Democratic Party Reputation in Shambles After Iowa Fiasco

Okay, so let’s now talk about the democratic
party and the Iowa. A state democratic party. The timing of this could not be worse, but
the reputation of the democratic party is in shambles after the absolute fiasco of Monday
nights, Iowa caucus. Now, there are essentially two sides to this,
and I alluded to this earlier, there are people who are saying this is nothing other than
a technical snafu. It’s good that it happened early in Iowa in
the first caucus rather than, you know, at some later point we can now prevent it from
happening again. I believe it’s Nevada that was scheduled to
use the same app or tech system for their upcoming vote and now they are deciding not
to because of what happened in Iowa. Okay. That’s one side. It’s a technical snafu and the timing of it
is really bad. The other side has gone into more conspiratorial
stuff and I don’t say that pejoratively, there’s a definition for what a conspiracy would be. And um, there are, the gist of it is that
it links everything that happened on Monday, uh, to a DNC. Uh, Pete budaj edge consultant conspiracy
mostly to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination that there are variations, there are different
flavors of the conspiracy theory, but that’s roughly the gist of it. So what’s important is very often people fall
for a conspiracy theory merely because the motive seems to check out absent anything
else. So let’s just break it down piece by piece. And we shouldn’t be afraid to do this. This is not out of hand dismissing a conspiracy,
but it is also not irrationally feeding it. The first part is motive. There is no doubt that the DNC and the establishment
does want to deny Bernie Sanders denomination. We’ve been seeing countless examples of how,
uh, this, um, uh, manifests very early on there were stopped Bernie meetings peed Buddha
judge was part of those meetings. We are seeing Hillary Clinton, uh, reappear
more and more in the public spotlight very often to criticize Bernie on the Howard stern
show in that recent docu-series on the recent podcast whose name escapes me, uh, but I talked
to you about on a Monday. So there’s no question that there is an establishment
effort to try to prevent Bernie Sanders from being the nominee. That’s not really the focus of the Monday
fiasco. I tend to arrange hypotheses from simplest
to most complex. The conspiracy theories about Iowa while possible
seem less likely to me than what we know to be true, which is unfortunately most people
aren’t good at their jobs in competence is everywhere. The 80 20 rule tells us about this. Hanlon’s razor tells us not to attribute to
malice what can be appropriately attributed to incompetence or ignorance. That still is the most likely scenario to
me, but importantly, and I’m trying to do this more and more since reading Annie Duke’s
book, thinking in bets. When I say I think it’s more likely that this
is incompetence rather than a conspiracy. I’m not saying that it’s 100% right. What I am saying is that if I had to bet,
I believe it is more likely that this is incompetence and not a conspiracy. We should talk more in these terms. None of us know for sure, but if you said
to me, what would, what would my return have to be on a dollar bet for me to bet that it’s
a conspiracy versus that it is merely incompetence, I would need a bigger return on the conspiracy
bet in order to make it because I think it is less likely. If the Iowa democratic party was going to
rig the results, wouldn’t they rig it so that the person who gets the most delegates would
also get the most number of votes? Because when we looked at the reports of voting,
as of right now with 71% reporting, this may have changed by the time that that you guys
watch this clip or listen to today’s show. Bernie Sanders has more raw votes, but P boot
edge edge has more delegates that is creating way more questions. It is getting people fired up. It is getting people saying, this is just
like Trump winning the electoral college, but losing the popular vote. Bernie had more votes. Bernie should have more delegates. If they were rigging it, they would rig it
so that the total vote count also favors P boot edge edge. If that was the point of this entire thing. Now as far as the DNC being in shambles, Nathan
Robinson wrote a piece in the guardian where he says it is a technical snafu, but it is
a technical snafu that could not have come at a worse time and it is a technical snafu
which directly helps some people and directly hurts some people. The setup is 2016 where the DNC was widely
slammed for putting their thumb on the scale for Hillary against Bernie Sanders. This includes super delegates. This includes the initial scheduling of debates,
including like on a Sunday night on a three day weekend, which just hurts any challenger
and reinforces the de facto front runner. Um, the whole story you likely are familiar
with from 2016. So since 2016 there has been this question
of, well, what is the DNC going to do this time? Are they going to play more fair? They did the right thing by removing superdelegate
voting from the first round at the DNC. I don’t want to rehash the details of that,
but that makes the process more democratic. But suspicions were still high going into
2020 and the primary that things were not going to be totally on the up and up. And very quickly we started seeing Hillary
Clinton jump in to slam Bernie at a number of different opportunities. There are discussions happening in the uh,
uh, the basements and back hallways of the DNC about, well maybe we push super delegate
voting back to the first round at the DNC debate qualification rules are being changed
to potentially allow Michael Bloomberg into the debates, which is again, not something
that is going to help Bernie Sanders. So in short, tensions are running super high
and this is the exact time that the DNC should not fail. And Monday they failed their entire tech system
for the Iowa caucus failed. There are people saying, well, it’s more of
the Iowa democratic party, not the DNC. This is perceived as all part of the same
apparatus and it looks terrible. The DNC comes away looking in competent, changing
rules, a failing app, unable to report a report results at exactly a time when many Americans
are considering, do I stay home? Do I vote for Trump? I don’t really like Trump, but the DNC seems
like it’s in over its head. And then you read about the DNC failing miserably
and embarrassingly at the first opportunity to count votes. The optics are a train wreck. And by the way, the coin flips for the uneven
delegate counts in Iowa. I get why it’s done this way. I understand that the meaning of one delegate
in one precinct is tiny, tiny, tiny, but when you’re selecting who’s going to run against
Donald Trump, you are just opening yourself up to criticism and ridicule by using coin
flips to decide about delegates. Now that this happened, who is going to trust
the DNC to run primaries for the rest of the election and just as importantly Donald Trump
and the right have been trying to frame the DNC as exactly this. Trump and the right have been saying the DNC
is incompetent, the DNC can’t run an election. The DNC is trying to screw Bernie again. They’re unable to get out of their own way
and the DNC hands Trump a gold mine of fodder and on Monday night, Donald Trump within minutes
of this fiasco was tweeting about it like we went through on yesterday’s show. It’s a comedy of errors and it all is another
little push towards the outcome of a Trump reelection. We’ll talk about very good poll numbers for Trump on the bonus show today and also
on tomorrow’s program. But this could not have come at a worse time
for the, uh, for the democratic party, the David Pakman show

