Delivering the Anniversary Basket: And the WINNER is…

Hey, I’m Nate.
I’m Taija, nice to meet you. Yeah, pleasure to meet you. We’d like say congratulations on winning the giveaway.
Thank you! This basket is now yours. Yeah, you’re welcome. There’s a lot of wonderful things so we have pretzels, chips, but we also have a lot of great gifts from some of our
clients and then one of the most personal things actually is a painting
that I made. Oh thank you, I love it. So, we have lots of paintings in our house, like homemade paintings, so thanks. Oh wonderful. It’ll fit right in. Thank you, let’s put this down. You got the good chips, chili lime. Yeah absolutely. So on behalf of Ruben Digital, I just want to congratulate you, thank you very much. You’re our big winner! Thanks!

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