not as rewarding as the first time I played it. The more I do this, I eventually get bored and even burnt out from playing that video game.

    This situation is similar to a substance or behavior addiction, where the brain tells you what you want because it was good, but it turned out to be less rewarding because the brain has become more tolerant. (I think that's how the brain works. I'm no psychologist.)

    My initial solution to that problem is to constantly change up the fun activities I do everyday with new activities. And emphasis on "NEW". At first I thought it's to keep things fresh everyday, but this solution has its own problems. Financial and time constraints make this almost impossible, I feel like I'm not committing to a certain activity (read 50 pages of a novel for a day and ditch it for the rest of your life to do more new things.), and the constant feeling of anxiety that comes from an introduction of an unfamiliar activity.

    So to me, high-density fun is more than just the activity. When you're tight on money and time, you have a limited amount of activities to indulge in, and so to make the most out of it, you have to schedule how often you're going to indulge in them before getting bored and burnt out. How would you schedule them so that you can feel like you've committed to an activity without getting burnt out?

    P.S. Sorry for not posting this on reddit. It's blocked by the government here in Indonesia. :'(

  22. Holy cow, that makes so much sense! I had a ton of fun in high school, even though I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off due to a lot of scheduled, extra-curricular activities. I wasn't able to hang out with my friends, but all of my friends were doing these activities with me so I was happy as a clam!

  23. With this video you have my son playing more video games (which he thinks is "high density fun) instead of going on facebook which he has always enjoyed for years. How can you tell me which one is more fun than the other? He already plays videos for hours and hours. = Way too much. And he gets pissed when he gets killed in his videos. I think this video is nonsense to say the least. Also, creating "time pressure" = reducing stress makes no sense either. Maybe you are just trying to brainwash people off of Facebook so they will watch your videos instead and buy your book so you can make more money. It would be interesting to say what a psychologist would say about this video.

  24. This is totally true and I absolutely agree. High density fun actually makes me more productive and focused during work.
    My friend and I planned for a Saturday trip out of town to do some hiking and other fun outdoor activities. and so because I know I will not be studying and will be out all day this Saturday, I find that I am much more motivated and focused during my study sessions all week! I also get majority of my work done. I feel like that high density fun will be like a reward for all of my hard work so i am more motivated to work harder.

  25. I agree that. But i do not even remember what high-density fun mean. 'cos i don't having real fun that often for years.

  26. Can skill-related hobbies be considered "fun-time"?

    For instance, instead of play videogames, what about studying music or something like that?

  27. I am genuinely thankful for you and all others of the like. You make life easier, better, and fulfilling. These videos are so informing and I'm sure so many people agree👍👌

  28. I am genuinely thankful for you and all others of the like. You make life easier, better, and fulfilling. These videos are so informing and I'm sure so many people agree👍👌

  29. Has anyone got any tips on "high density fun" for someone trying to quit games, who doesn't really have any other interests at the moment and who also doesn't have easy access to friends during my studying weeks? 🙂

  30. It also has to do with the "reward" system. You actually work harder because you wanna finish your tasks and go out and have fun. Works wonders for me, I get things done and can hang out after that.

  31. This is an imp problem that students suffer from and yet there is no info on this. Thank you frank. Please do a detailed video on this since many students are into low density fun.

  32. Well said! Couldn’t agree more. I make sure I get at least one, ideally two, hrs of quality gaming time every night after all my work and chores for the day are done. I look forward to this time all day!

  33. "Low-density fun" is really bad because time just somehow disappears. One moment you are looking at a reddit post and then bam! It's been three hours, you're tired, you're hungry, and you got no work done.

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