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  1. Incompetence? Yes. Conspiracy? Also, yes. It's a badly planned attempt at rigging that was bungled due to being inept. Knowing what know… what other reasonable explanation is there?

  2. Yeah, unfortunately, those folks who feel like the DNC can't even run a primary are absolutely correct. Our choices are Lord Dampnut or the DNC, who can't even rig their own primary. No wonder we're so fucked.

  3. i see you are still shooting for the MSNBC job. lets just ignore all the connections of the app to pete and Hillary and when the dnc recanvased at the beckoning of pete.

  4. fraud is fraud. Holy FK, yes its good the cheating cheaters got caught. Dave ou are avoiding facts and giving opinion. NOT JOURNALISM, your logic is infantile For serious facts see:

  5. get the facts here
    Dave don't know sht. Just an opinion piece not real journalism
    why the cover up? by dnc?


  7. Democrats are fucked. Republicans are mostly united behind Trump, but Democrats are devided between centrists ans progressives, and the DNC keeps angering their progressive side. This party is very divided

  8. There's a few things that make me lean a bit more to the conspiracy side, such as Buttigieg & Clinton helping fund the APP.
    But the main one that makes me lean that way is that almost EVERY time something went wrong, it went AGAINST Sanders. They even allocated his votes to others (supposedly by mistake), which they apparently fixed. At least now Sanders wants another recount tomorrow, for the final State Delegate count, which leaned to Buttigieg.

  9. What makes David think the Democratic Party is in shambles? Don't they offer their voters candidates that lose to Republicans year after year. Is this not what their corporate and wealthy donors pay them to do?

  10. This is how I would rig it in today’s America: cut the Iowa register poll, slightly alter the app I invested in (that was created by people who hate Bernie) to move a few votes in favor of the preferred candidate, then have my buddies at the Iowa dems party and DNC slow count the vote in favor of preferred candidate, then stop it all right before the numbers switch, then bam…everyone need to just get over Iowa something something election integrity and voter confidence. The next states will determine to me how deep this crap goes. Hopefully Bernie can overcome this BS either way

  11. DNC who rather trash the party’s reputation and their own reputation than to have Bernie win.

  12. This is one case where the average American not paying attention helps us. :p I think it'll be forgotten quite soon–unless it happens again.

  13. Bullshit David, bugged software would not be that one-sided, and too bad they can't rig everything to make it look more legit with all the eye on it. NOPE.
    AND they released tally where Pete was ahead … until the end, where the obvious Sanders's win would have been revealed. THEN they stop it again to recount, WHY the biggest Sanders' caucuss were not included ? ..
    All this just allowed Pete to claim victory for days before NH .. and too many voter think " I vote for the winner" instead of "I vote for the one with the policy I want" .. that give Pete a nice 8-9 point boost… THIS is how they put a thumb on the balance.

    We'll see what else they'll do … Bernie's peoplee should aim for half the delegates + the superdelegates, because they will use it eventually

  14. Shows your naivety that you think that they don't rig it just because Peter don't get the most votes. If they could have rigged it more they would have but they did what they thought they could get away with.

    It's fucked up and I remember the bullshit they pulled off last time in Nevada.

    Fuck the DNC they think trump is better than Bernie
    I'm a sense they are right since Bernie will destroy their status quo same as trump did for the republicans.

    Difference is that trump changed the republicans for the worse and Bernie will change the dems to address the problems of average Americans instead of the ultra rich.

  15. A thing that I've noticed is that the delegate counts skew towards the center politically. Voters in rural counties get more representation compared to urban ones, just like the electoral college. Since the general election is going to have the same structure there's an argument to be made that the delegate counts should skew to the center. I'm on the fence about it myself.

  16. It saddens me that people apparently watch this video and Like it, but all the commenters seem so much more conspiracist than Pakman does. Pakman is doing good work trying to inject some level-headedness into his audience, but I'm afraid it only works so far.

  17. Regardless if this was a technical misfortune, or a planned attack on Bernie the results are the same, the system is outdated and needs to be revamped.

  18. At this point, unless some major events happen, I believe that no candidate, including Bernie, can win in the general election against Trump. Trump's approval rating will keep surging and at least remain somewhat high during general election, and all Democratic candidates rely on historic high turnout to counter that since I don't expect anything less from the right. Unfortunately based on the turnout in Iowa, the left can definitely lose both in electoral votes and popular votes.

  19. The "caucus" way of voting is an absolute horror that need to disappear. can't they just get primaries like normal civilisations ?

  20. Congratulations for not giving in to conspiracy theories and actually using Occam's Razor principle: the simplest explanation is almost always the correct one.

  21. Conspiracy; if you were a government run by and for
    The military industrial complex
    Corporate lobbyists
    Big pharma
    Gun lobbies
    Wouldn’t it be in their best interests to make these ‘mistakes’, in order to erode public opinion in the system? If the American people have no faith in their system of
    Checks and balances
    The value of their vote
    The validity of these “battleground” states
    Who does this serve? And how easy would it be to get an already pessimistic youth voter to just stay home on Election Day?
    The scariest thing isn’t the shambles that was Iowa, it’s the ramifications it has toward the major voting demographic in our country…. there is a huge voting shift coming, and the status quo is terrified…

  22. There's no denying that Bernie supporters are even more ignorant, delusional and misinformed than Trump supporters. No one is stopping Bernie supporters from voting. Just because some people don't want him to win in no way means it is rigged. There are plenty of people who don't want Pete or any of the other candidates to win. Only Bernie's deranged supporters come up with stupid conspiracy theories for why their candidate loses, and much like Trump, they claim it's rigged even if he wins.

  23. If you're tempted to see it as a conspiracy, keep in mind Hanlon's razor:
    'Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.'

  24. Incompetence would have to spread errors around, win some lose some. Corruption would aim for something.
    There wasn't a single reported case of an error benefiting Bernie.
    Still betting on that horse?

  25. If they were rigging it I don’t think they would necessarily make it so the Pete got more votes. It would depend on how big the gap was between Bernie and Pete. Think point shaving. If they go big it becomes obvious to even the most casual observer, so they shave just enough to muddy the waters.

  26. This is how a vote in Germany looks like.

    You arrive at the voting booth, you show a valid ID, you get the voting sheet and an envelope. Then, you mark the candidate, put the document in an envelope and drop it into a huge box.

    A kindergarten class could arrange this, its so simple.

  27. This proves we need to get rid of the caucus system and have all states vote at the exact same time: primaries and elections.

  28. This is 100% intentional. The dnc rigged it in 2016, they said this in court. They DO NOT FUCKING CARE. They have had ZERO consequences for this. None. Nothing. Some are paid more now than before. Why in the fuck shit would they not continue to use this system that works for them? Why would they ever hold anyone accountable? They can’t without the chance of everyone being held accountable. They need to be protested or they will NEVER give a shit.

    Your right on one thing, they would rig the votes against Bernie. The fact he has as many points as he does after shadow inc was literally paid the fuck off, that certainly means there is a fuck load more voting for Bernie than you could imagine. Of course they are running scared of that, however only to a point. They are rigging it and us passively standing by not doing fuck all about anything is what they want. They will force a garbage candidate and most people will not bother to vote again. This is a win for both the right and left up top, cause ohh yeah, they are all paid the same fucking millionaire and billionaires. Why do you think they only 12 fight up in congress but roll any right wing pro business legislation no matter what. It’s not an accident.

  29. David, your view of 'rigging' seems to be overly simplistic and not convincing. Your suggestion that if they were rigging it, they would simply rig it so that Buttigieg would win the votes and the delegates, does not necessarily hold water. There are levels of rigging. As an extreme example (to make my point), if one candidate is running away with the election both in votes and delegates, and the party wanted to rig it in the other candidate's favor, they wouldn't necessarily outright give the victory to the losing candidate, simply because that would make the rigging too obvious. Instead they could make it so that the winner still won, but by a much smaller margin.

  30. Why do you blame the DNC for Hillary's comments? And why do you think Bloomberg is an establishment candidate? It seems to me anything that the DNC does that does not favour the independent Bernie, amounts to 'thumb on scale'. That's not very objective.

    Do you want to win or do you want to be right. Attacking the DNC is the surest way to lose in Nov.

  31. No David, we shouldn't talk in these terms. As you only go for incompetence Or conspiracy.
    The most plausible thing is that it was a combination of the two. The evidence is clear for that.

    EDIT: Didn't even reach the point when David makes the argument, if it was a conspiracy why didn't Pete get both the highest vote and SDE's? Oh how vapid to even ask this.

    Because reality isn't a novel, where the conspiracy is in control of everything that is happening, that is not plausible in any way.

  32. Anyone who thinks this wasn’t on purpose is naive and delusional. The democratic establishment would rather Trump win than Bernie

  33. is this the same method to be used in nov. vote? were there any trump co-horts involved? why dont we go by popular vote only?

  34. It's a conspiracy. You're being overly charitable to the weasels who were caught rigging the primary in 2016. Fool me once etc.

  35. In shambles? Really. Trump heaps abuse after abuse on America and it's – "oh well". The Dems have a technical problem with a primary vote and its… "THE SKY IS FUCKING FALLING!!! ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!"

    America. Get your collective heads out of each other's collective asses and pay attention to the real issues. The world needs you to step up. NOW!

  36. Let's realize that computerised anything can be and probably has been compromised. We should extend the voting period and do it by hand. Yeah, I know this will ruin the horse race atmosphere around election night, but I believe that this is the only way to restore confidence in elections.

  37. lol. David, exaggerating the Iowa mishap and gratuitously attacking the DNC is playing into Team Trump's hands. Iowa caucuses have been a hot mess for 100 years.

    In 2012 it took two weeks to get the GOP winner. Remember it was Bernie's people that pushed to retain the undemocratic caucuses in the first place because it gave his young, zealous supporters an advantage. Let's hope we can finally get rid of them after this.

    Ironically Bernie's supporters expected Iowa and NH to be Bernie's coronation in the whitey-white states he does best in. They can't cope with Mayor Pete's unexpected surge. So now they're going to draw this out, quibbling over one or two delegates which won't make any difference in the end, attacking and weakening the DNC over technical errors. When in fact Iowa caucuses have often been a total mess.

  38. There is video evidence of coin flips being flipped in favor of Pete. Like literally, coin gets flipped, caught, and then turned in the coin flippers hand, and not in a subtle way, until they get the result they want. Delegates taken from Bernie, Yang, and Tulsi.

  39. Early primary voting has stated in some states!!!
    How and when to vote for Bernie Sanders (by state)

  40. Shadow Inc. was founded by former 2016 Hillary Campaign managers.
    There are prominent employees of Shadow Inc. and Mayor Pete's campaign that are MARRIED.
    Oh, and Pete donated 40k to the app's development.
    The DNC is strangling the results, and micromanaging the recanvas at every turn.

    YES this is conspiracy. YES this is corruption.

  41. Blame the Dumbasses that decided to use and pay for an Unrested cellphone Appt.

    This was just a stupid move in general considering how dangerous it a technical fuck up can be. Learn from the Internet folks, learn how many Census programs are shames outside of legit data centers, learn from the Internet Historian would talked about technical fuck ups like this in his videos! You don't nude Untested Applications!

  42. Tom Perez needs to step down, the Democrats need to get James Carville to take the reins from Perez; the man knows what he's doing how do you think Bill Clinton won two terms it Carville who was behind the scenes.

  43. If Bernie had won the nomination in 2016, he would have beaten Trump. Voters needed someone they could support against Trump. Clinton was probably the only one who could lose against Trump.
    The same people are now giving voters the impression that the Democrats are just as corrupt as the Republicans so what’s the difference
    The same people who lost 2016 are going to lose 2020.

  44. Pakman, why ignore that there is evidence of Bernie's vote counts being reduced in many counties and given to others? Or bs coin tosses? Or how about the fact that the fiasco only has been really hurting Bernie, never helping him?

  45. The fact that the DNC helped Hillary in 2016 and hindered Bernie was why Trump won. So in retrospect, the DNC helped elect Trump! Do you really want this arguably non-democratic organization to manipulate things in this election again?
    Just let the people vote should be the outcry. The DNC should be focusing on simply helping people to vote not trying to bias the elections and manipulating the results. They should spend their time carpooling and helping disabled people getting to the election booths instead of spending people money promoting crooks and liars like Hillary Clinton or Pete Buttihead.

  46. If T loses, he'll say the DNC can't accurately report votes, even though a different group will be counting votes, and his drones will believe him.

  47. Lmao, you've been talking about Russia for four years, you should have been talking about the DNC in 2016. This is your fault!

  48. Honest question, and maybe you can talk about it in a future video: What if the DNC did this on purpose. You know acting like they want to deny Bernie the nomination. I mean, we can't deny people are looking for something else than the establishment. Maybe they know they need to create distance from Bernie, before they can put him forward in the race. That way a lot of people who want change from the establishment (Democrats who voted Trump over Hillary for instance) will return back to the Democrats side.

  49. The democratic party didn't make america a dictatorship, destroy the republic and congressional oversight by disregarding their oath, and aiding in a coverup on live tv. But nothing puts the republican party in shambles against the self flagellating and ever apologetic
    democrats. Thanks David

  50. What reputation was left after they tried to impeach Donald over Ukraine, of all things. They're compromised, or completely incompetent? I can't really believe that last option, and if they're really that incompetent, their negligence is deplorable.

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